The establishment of the innocence of Germany, Austria and Hungary and the establishment of the guilt of France, Russia and England proves false the indictments contained in the Treaty of Trianon and the other treaties of Versailles. The bribery of the French government, the corruption of French politicians and the French press, the deceiving of the French, English and the American peoples, and the secret treaties in which Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey were planned to be robbed of their territories leave a national odor and render the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon a great fraud upon said nations and a flagrant deception of all Christian civilization.

Let us examine how this great fraud was perpetrated and imposed upon mankind.

It should be stated here that the armies of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey were not defeated but that the governments of those countries entered into an armistice agreement for the purpose of ending the war and to make peace.

In January, 1918, President Wilson made an open overture to the peoples of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey for peace. He assured them that if they would agree to cease fighting, their territories would not be cut up and divided among foreign nations. The promises made by President Wilson were broadcast not only in the name of the American people but also in the name of the governments of England, France and Russia, and those promises were the basis of the peace agreements that the various warring countries were to adopt and sign later. In his overture President Wilson made two definite promises, one of which was general and the other specific. In his general promise he stated:{Birinyi's "The Tragedy of Hungary," p. 167; U. S. Senate Document, "Justice for Hungary," 1923, p. 21.}

"Peoples and provinces shall not be allowed to be bartered away from one sovereignty to another, as if they were lifeless subjects, or pawns in a game"; that "nations may be ruled and governed only with their consent"; and that "self-determination is no hollow phrase."


President Wilson must have known of the London secret agreement, in which the territories of Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey were planned to be dismembered and divided among the allies and satellites of England. The Germans, Austrians, Hungarians and Turks knew that they were defending their countries, their homes, wives, children and firesides. The promises of President Wilson to them, therefore, meant this: "You do not have to fight any more, because the integrity of your territories will be preserved and your peoples will not be bartered at a counter table as if they were cattle. It is true that in the London secret treaties your territories were cut into pieces and divided among foreign countries, but, be not afraid, you will be protected. Why fight any longer, when you are no longer in danger?"

To the people of Austria-Hungary President Wilson made the following open, specific and solemn promise:

"The peoples of Austria-Hungary, whose place among the nations we wish to see safeguarded and assured, should be accorded the freest opportunity of autonomous development."


At this time, Austria and Hungary were two separate countries. The Austrian empire consisted of Austria, Bohemia, Moravia and Galicia; while Hungary consisted of her own one thousand-year-old territory. Hungary was previously forced into a union with the Austrian empire and was an unwilling member of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The promise of President Wilson, therefore, meant to the peoples of the Austrian empire and of Hungary this: "Now, you Hungarians desire to be free and independent from Austria, Bohemia (now called Czech), Moravia and Galicia, and, if you just stop fighting, you will be given back your independence. Your one thousand-year-old territory will be left intact and there is nothing for you to fight for. You, Austrians, may want to be free from the Hapsburg dynasty and we are in a position to help you. You, Bohemians, may want your independence from Austria; you, Moravians, may also want to be independent from everybody else; and you, Galicians, can have your independence from Austria, if you want it. All of you people will be given a chance to decide by popular vote as to what you want and where you want to belong."

Coming, as it did, from the President of the United States of America, the peoples addressed believed implicitly the promises made by President Wilson. The German, Austrian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Turkish governments agreed to an armistice and the World War came to an end.

The armistice was proclaimed on November 11, 1918. On January 18, 1919, the Paris Peace Conference was convoked and it began its deliberations with the ultimate aim to make peace and return the world to a normal condition of peace and prosperity. The Paris Peace Conference, as any other international conference, was governed by international law which provides that:

"All Powers interested in the purposes of the conference should be invited."


This means that Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria should have been invited to the conference and allowed to participate in its deliberations, because they were interested in its purposes. Whatever agreement or treaty would be drawn up by the conference Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria would have to sign it and the law gave them the right to participate in the preparation of such agreement or treaty.

The following countries were invited to the Paris Peace Conference and were permitted to participate in its deliberations: The United States of America, The British Empire and its colonies, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, the British Dominions, India, China, Cuba, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Panama, Hedjaz, Honduras, Liberia, Nicaragua, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Serbia, Czechoslovak Republic (which existed on paper only), and Siam.

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey were not invited to and were not permitted to participate in the deliberations of the congress. The barring of these countries from the congress made of it an illegal body and, therefore, its conclusions are not binding upon Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.


It was evident then and, in the light of the Balfour secret report, it is clear now that the Paris Peace Conference was nothing but a meeting of the principal guilty powers and their sympathizing nations; the criminals sitting in judgment of their victims; a political camouflage to fool the people of the world; a rubber stamp to ratify the secret treaties of London; therefore the entire congregation was a fake, a fraud, a demonstration of managing fakers, unscrupulous schemers, real liars and relentless despoilers of other people's countries, properties and territories.


No detailed description of the motley crowd that composed the membership of the Paris Peace Conference will be given here. It is suggested that you read the book entitled, "The Inside Story of the Peace Conference," written by Dr. E. J. Dillon, an Englishman, who was a member of the English Commission to that conference. In that book you will find first-hand information and facts that will convince you that this description of that conference is extremely mild and that the entire deception was not only a fraud but it was a shameful disgrace to Christian civilization.


It is sufficient to state that, according to the time-honored international usages, customs, precedents and principles of international law, the Paris Peace Conference was an illegal body and, therefore, the conclusions reached and the treaties made by it are an illegal conspiracy to commit international robbery, national mayhem and despoilment. According to both, domestic and international law, an agreement to commit a crime is against public policy, illegal and void; hence the treaties made by the Paris Peace Conference are against public policy, illegal and void and of no effect in law. LEGALLY THEY ARE NOT BINDING ON ANYBODY OR ANY COUNTRY.






It has been shown that the Paris Peace Conference was born in iniquity and we now proceed to show that it has given a basis for further iniquity.


After the armistice agreement was signed and Germany, Austria, Hungary and their allies had disarmed, African black soldiers of the French army were sent into Germany and Hungary and they attacked, debauched and infected with venereal diseases German and Hungarian women and girls who unfortunately fell prey to them. In addition, Czech, Roumanian and Serbian soldiers were sent into Hungary and were permitted to forage and pillage the country to their heart's content. They dismantled the factories of Hungary, stole railroad cars and equipment, industrial machinery, food, clothing, medicine and, as an American observer put it, "even the door knobs were stolen." The Roumanian soldiers marched into beautiful Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, and went even so far as to back large trucks to the doors of the National Museum and proceeded to ransack it and steal from it the priceless objects of art that have been accumulated there during the last one thousand years. They would have succeeded, had not Brigadier General Bandholz, who was in command of the American Mission there, put the United States seal on the doors and virtually chased them away.


Hungary was ransacked by those foreign soldiers, so that lack of food threatened famine throughout the country. There was not sufficient medicine to treat the sick and not sufficient other medical supplies to bind the wounds of the injured. The situation was so bad that newly born babies had to be bundled in ordinary tissue paper, because there was no linen left, in which these innocent gifts of God could be welcomed into this hard and cruel world!

From Russia Communism seeped into Hungary and the bloodthirsty agents of Moscow took control of that already unfortunate country. Wholesale arrests of Christian Hungarians, tortures, hanging of patriotic Christian men, women, ministers and priests, outraging of Hungarian Christian women and girls were perpetrated by the sadistic agents of godless Communist Moscow. The fury of hell seemed to break loose and Hungary was terrorized so much that it defies description. And while this was going on, the Paris Peace Conference was deliberating upon the fate of Hungary, without pity or mercy.

Burning the flesh from the toes, burning out the eyes, maiming the body, skinning men alive, bleeding and torturing men and women to death may be considered just a pastime for the demented agents of bloody Moscow and we may pass upon these inhuman cruelties as an unusual but not so terrible invasion of human rights. But it may not be amiss to record here one of the many outrages that were committed against women and young girls of Christian faith, so that those Americans who are indifferent as to whether or not godless Communism should be permitted to obtain control of our own country may have an idea as to what to expect when reason is dethroned and godless Communists sit in the high places of control.

In a country town of Hungary one of the Hungarian Christian leaders, an elderly man, was arrested by the Communist terrorists. The young daughter of high school age of the arrested man went to the Communist headquarters and pleaded with the hunchback and syphilitic leader of the terrorists to release her father so that she might take him home. The Communist fiend ran his bloodshot eyes over the beautiful young girl and proposed to her that if she would remain with him over night, her father would be released in the morning. The terror-stricken young girl was faced with the problem of saving her own honor or the life of her father. Which was a higher duty? To save her honor and let her father be murdered? Or sacrifice her own honor, so that her father might live? For a young girl who loved and adored her father, it was an excruciating task to decide. Finally she decided. If it were her own life that was at stake, she would have defended it to the last breath; but she just could not be a party to the murder of her father. She stayed.

Early the next morning, the hunchback non-Hungarian Communist fiend called the young girl to the window of his room and ordered her to look through it. She looked and saw her father's lifeless body dangling from the branch of a nearby tree. Thereupon the unfortunate child immediately became insane.{The Communist terror is vividly described in Cécile Tormay's "An Outlaw's Diary: The Commune" (Robert McBride & Co., New York, N. Y.), and also in Count Paul Teleki's "The Evolution of Hungary and Its Place in European History." See also Louis K. Birinyi's "The Tragedy of Hungary" p. 175 et seq.; "From Behind The Vails," printed in Budapest, Hungary, by Victor Hornyanyszky; Dr. E. J. Dillon's "The Inside Story of the Peace Conference."}

While Hungary was being ransacked by foreign soldiers and terrorized by the bloodthirsty agents of godless Moscow, Czech, Roumanian and Serbian politicians were called upon by the Paris Peace Conference to present their "claims" to those parts of Hungary, which had already been cut off and promised to them in the London secret treaties. The parts severed from Hungary would have been given to them anyhow; but, since the entire procedure was a planned affair, the people of the world had to be given some pretexts of reason for the mutilation of the one thousand-year-old territory of Hungary. And, in brief, the following happened:

The Serbian politicians presented false and forged historical data concerning Hungary and the racial ancestry of the people who lived on that part of the territory of Hungary, which had been promised to Serbia. They falsely stated that the majority of the people living on the coveted territory were mostly, if not all, Serbians, though the fact was that there did live among the Hungarians some descendants of Serbian immigrants who immigrated into Hungary sometime in the 18th century, when they were driven out of their homeland by the Turks, but, in 1919-1920, they were native born citizens of Hungary and, as such, they were a part and parcel of the Hungarian nation.

The Roumanian politicians did the same thing. They laid their "claim" to the eastern part of Hungary, known as Transylvania (woodland), the New England of Hungary, and comprising one-third of the entire territory of Hungary. As you recall, Transylvania was promised to Roumania in the London secret treaty and Lord Balfour had so admitted it in his secret report to the members of the British Cabinet. The soil of Transylvania contained most of the gold, silver, table salt, natural gas and oil deposits of Hungary. The culture of the people living there was Hungarian, the schools and churches were Hungarian, and even the few schools and churches that were Roumanian were supported by the Hungarian government from the taxpayers' money. Some Roumanian immigrants settled in various parts of Transylvania, when they were driven out of their homeland by the Turks sometime in the 18th century; but their descendants were native born citizens of Hungary, just as the descendants of the Roumanian immigrants to this country will be native American born citizens two hundred years hence.


To substantiate their "claim" to Transylvania, the Roumanian politicians presented false historical data, false ethnographic maps and statistics and forged maps from which important geographical data, villages and towns were removed. They really did not have to falsify history, geography and ethnographical data, because they would have been given Transylvania anyhow; but the Paris Peace Treaty was a fake and a fraud and those acting there had to be fakers and fraudulent. What else could have been expected of governments that were willing to accept stolen property and to force millions of people under their control?


The Czech politicians, whose only claim to be recognized as "Czechs" was that probably they were born on Bohemian soil, and who were the most accomplished and perfidious liars that Europe has ever seen, had their agents first to invade the cemeteries in the upper part of Hungary and had the Hungarian names on the tombstones changed to Czech or Slovak sounding names, so that when a committee was sent from the Paris Peace Conference to look over the Hungarian cemeteries, the Czech politicians could point with pride to the forged names on the tombstones and say: "Lo, behold, even these departed souls were Czechs (Bohemians) or Slovaks during their lifetime!" They produced false historical facts and data and forged ethnographical maps, in which they showed that most of the people living in Upper-Hungary were either Czechs (Bohemians) or Slovaks. The fact and truth was that the people living there were native born citizens of Hungary, the same as the descendants of any group of immigrants one thousand years hence will be native born American citizens, though they may say that their ancestry was this or that race. The "Czech" politicians went even so far as to represent to the Paris Peace Conference that a small brook in Upper-Hungary, the "Ronyva," was a "navigable river." And they got it!


Photographs were made of the "navigable river," the Ronyva, and they show a number of small children standing in the center of the river, the water reaching way up to their knees. A dog is also shown standing in the middle of the "navigable river." The only ship that could navigate that "river" would be toy ships, such as American children "sail" in their bathtubs.


How do we know that these false and fraudulent representations were made to the Paris Peace Conference? They were not made public, because those who made them would have been laughed at even by the elementary school children in Europe, and in public gaze they certainly could not have stood the test. But when the Treaty of Trianon was ready for signature, the government of Hungary was ordered by the Paris Peace Conference to send delegates to Paris to receive a copy of the treaty. When these Hungarian delegates registered their objections to the treaty, they received copies of the Serbian, Roumanian and Czech "claims," to which written and printed objections were filed by the Hungarians. The answers of the Hungarian delegates have been published in the English language in three large volumes and from these we know what representations were made by the Serbian, Roumanian and "Czech" politicians for the Hungarian territories that had been promised to them in the London secret treaties.

As you remember, one of the cardinal principles of international law is that "gross error, fraud, as the use of forged maps, vitiate a treaty." It is also the law that a peace treaty is void, "when it is concluded because of stress of force upon the negotiators and because of fraud." The marauding of Czech, Serbian and Roumanian soldiers and the terrorism that was carried on in Hungary by the Communist agents of Moscow during the armistice constituted all the elements of coercion, fear and force, which are prohibited by international law as a means to compel a people and their government to accept an unjust and unfair treaty and to consent to national destruction.

These frauds and forgeries are sufficient in themselves to render the Treaty of Trianon the greatest fraud that has ever been forced upon unsuspecting Christian mankind.

It is fortunate for us that the United States Senate has consistently refused to ratify the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon, because some of the Serbian, Roumanian and "Czech" politicians might have lodged a "claim" for a large part of the territory of the United States of America, on the theory that descendants of Serbian, Roumanian and Czech immigrants live here.








Hungary Was Mutilated


When gangsters hold the keys to the jails of a country, honest citizens are locked up. When and if gangsters sit on the judicial benches of a country, Justice weeps. When unscrupulous diplomats sit in judgment over the people of the world, Christian self-respect and decency are outraged and put to shame. The Paris Peace Conference demonstrated all these ominous conditions.

The text of the treaty, which the Paris Peace Conference prepared and was anxious to have signed by Hungary, was ready. By that time the Hungarians had succeeded in ridding Hungary of the agents of Communist Moscow; but the Serbian, Roumanian and Czech soldiers were still marauding there. A telegram was sent to the Hungarian government by Georges Clemenceau, the President of the Paris Peace Conference, ordering the Hungarian government to send delegates to Paris to receive a copy of the peace treaty which Hungary was expected to sign.

The Hungarian government promptly requested the Paris Peace Conference to order the marauding foreign soldiers out of Hungary, so that there would be no threat hanging over the heads of the Hungarian people and the government of Hungary would feel free to discuss the terms of the treaty. While foreign troops were ravaging Hungary and with their bayonets fixed were ready to stab the people who objected to their control of the country, it could not be said that Hungary was free of threats of force and undue influence, as international law required. Clemenceau promptly answered that the "Supreme Council" of the Congress did not consider itself qualified to interfere in a small and trivial matter like that. He again demanded that the Hungarian government send its representatives to Paris immediately. In passing, it will be interesting to know that this redoubtable Clemenceau was the same French politician whose newspaper, "L'Aurore," along with others, was bribed and corrupted with Russian money. We can wonder what might have happened at the Paris Peace Conference if Pancho Villa had been elected its president.

The Hungarian government yielded and sent its representatives who arrived in Paris on January 7, 1920. They were told to appear in the office of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, on January 15. On that day and in the office designated, at 3 o'clock P.M. the Hungarian delegation received a copy of the treaty. Thereupon they left for Budapest to consult with the government of Hungary.


The procedure to which Hungary was subjected was as if a gang of robbers had stolen your property, then they would have organized themselves into a court of justice, and afterwards the leader of the gang would be sitting on the bench, his right-hand man would act as prosecutor, and the rest of the gang would be acting as jurors and witnesses, but you would not be permitted to be present at your trial. The gangsters then would proceed to indict you, try you and then find you guilty of the very crime they themselves had committed. Then you would be called in and handed a copy of the verdict of guilty and judgment would be pronounced which would deprive you of your property. Of course, the American constitution and laws would not permit a procedure like that in our country; but the Paris Peace Conference was not conducted under the rules laid down by the American constitution.


From January 15, 1920, to June 4, 1920, the Hungarian delegation presented to the Paris Peace Conference volumes of printed objections to the treaty and showed that it was based upon false and fraudulent representations, forged maps and statistics presented to the Conference by the Serbian, Roumanian and "Czech" politicians. These objections have been printed and published in three large volumes, under the title, "The Hungarian Peace Negotiations." They will interest all who care to know the details as to how the Treaty of Trianon was made.


The truth had no influence with the Paris Peace Conference and the treaty was left substantially in its original form. The Paris Peace Conference was merely a rubber-stamp of England and her allies and its duty was merely to rubber-stamp the secret treaties which were made in London long before the termination of the World War. How could one expect the members of the Paris Peace Conference to be convinced that a small brook that a small boy can easily wade across with his short pants undisturbed and dry, was not a "navigable river"? Why, if it had been represented to that conference that Lake Erie was the Pacific Ocean, not all the learned geographers in this world, with all the logic that has been handed down to us from ages past, could have convinced the members of the Paris Peace Conference to the contrary.


Ordinarily no country that possesses national honor would have accepted and signed the treaty which was presented to the Hungarian delegation. But Hungary was being overrun by foreign marauding soldiers. The country was ransacked and the specter of Communism was hanging over the head of that country. There was no food for the people, no medicine for the sick, and no linen in which newly born babes could be bundled. Lack of food resulted in starvation and disease. The country was suffering. It was either a national death or the signing of the treaty and the Hungarian government yielded.


On the 4th day of June, 1920, at the hour of noon, the bells in the towers of Christian churches at Versailles and throughout the Christian world were ringing, tolling out the glad tidings that four hundred years ago, at the hour of noon of one day, the Hungarians finally and decisively defeated the Turks and saved Christianity and Christian civilization. At the tolling of the bells, the Hungarian delegates were led into the Trianon Palace, the building which the French king, Louis XV had built for his paramour, Madame Dubarry, and there, in that building, the original copy of the treaty was placed in front of the Hungarians and they were ordered to sign.


The Son of Man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified, and whose teachings and principles the Hungarians saved, must have again wept. Hungary, the one thousand-year-old country that had been given by the Pope of Rome the title of "Defender of Western Christian Civilization and the Savior of Christianity," was on that day crucified on the Cross of Trianon, her country torn, divided among the thieves and her national heart pierced with the dagger of the very Christianity which she had proudly saved.


"O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,

  That I am meek and gentle with these wrong doers!"


In that treaty more than two-thirds of the territory of Hungary was cut off and more than one-half of her population was severed from their motherland. Nothing like it has ever been done to any Christian country and civilized people, unless you think of England's treatment of Grand Pre (See Longfellow's Evangeline).


Transylvania, the New England of Hungary, comprising the entire one-third of the territory of Hungary, was cut off and given to Roumania. This represented 102,787 square kilometers of territory (1 km. equals 3,280.8 feet, or .62137 of an American mile) and 5,266,444 people. With these went to Roumania practically all of Hungary's gold, silver, table salt, natural gas and oil deposits, most of her grazing land, and no table salt deposit was left for Hungary.


Another piece of territory of 20,966 square kilometers, with 1,499,213 people, was cut off from the body of Hungary and given to the Serbians who had served Russia, France and England in forcing the outbreak of the World War. This territory consisted of much of the best wheat land of historic Hungary.

Still another large piece comprising 62,937 square kilometers of territory, with 3,575,685 people, was taken from the body of Hungary and given to Czechoslovakia, a country which existed on paper only. With that territory went most of Hungary's iron ore and coal deposits and much of her grazing land, and most of her factories. In addition to the Hungarian territory, Czechoslovakia was given a large Austrian territory with 3,500,000 German people, known as Sudetens. You now read much about these 3,575,685 former citizens of Hungary and the 3,500,000 Sudeten Germans freeing themselves from the Czech yoke. Some newspapers and propagandists claim that those 7,000,000 people who were forced under the Czech yoke are now engaged in the most "undemocratic" effort for freeing themselves from bondage and slavery! One wonders if 7,000,000 Americans had been forced under Mexican yoke, would these same American newspapers and propagandists claim that it was a violation of the principles of "democracy," if such 7,000,000 Americans would be seeking to free themselves from that yoke?

The balance of the severed parts of Hungary was divided among Italy and Austria. Italy was given 21 square miles of Hungarian territory, including Fiume, the seaport of Hungary; and Austria was given 5,055 square kilometers of Hungarian territory and the people living on it.

You will recall that the territory of pre-war Hungary during the last one thousand years was about 282,999 square kilometers (about 125,000 square miles) and her population was about 25,000,000. The entire territory of pre-war Hungary was about the size of the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee and it was a fairly self-supporting country. Out of these only 91,243 square kilometers of territory, somewhat smaller than the state of Indiana, and a population of 7,515,886 were left for Hungary. In the ungodly Treaty of Trianon she was shamefully reduced. There is no precedent for this outrage in the annals of human history.

The people, who were thus kidnapped from Hungary, were not given an opportunity to vote, as President Wilson had promised them, on the question as to whether they desired to be kidnapped from their motherland. They were just driven as cattle from one pasture to another. In a radio speech delivered in March, 1938, U. S. Senator William E. Borah said:


"When the so-called peace treaties were signed at Versailles, ancient states had been dismembered, national boundaries reestablished, vast colonial possessions given over to the victors, people shoved about from sovereignty to sovereignty, with no more choice upon their part than have cattle which are prodded from one corral to another. All Europe and parts of Asia had been redistributed, divided up, parcelled out largely in accordance with the terms of the secret treaties made while our American boys were being conscripted to fight in foreign countries for the preservation of democracy!"


And he exclaimed in his speech:


"And, like Mark Antony over the body of bleeding Caesar, we quickly seized the bloody hands of those who assassinated liberty!"{1}


The enormity of the crime committed against Hungary in the Treaty of Trianon can only be realized when we know that, with the territories cut off and given to her neighbors, most of the means of communication, such as telegraph and telephones, most of the railroads, factories and the best wheat land were taken from her and distributed among those neighbors.


More than one-half of Hungary's coal fields; almost all of her natural gas and oil deposits; 11,216 schools out of 16,861; 90% of her timberland; more than one-half of her sheep; 66% of her stock of swine; 70% of her corn; 40% of her sugar refineries; 55% of her tobacco industries; 60% of her vegetable oil industry; 27% of her candle industries; 99% of her iron ore mines; 60% of her iron and steel factories; 10% of her engineering factories; 47% of her hemp factories; 52% of her flax factories; 73% of her cotton industries; 90% of her woolen industries; 47% of her petroleum industries; 50% of her leather industries; 49% of her cement works; 79% of her glass works; 95% of her stone quarries; 100% of her table salt deposits; and 60% of her water power and most of her railway system and equipment were taken from Hungary and given to Yugoslavia, Roumania and Czechoalovakia.{2}

You might be interested to know that the American glass and shoe factories and glass and shoe workers are complaining, because much glass-ware and ship loads of shoes are imported into this country from Czechoslovakia, throwing thousands of American glass and shoe workers out of work. Most of the glass-ware and shoes brought here by the Czechs are manufactured in factories and with machines the Hungarians had built and which were taken from Hungary in the Treaty of Trianon. The people who were forced under Czech rule are unable to buy all the glass-ware and shoes; therefore, the products of the glass and shoe factories are shipped to this country. The thousands of American glass and shoe workers who are thrown out of work by the imports from Czechoslovakia are thus paying a penalty for the Treaty of Trianon. That treaty has punished not only the Hungarians but thousands of American workers and factory owners also. Yet American newspapers and propagandists tell you that it is one of the cardinal principles of "democracy" that the ungodly Treaty of Trianon should remain undisturbed! Perchance some idiot will rise sometime and preach as from the housetops that the fundamental virtue of "democracy" is starvation!

The rumblings heard in Europe are coming from the efforts of eighteen million Hungarian people and others to free themselves from the Serbian, Roumanian and Czech yoke. The "democracy" you hear about from Yugoslavia, Roumania and Czechoslovakia is just starvation and abject slavery. Our forefathers here threw England's tea into the ocean, declared their independence and then stamped it with their precious blood. We are proud of them and revere their memory. You should not be surprised if you hear some day, if you have not heard it already, that the eighteen million people kidnapped from Hungary may throw into some ocean the garlic bags forced upon them by the Paris Peace Conference in the Treaty of Trianon. The creators and builders will no longer submit to the foreign yoke and abject slavery which were cruelly imposed upon them by the leeches and parasites.

The promises made to these people by President Wilson in 1918 still ring in their ears and still should hold good. President Wilson promised that:

"The peoples of Austria-Hungary, whose place among the nations we wish to see safeguarded and assured, should be accorded the freest opportunity of autonomous development."


President Wilson's way was the real democratic way of settling the question as to where these people wanted or still want to belong. Let them have a chance to vote and make known their wishes and desires.

The "Czech" leaders insist publicly that they "will fight to the death" to retain the stolen territories of Hungary together with the people living thereon. Singularly enough the world has not heard from the Czech (Bohemian) people on this matter. It is needless to say that the "Czech" leaders will not fight; but it requires no extraordinary power of prognostication to say that, when they will be challenged by the very people they are now enslaving, they will flee. When this will happen you will hear them at our door, asking to be permitted to enter as "political refugees."

Out of the 15,000,000 people of Czechoslovakia, only 7,000,000 are Czechs (Bohemians) and Moravians. Is it possible to expect 3,500,000 former Hungarian citizens who were kidnapped from Hungary against their wishes and consent to fight to continue Czech control over them? Was it expected by the widest stretch of the imagination that the vociferous "Czech" leaders would dare to march at the head of an army recruited from nearly 8,000,000 unwilling slaves and lead them into a fight that would prolong their slavery? Are there grown-up people who honestly and sincerely believe that such a thing was possible? The vociferous "Czech" leaders do not believe in such possibilities and they are leaving Czechoslovakia, and "the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in His wings."

It is frequently stated in certain American newspapers that the Czechs "marched half-way around the world in the last war to fight on the allied side for their national freedom." It is confidently stated here that such a statement could not be supported by facts. Newspapermen who indulge in such a persiflage might just as well say that the Czechs made a round trip. Hungary was divided in the secret treaties of London long before the end of the World War; and it is a matter of record that Edward Benes, whose "Czech" ancestry is seriously questioned and who was one of the "Czech" leaders for whose benefit the "Czechoslovak Republic" was organized on paper, openly bragged at the Paris Peace Conference that he was given more than he had asked for. It is also a matter of record that Thomas Massaryk, another "Czech" leader, had registered his objections to the giving of the Austrian territory with 3,500,000 Germans and most of Upper-Hungary to Bohemia and Moravia. It was not a matter of what they wanted; they had to take what was given them. It is not expected that anybody will attempt to disprove these statements with facts of record.


The legend that the Czechs went half-way around the world to fight for their freedom cannot be substantiated by facts. What happened was this: In order to deceive the world, England and her allies financed a few "Czech" leaders to make a demand for "Czech freedom" and tell the world that they wanted to be free from Austria. Let us remember that Hungary had nothing to do with Bohemia (now Czech) and so far as Hungary was concerned the Bohemians (now Czechs) could have their freedom from Austria at any time they wanted it. In 1848 Hungary wanted to free herself from Austria; but she was defeated and the Bohemians (now Czechs) helped Austria to defeat Hungary. But during the World War Uncle Sam was generous with his money and the "Czech" leaders received plenty of it. They played the game and agitated against Austria, when hundreds of thousands of real Bohemian (Czech) soldiers were fighting in the Austrian army. The "patriotism" of the few "Czech" leaders may have been acceptable to the English government and her allies; but it should be remembered that those "patriots" were in the service of the then enemies of Bohemia. Real Bohemians did not stoop to that level.


The "Czech" leaders who are said to have trotted half-way around the world organized Czech legionaires in Siberia and in France from among the Austrian, Bohemian, Slovak-Ruthenian-Hungarian prisoners of war, many of whom became members of the legions unwillingly. Those who were in Siberia had been shipped there by the Russian government whose prisoners they were; and it cannot be correctly and truthfully said that they had traveled "half-way around the world in quest of their freedom." The record further shows that the "Czech" legion that was forced into service in the Allied army was more of a hindrance than of real value. These are the facts and it is not expected that anyone will attempt to controvert them successfully.


Incontrovertible facts might be produced, however, to show that many thousands of Hungarian prisoners of war were brutally murdered in cold blood in connection with the organizing of the so-called "Czech legions." If they refused to be drafted into the armies of England, France or Russia and to fight their own kind, brothers and comrades in arms, they were brutally mowed down for their refusal; but they died honorable men.


Of course, the Bohemian people, who had nothing to do with the things their self-appointed leaders had done, are not blamed.


When it became known that the Paris Peace Conference had utterly ignored the promises of President Wilson and the people of Hungary were to be denied the right to vote on the question as to whether or not they desired to be kidnaped from their motherland, Hungary, the Hungarians and those of Slovak and Ruthenian ancestry sent heartrending appeals to the Paris Peace Conference, begging that they be permitted to remain in Hungary. A paragraph from the appeal of those of Ruthenian ancestry will be a good example of the appeals:


"The Ruthenian people are shouting for help to the Allied and Associated Powers, as well as to all the cultured nations, not to allow them to be joined to the Czech State. We beg of you, in harmony with the Wilsonian principles, to have a plebiscite (popular vote) ordered on the Ruthenian territory.{3}


The Paris Peace Conference paid no attention to these petitions but proceeded to divide up Hungary and, as Senator Borah has said, "shoved these people from sovereignty to sovereignty, with no more choice upon their part than have cattle which are prodded from one corral to another."


The Treaty of Trianon and the heartless mutilations of Hungary have been condemned by leading economists, statesmen and even newspapers throughout the world. The "New York Tribune," on May 8, 1919, speaking of all the treaties of Versailles, including the Treaty of Trianon, said:


"Not since Rome punished Carthage of Punic faith, has such a treaty been written."


The English Presbyterian Alliance characterized the Treaty of Trianon in the following words:{4}


"It is dishonorable to the Allies in the light of their professions."


After a French committee of investigation had returned to Paris from Hungary, the French newspaper, the "Matin," in 1922, exclaimed:{5}


"In the name of decency and in the name of true humanity, Hungary must not perish! The Hungarians must be saved! Those people are not responsible for the provocation of the world's catastrophe!"


Lord Newton, an English statesman, described the Treaty of Trianon in these words:{6}


"It is the most disastrous and senseless action for which international statesmen have been responsible."


And nineteen years after the diabolical conception of the Treaty of Trianon, the English editor, J. L. Garvin, said in "The Observer" (England):


"The merciless mutilation of Hungary proper by the Versailles system was and is the most cruel case of all."{7}


United States Senator William E. Borah, in a telegram to this writer, tersely and descriptively pronounced the Treaty of Trianon in these words:


"The cursed Treaty of Trianon!"


Francesco Nitti, ex-Prime Minister of Italy, was so deeply moved by the unprecedented injustice done to Hungary in the Treaty of Trianon that he exclaimed:{8}


"This poor country, Hungary, which saved both civilization and Christianity, has been treated with a bitterness that nothing can explain. After the war everyone wanted some sacrifice from Hungary, and no one dared to say a word of peace or good will for her."


And United States Representative Raymond J. Cannon has exclaimed on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives:{9}


"The Treaty of Versailles (the Treaty of Trianon included) has many crimes and bloodshed to account for."


When told that the Paris Peace Conference had assassinated democracy and that the outrage committed against Hungary was a disgrace to Christian civilization, Lloyd George, Prime Minister of England, bowed his head in shame and regret and said:{10}


"The religion of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can save this world from another catastrophe."


Yes, there is a divine promise in the Holy Writ, that "the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in His wings." Christian men and women, throughout the world, who have come to know the truth concerning the un-Christian treatment accorded to Hungary, will demand that the great wrong be righted and that the stolen territories and the kidnaped people of Hungary shall be restored to their motherland, Hungary. And Jesus Christ, the Crucified, whose religion the Hungarians have saved and reverenced, has a definite promise for them:{11}


"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."


For it is written: "What God hath put together, let no man put asunder!"


The Hungarians have an implicit faith in God, the Father, and in His only begotten Son and in the Holy Ghost. Ever since there was a Hungary, the Hungarians have written on the flag their true faith in these words:


"Pro Dei et Pro Patria!"

  For God and Country!


To them God and Country are to be revered; and, when their land was stolen from them, they were deprived of part of the presence of their God. In the Czechoslovak Parliament, in the year 1937, the question was raised:{12} "Is there a God?" The majority members of the Parliament voted in the negative: "There is no God." The Hungarians not only believe but know that there is a God. In the Treaty of Trianon their God and their Country were nailed to the Cross of Trianon, and the crime of three thousand years ago was to them reenacted. The cruel and heartless mutilation of Hungary was an unchristian act and a most reprehensible international crime.


"Man's inhumanity to man

 Makes countless thousands mourn."



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