On the basis of the facts presented and the evidence adduced from the history of Europe, from official documents and from the admissions of responsible statesmen, it must be concluded that the Treaty of Trianon is fraudulent, illegal and void. We now recapitulate our evidence and the law applicable thereto to show how the illegality of the Treaty of Trianon arose and is determined on the basis of facts and law.

The Treaty of Trianon was based on the following indictment:


"The Allied and Associated Governments affirm and Hungary accepts the responsibility of Hungary and her allies for causing the loss and damage to which the Allied and Associated Government and their nationals have been subjected as a consequence of the war imposed upon them by the aggression of Austria-Hungary and her allies."

This indictment is false and untrue, because the World War was plotted and precipitated by France, Russia and England, and was provoked by their agent, Serbia. The key-word in the indictment is "aggressor" and if this key-word fails, then the entire indictment must fall. The overwhelming evidence is that France and Russia were the aggressors and England was their accomplice. The ultimate purpose in the World War on the part of England, France and Russia was to defeat Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey and to destroy the Berlin-Bagdad Railway system. Hungary was merely a victim in that war, because her territory lies in the direction of the Berlin-Bagdad Railway system and the mutilation of her one thousand-year-old territory was perpetrated in order to render the completion and successful operation of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad system impossible. The evidence clearly proves that Hungary was in no way an aggressor or in any way responsible for the outbreak of the World War.

The Treaty of Trianon was formulated by the enemies of Hungary in an international conference to which Hungary was not invited and in the deliberations of which she was denied participation. The law, as we have seen, governing an international conference, specifically requires that:{1}

"All powers interested in the purposes of the conference which is engaged in making an international treaty should be invited."

This vital and essential principle of international law was violated, when Hungary was neither invited to the Paris Peace Conference nor permitted to participate in its deliberations. Since it was her territory that was dissected and mutilated, she was an especially interested party whose presence in the conference was mandatory by international law. Hence we must conclude that the Paris Peace Conference was illegal, its deliberations were illegal and the treaties it made are also illegal; and since an illegal act is a nullity, the Treaty of Trianon must also be declared to be a nullity and of no effect in law.

The Paris Peace Conference, as a matter of fact, was merely a rubber-stamp convention of England and her allies, and it merely ratified and rubber-stamped the secret treaties made and entered into by and between the government of England and her allies long before the United States of America entered the World War and long before its final termination. The historical and ethnographical data furnished to the Paris Peace Conference by the beneficiaries of the Treaty of Trianon were false and untrue and maps they presented were actually forged. This was admitted by Lloyd George, the Prime Minister of England, when he said:

"The documents which some of our allies submitted to us during the peace negotiations were false and untrue; our decisions were based on forgeries."


The law is:{2}


"Fraud and forged maps vitiate a treaty."


A treaty which has been vitiated is null, void and of no effect in law; hence the Treaty of Trianon is just a fraud, a nullity and without any force and effect in law.

The promises made by President Wilson to the peoples of Hungary and Austria that they would be accorded the right of self-determination, that is to say they would be permitted to vote whether or not they desired to be severed from their motherlands, were a part of the Trianon treaty agreement under all known principles of private and international law. These promises were ignored by the Paris Peace Conference and they were not incorporated into the Treaty of Trianon. This fact also makes that treaty fraudulent, null, void and of no effect in law.

The evidence we have examined and presented in this book has amply proved that Hungary was forced to sign the Treaty of Trianon. The invasion and ransacking of her territory by Czech, Roumanian and Serbian soldiers and the tortures and sufferings inflicted upon the Hungarian people by the Communist agents of Moscow cannot be described as anything other than force or coercion. International law strictly requires that a signatory to a peace treaty must possess freedom of consent and that there must be no force and coercion employed to compel the signature.{3}

International law says:


"There must be freedom of consent in the agreement between the states. There is no freedom of consent when an agreement is reached through fraud of either party, and treaties so obtained are void."


International law further provides:


"A treaty produced by material fraud or by physical force applied to the negotiator may be repudiated."{4}


"Any force or menace applied to the person of the negotiator is, on the face of it, unlawful, be cause consent wrung from pain and terror of an individual cannot with any pretense of reason be regarded as a consent of the nation."{5}


And finally, the forced signature of the Hungarian government did not make the Treaty of Trianon valid, because, as, international law provides,{6}

"Constraint vitiates the agreement, because it cannot be said that a state would voluntarily commit suicide."


You have seen that Yugoslavia, Roumania and Czechoslovakia, the beneficiaries of the Treaty of Trianon, have violated the provisions of their own treaties and thereby rendered them invalid, null and void.

Upon the basis of the facts and evidence we have presented, we conclude that the Treaty of Trianon is a fraud, a nullity, void, and a disgrace to Christian civilization and that it has no effect in law.

Our decree, therefore, must be and the same is that the people of pre-war Hungary, who were kidnapped and were forced under foreign control, are not bound by the Treaty of Trianon. It follows that it is their right to declare their independence and return to their motherland, Hungary.

"What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder!"


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Hungary Must Be Revived and Reconstructed


The cruel and unconscionable mutilation of Hungary was based upon the indictment which was incorporated in the Treaty of Trianon and in which it was falsely stated that Hungary and her allies alone, individually and collectively, had provoked and precipitated the World War and had "imposed" upon England and her allies all the loss and damage that had resulted from that war. No one in authority believed that the indictment was true and history has proved it to be utterly false and unquestionably untrue. The Treaty of Trianon, therefore, in which the one thousand-year-old territory of Hungary was dissected, dismembered and mercilessly mutilated is an unconscionable fraud upon Christian civilization.

The evidence of history clearly proves that Hungary was mutilated and more than one-half of her people kidnapped, not because Hungary was bad, or her people were bad, but because her territory was indispensable to the completion and successful operation of the Berlin-Bagdad Railway system, which was not a Hungarian plan, though, if completed and successfully operated, it would have been a great benefit to all of Europe and Asia Minor.

Centuries ago Hungary was ravaged by and her people fought, bled and died in their struggle against the Mongolians and the Turks, who attempted to invade the West through Hungary and to destroy western civilization and Christianity. No less an authority than the Pope of Rome himself had recognized the great services of the Hungarians to Christian civilization and Christianity itself and he, therefore, conferred upon the Hungarians the title of "Defenders of Western Civilization and Saviors of Christianity." Indeed the bells in the towers of Christian churches throughout the world ring out the good tidings, at the hour of noon of every day, that nearly five hundred years ago one day, at the hour of noon, the Hungarians had delivered the final and decisive blow to the Turks and definitely defeated them in their attempt to obtain control of Western Europe. The tolling of the bells at the hour of noon of every day reminds Christians throughout the world that had not the Hungarians fought, bled and died, probably there would be no Christianity today.

It is a matter of recent history that the onward rush of Communism from Russia was stopped in Hungary by the Hungarians. If you will consult your map of Europe, you will see that, by reason of her geographical location, Hungary is an ever-important outpost of Western civilization and Christianity and that, once Hungary is destroyed and rendered helpless, no one is able to foresee just what might happen in Europe and in the world at large. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to Christian civilization that Hungary be permitted to be strong and able to defend herself and protect Western civilization and Christianity. If the facts and evidence that have been presented herein are not sufficient for you to be convinced of the truth of our statements regarding the inestimable value of Hungary to Christian civilization, then watch your newspapers and read carefully the attempt to keep Hungary crushed and then note carefully who are the men and groups that are so eager to keep Hungary down so that she may not be able to stem the tide that might, at any time, start to sweep down from the East upon Western Europe. If you will do this, you will see and learn infinitely more that our contention is true.

The Christian people of the United States of America, England, France and even the fine and good Christian people of Russia who are trampled under the feet of godless Communists do not hate the Hungarian people. Christians may have differences and different interests but they never hate one another, because hate is not a Christian virtue. As U. S. Congressman Knute Hill has recently and aptly stated on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives {Congressional Record, April 18, 1938},

"War has no legitimate place in a Christian world."


Christians throughout the world know that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Crucified, has suffered and died for the Hungarian people also.


If the inhuman mutilation and crucifixion of Hungary had served the cause and best interest of Christian civilization the Hungarian people, no doubt, would be glad and happy to suffer so that their Christian brethren and sisters throughout the world might be happy, prosperous and contented. But exactly the opposite is the truth. Since Hungary is an integral part of the economic whole of Europe and the world, when she is ill economically, all of Europe and the entire world is likewise ill economically. This needs no demonstration, because you see the manifestation of this truth every day. Yea, we all suffer as a result of it!


We have shown you that in connection with the mutilation of Hungary, her economic, industrial and commercial developments were destroyed. You have been shown that most of the factories built by the Hungarians on the territory, which has been taken from them by the Treaty of Trianon, were dismantled and the equipment was shipped to Bohemia (now Czech) and used and operated there. But you ask: "What is that to me, an American citizen, an Englishman or a Frenchman?" The answer is that it means much to you, whether you are an American citizen, an Englishman or a Frenchman, because, as we have shown you, Czechoslovakia is not self-supporting and the people of that country are unable to consume the production of the factories concentrated in a small area in Bohemia (now Czech). The small industrial district of Bohemia (Czech) has not been able to sustain the entire population of entire Czechoslovakia, so in order that the economic structure of that country may not collapse at any time, it has been supported by English and French money directly and by American money indirectly. This is the absolute fact and truth and, if you read your newspapers carefully, you will find authoritative statements in proof of it from time to time. What does it mean to you and to me?

If you are an Englishman or a Frenchman, you might know that your government is no longer able to finance Czechoslovakia directly, so it is now done indirectly by way of importing from Czechoslovakia manufactured goods which your factory and you can manufacture as well as the Czechs. The more manufactured products are imported to your countries from Czechoslovakia, the more English and French factories are closed down and more English and French workers are laid off and roam the streets in a hopeless quest of employment. You are not able to earn the necessities of life for yourself and for your loved ones and the consequences are that you and yours are suffering.

If you are an American citizen, you might know that shoes, glass-ware and other manufactured products are being imported to this country from Czechoslovakia and the result is that the American shoe and glass factories have been forced to shut down and their employees have been thrown out onto the streets unemployed. You can go on charity or you may be able to obtain a government "relief job" at $60.00 per month and keep your soul in your body; but your American standard of living has been destroyed in the richest country of the world!

You may be told by agitators and uninformed newspapers that you should boycott Germany and Japan. There are certain things which heretofore we have been buying from Germany, because we did not have them or we were unable to manufacture them; and all of a sudden you and I are told that we should not have them, because they were made in Germany. You are told that it is all right for you to purchase your shoes and glass-ware that were manufactured in Czechoslovakia. Your American shoe and glass factories are shut down, the employees of these industries are walking the streets unemployed, these American industries sooner or later will be put out of business entirely; but that is all right, because it is of utmost importance for the American people, so you are told, that the Czechoslovak shoe and glass industries are kept going on American money, while the American shoe and glass workers and their families are virtually starving. But you must boycott Germany, the country that is one of the best customers of the American people and industries.

If you are a Florida citrus fruit grower, it will be of interest for you to know that Germany has been buying Florida citrus fruit to the tune of about $30,000,000 -- say thirty million dollars -- annually. Since you have been inveigled into boycotting Germany, that country is buying her need of citrus fruit to the tune of thirty million dollars annually from Palestine! Your loss is the gain of the Palestine citrus fruit growers and of those who have invested their money in Palestine. You boycott;  they reap the profit.

If you are a North Carolinian and engaged in cotton growing, it will be of interest for you to know that Germany has been a heavy cotton buyer and that, since you are boycotting Germany, that country is buying cotton not from North Carolina but from elsewhere. The result is that, under order of our own government, you plow under your cotton. If this method of cotton farming will f be continued long, there will not be much cotton growing left in the fair State of North Carolina. You will be the loser and those who invest their money in other countries, where cotton can be grown and sold will be the winners.

Years ago it was believed that it was good business to keep up friendly relations with your customer and even to help him, when necessary, so that he might be able to buy cotton. Today you boycott one of your best former customers and the result is that you are unable to sell him your cotton. Have you ever considered the possibility that those who ask you to boycott Germany are selling their cotton to her?

Keep in mind also the fact that while you are boycotting your best customers, American farms are lying idle, American factories are closed down, American working men and women are either on charity or on "relief," or else they are walking the street in search for work, and the American industries are losing not only Germany but also Mexico, the Central and South American countries as their customers. We boycott and we lose.

While we are on the matter of boycotting, may you learn a thing or two in connection with the boycott you are urged to carry on against Japan. The Japanese people have to expand either north, east, west or south. The logical direction for Japanese expansion is in China and you well know that expansion means economic development. We all wish well for the Chinese people. China is very rich in natural resources and once a well-directed economic development starts there, the American people should be greatly benefited, because China will buy many things from us, provided we do not alienate Japan from us. It has been estimated that if every Chinese would use a razor blade for shaving and each such razor blade would be purchased from the United States of America, the American steel industries would have to work full time for one year to supply every Chinese with a razor blade. This would mean work, bread, clothing, home and happiness for the American people who work in that line. If we boycott away the good will and friendship of Japan, other countries and other people, who mind their own business, will have the benefit and profit of Japanese and Chinese trade.

Agitation for boycotting Germany and Japan goes on in England and France also. The source of the propaganda is the same, from which we receive the agitation in the United States of America. Let us make no mistake about it. It comes from the visible and invisible rulers of godless Communistic Russia, who are bent upon making Europe and China Communist and then plant their red flag in our own country. Agitation from this source will sooner or later destroy both England and France, unless the better and more patriotic elements in those countries get up in defense of their respective countries. For the peoples of England and France it is fortunate that the trouble makers are definitely on their way out of Europe; but it is not so fortunate for us in the United States of America. If you do not happen to know this, be of good cheer; you will learn to know it soon enough.

What has all this got to do with the mutilation of Hungary? Only this, the invisible forces behind the mutilation of Hungary are working feverishly throughout the world to destroy Christian civilization. You have been told and no doubt you well know that the economic structure of our very country has collapsed because of the World War, the treaties of Versailles and the Treaty of Trianon. Our country sunk sixty billion dollars in the World War and loaned to the Allies eleven billion dollars, which they have not repaid to us, and, now, when we need money, many of us have to go on charity or on relief. With our own money the invisible forces have destroyed or alienated from us our best customers. In other words, the same invisible forces that caused the mutilation of Hungary have destroyed our own economic structure also.

Of infinitely more importance is the unfortunate fact that we have lost our economic and monetary independence. We are considered as mere "suckers" by the international invisible forces, and, on the basis of the evaluation made of us by the noble Lord Northcliffe that we are on the level of the Chinese, an attempt is being made to reduce us to the economic level of Chinese coolies. In natural resources and intellectual ability we are the richest people in the world, yet more than one-half of our one hundred twenty-five million people are in want. Unless we re-declare our economic independence and recapture our financial independence, we are in grave danger of being hurled into a further economic collapse and a social and political upheaval, the like of which has never been witnessed in our country.

The key to our success in our quest for our economic and financial independence is the Constitution of the United States of America. The flag, under which we must march, is the only flag, the Stars and Stripes. The faith, which will give us strength, is written in the Holy Writ. With the American Constitution in one hand, with the American flag in the other, with the religion of Jesus Christ in our hearts, with firm faith in our own country and in ourselves, and with due regard for the future welfare of our children, we can regain our economic and financial independence and we can be the richest, most contented and happiest people on this earth.

Agitators of the invisible forces are striving to convince the American people that our salvation lies in un-American, unchristian and godless Communistic theories and humbuggery. We are told that our economic and financial policies must be directed from London, Paris and Moscow. We read in our newspapers that some of our high government officials travel back and forth to London and Paris to hob-nob with foreign financial leaders and to obtain their consent as to how we should manage our own financial and economic affairs here. We have been greatly humiliated by reading in some of our newspapers that some of our high government officials have gone down to Mexico and there clandestinely had a visit with Comrade Leon Trotsky, the discredited and exiled Communist. Nor is it a secret that several of our high government officials, prior to their appointment to their high offices, had been in Communist Russia and brought with them from there the un-American, ungodly and unchristian theories, the result of which is that American farmers have to plow under their wheat and cotton and kill little piggies, so that the American people may not have sufficient food to eat and clothes to wear. Any person who was born and lives in America, who is unable to find in the American constitution the key to our economic and financial independence and success, is not worthy of the name American. Certainly such person should not be permitted to hold any high American government position. And any high American government official, who considers it necessary clandestinely to visit Trotsky to talk over the future affairs of the American people, should have the common and ordinary decency to resign his position, so that a loyal American, who is able to read and understand the American constitution, might take his place and serve the American people according to the letter and spirit of the American constitution.

We do not have to appeal to the shades of Lenin or to foxy Trotsky to find out what ails our country. We know that, as a result of the World War, we have been fleeced of much of our money and we have lost our economic and financial independence. We know that the symptom of our trouble is lack of purchasing power on the part of the American people. We know further that the underlying cause for our lack of purchasing power is that the very life blood of our country, namely money and credit, has gotten out of our control. We know still further that the reason for having lost our control of our money and credit is that the United States Congress and the United States Government have strayed away from the Constitution of the United States of America and farmed out to private individuals, foreigners and Americans, the right and duty to coin money and to regulate the value thereof. This un-American and unconstitutional act was similar to an act in which some superior power would have prevented your physical body from making its own blood and circulating it but would farm out to other persons these all vital functions of your body. How long would your life last, if your blood were manufactured by somebody else and you would receive only so much blood as that somebody else would be willing to give you? How long can our country last economically and financially, if foreign financiers will determine how much money we shall have?

Section 8, paragraph 5 of the Constitution of the United States of America clearly and specifically states and mandatorily provides as follows:


"Section 8. The Congress shall have power --"

Paragraph 5. "To coin money and regulate the value thereof."


Every President of the United States of America, every United States Senator and every United States Representative, before assuming his or her office, takes a solemn oath to support the Constitution of the United States of America. They who have ignored the above very vital provision and mandate of the Constitution of the United States of America and have voted to delegate the power of Congress to coin money and to regulate the value thereof have violated their oath of office. Every member of the United States Congress who stands by and permits the coinage and regulation of the money of the American people in private hands, whether foreign or American, is violating his oath of office.

Section 8, paragraph 5 of the United States Constitution provides the key to the regaining of our economic and financial independence. We do not have to kneel before the shrine of Lenin, we do not have to visit foxy Trotsky clandestinely to find out what to do to regain our economic and financial independence. We know what we have to do. We just have to go back to our Constitution, do what it says, namely, through the United States Congress coin our own money and regulate the value thereof. Once we have gotten back to our Constitution and have regained our financial independence, we can coin, make and print all the money we need and the cost of coining, making and printing our own money would be about thirty (30) cents per one thousand dollars. Is there any sound American economic or financial reason for not doing this? Our Constitution says that it should be done. Why not do it then? Who is going to stop us from doing it, if we want to do it?

Sometimes it is said that the United States Congress and our government are in power and control and if they do not do what the Constitution of the United States of America demands and directs them to do, what can we, the people, do about it? The answer to this question is this: the members of the United States Congress and the United States government are the servants of the American people and they will do what the American people want them to do. Once the American people make an unmistakable demand on the United States Congress to return to the Constitution of the United States of America and recapture our economic and financial independence, it will be done. And why wait with this demand any longer? The United States of America is your country. It is not the property of the politicians and foreign financiers but the property of the American people. Why starve, when there is plenty here for every American man, woman and child?

Propagandists in the pay and employ of foreign interests that have put Europe on the rocks and are responsible for the mutilation of Hungary are using various devices to distract the attention of the American people from the solution of their own problems. They want us to boycott Germany and they have succeeded in depriving us of the German trade. We have lost thirty million dollars' worth of citrus fruit market, many million dollars' worth of cotton market and about sixty million dollars' worth of steel market from Germany alone, while most of us are on a starvation level. The foreign invisible forces want us to boycott Japan, so that we might lose her good-will and they might gobble up Japanese trade. They want us to interfere in European affairs, help the continuation of human slavery there and fight the countries which they do not like. It is their plan to inveigle us into another world war, and, when we are in it, they would pounce on us, plant their red flag in our soil and make us their slaves. Their obedient servant, comrade foxy Trotsky, is now sitting snugly in Mexico, scheming and waiting for the opportunity to invade our country and become our dictator.

What good have they done for this country by everlastingly agitating against this or that foreign nation or country? Japan is forging ahead in China and, as a matter of American interest, we prefer Japan to expand toward China rather than toward us. As long as she is not jeopardizing our interests, it is none of our affair what Japan is doing and where she is going. Though thoroughly fleeced in 1919, Germany is forging ahead and she now has probably the best equipped industry in the world. There is no unemployment problem in Germany and the Germans are working in the factories and not walking the streets in search for work. Germany has captured the trade of Mexico and is capturing Central and South American trade, while our little Moscovites in Washington, D.C., well paid and well fed out of the bounties of the American people, are wagging their tongues at Germany. Instead of building homes and manufacturing furniture, clothing and food for the American people, our little Moscovites are building battleships, manufacturing guns and ammunition, although there is no enemy in sight to fight. Some day these worshippers of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky will tell us that we must go to war with Germany, because she has captured world trade from us.

Those who want the American people to meddle in other countries' affairs are the same people to whom the monetary policies of this country have been farmed out. They are the unelected and uncrowned financial kings of our country. Let us see what they have done to us, while we have been tricked into boycotting this or that foreign country.

In normal times we had about four and one-half billion dollars' worth of gold which was used as a basis of American money. The little Moscovites at Washington with the stroke of a pen increased the value of gold from $20 to $35 per ounce and thus raised the value of the gold we had in proportion of the increased price. Then they pulled the gold out from under the American dollar, -- we went off the gold standard, -- and then they purchased gold from foreign speculators at $35 per ounce to the tune of six billion dollars. We have now about thirteen billion dollars' worth of gold at inflated prices. And do you know what we are doing with it? We dug a hole in the ground of the State of Kentucky and buried our gold there. By this manipulation our little Moscovites at Washington have given a nice little gift to various foreign countries; but it is unlawful in this country to have in your possession more than one hundred dollars' worth of gold. Here are a few sentences from the speech of United States Representative August H. Andresen, which you will find in the Congressional Record, June 17, 1938, on pages 12827-8, and from which you will learn what has been done to us and to our money:

"Believe it or not, the biggest crime in all history has been put over on the American people by the New Deal in its gold policy during the past five years. The New Deal administration in Washington has played Santa Claus in a `big way' for gold speculators and bankers in foreign countries. Since January 1, 1934, the United States Treasury has presented a magnificent gift, $2,308,386,546 in cash, as clear profit on purchase by the New Deal of more than 161,000,000 ounces of foreign gold.

"These are the facts. Early in 1934 the New Deal enacted a law which compelled every American citizen, under the penalty of fine and jail sentence, to surrender all gold in his possession to the United States Treasury. For this gold American citizens were paid on the basis of $20.67 an ounce. After the American gold was taken, and it became a crime to possess gold, except newly mined gold, in this country, the New Deal magnanimously boosted the price of gold from $20.67 an ounce to $35.00 an ounce, which amount was paid only to foreign gold speculators and newly mined gold in this country. In fact, the New Deal fixed and maintained the world price of gold at $35, and the United States Treasury became the dumping ground for all foreign gold hoarded since the beginning of time.

"No strings were tied to the purchase of foreign gold at a premium of nearly $15 an ounce. Instead of establishing a beneficial policy which would have required foreign sellers of gold to purchase American farm commodities and manufactured products with the high-priced gold, the Secretary of the Treasury issued his proclamation to foreign gold speculators and bankers to bring in their gold and he would pay them $35 an ounce for it in good American dollars.

"Beginning early in 1934, the flood of foreign gold began to run into the United States Treasury. It came by boat, by train, and by plane, and up to June 15, 1938, foreign gold hoarders and speculators have sold the American people approximately $6,000,000,000 worth of gold at $35 per ounce. We did not have the money, out of tax collections, to pay for the gold, so the New Deal administration sold the American people $6,000,000,000 in Government interest-bearing bonds and the foreign speculators received their gift from America.

"Foreign gold continues to pour into this country. The Treasury continues to sell bonds to pay for it, at a premium, and the country goes further into debt. Our national debt now is around $40,000,000,000. We buy foreign gold and bury it in a hole in the ground in the State of Kentucky. The foreign speculators do not use the magnificent gift from America to buy our farm and manufactured products or to pay the debts which they owe us. They buy stocks and securities in American institutions, and if the whole story could be ascertained and told, we would no doubt find that our foreign friends have made enough money out of the gold and stock speculation to have paid the entire foreign debt of more than $12,000,000,000.

"The New Deal brought prosperity to the rest of the world. Although this country is suffering from a disastrous depression, with falling farm prices, closed factories, unemployment, and distress for American citizens, the Roosevelt administration continues to maintain prosperity in foreign countries by buying foreign gold at a premium and permitting foreign farmers and factory workers to dump their cheaply produced farm and manufactured products upon the American market.

"What I have said about the gold policy of the New Deal may read like a 'fairy tale.' Nevertheless, it is a true story and is substantiated by the Government figures . . . . Why should America continue a policy which has made Japan a present of $102,744,930 from taxpayers so as to buy war supplies . . . ? Is there any good reason why the United States should make outright gifts to England of $783,702,711, to France of $724,055,355, and to other foreign countries? All on borrowed money."

Representative Andresen gives a table, in which it is shown that $2,308,386,546 was given as a gift to our European and other friends. Just figure out how many $5,000 single homes the American people could have built with the money that we so generously gave to our European friends as a gift. In addition, how much money the American people have to pay annually for dental purposes, in the event gold is required, over and above the $20.67 price per ounce. This will give you an idea of our monetary policy.

You no doubt have perceived by this time that those who are directing our monetary policy are not so keen to boycott Japan. She has received almost one hundred three million dollars from us as a gift. You boycott Japanese silk stockings and the boys in Washington present Japan with a gift of $102,744,930. Is there logic in this?

This policy is not only un-American but it has resulted in an unfair and unjust economic condition in this country. About one-half of the American people, men, women and children, are living below the poverty line. You are told that the reason for the suffering of one-half of the American people is the result of "overproduction"; but that statement is manifestly false and untrue. There is no overproduction in this country until every American man, woman and child has all the normal necessities of life. You know the truth. Our trouble is lack of purchasing power on the part of one-half of our people. In other words, they do not have the necessary amount of money to buy more than their bare necessities of life.

According to our own government's figures, in order to feed the American people, as they should be fed, taking the 1936 figures, the American farmers should raise 50,000,000 dairy cattle, but they raise only 25,000,000, because it would be a violation of the rule to raise more; 17,000,000 beef cattle, but they raise only 15,000,000 for the same reason; 85,000,000 hogs, but they raise only 57,000,000 for the same reason; 30,000,000 sheep and lambs, but they raise only 21,000,000; 637,000,000 poultry, but they raise only 426,000,000 for the same reason; 7,000,000 acres of vegetables, but they raise only 2,300,000 acres for the same reason; 10,000,000 acres of fruit trees and grapes, but they raise only 4,600,000 for the same reason.

Read Congressman T. Alan Goldsborough's extension of remarks in the Congressional Record, June 15, 1938, pages 12429-30 for further data. You can obtain further information from the Government at Washington on how much the American farmers would be able to produce per year if they were permitted to do so, how much manufactured products the American factories and American working men and women would be able to produce if they had a chance, and how much the American people are suffering from want of the normal necessities of life.

Has God forgotten us or are we violating God's laws? Probably one-half of the American children are underfed, underclothed and suffering from lack of proper nourishment. The result is that our crime is increasing and our institutions for the feeble minded and our jails and penitentiaries are overcrowded. You might just as well know the truth: crime is not an inherited tendency.

We aid in making criminals of young men and women by denying them the necessary amount and quality of food. The chief criminals of our country, therefore, are those who deprive one-half of the American children the necessary and proper nourishment, to which they are entitled. Just make up your mind that God never creates anything inherently bad. Every child, a creation of God, is good, when born. We, who deprive him or her of proper nourishment, are the guilty parties. Yet, if any of our undernourished children become criminals, how eager we are to jail them! In this connection it is well for us to remember that fully one-half of the children born in this country today are born of parents in the third economically lowest bracket, who are the least able to take care of them and nourish them properly.

Lack of proper nourishment results not only in crime but also in sickness. Go to any large city in this country and you will find a drug store at almost every corner and you will see many stately buildings used for hospital purposes. The patent medicine manufacturers and vendors grow rich, while a large number of American men, women and children are suffering from sickness. And the absolute truth is that God and the American farmers create and make the best medicine. Good, wholesome food and in necessary quantity is the best medicine that can be made. God and the American farmers are always willing to raise all the good food we need and the best that is required. But our little Moscowites in Washington, who are well paid out of the pocketbooks of the American people and well fed from the fat of the land, have ordered the American farmers to grow less food, so that the American people may suffer from the lack thereof. When will the American people wake up and insist that their kitchen pantries be filled with good and wholesome food and not their medicine chests with patent medicine? When will American mothers demand that their children be given a real American chance, so that they may not fill our jails, penitentiaries, insane asylums and hospitals but that they may have a free, wholesome, healthy and abundant life to which they are entitled? When will American fathers demand that their children shall have the same chance that they had at and after their own birth? Why cannot we be fair to our children?

It is now an accepted fact that, try as hard as we may, our economic and financial condition will not improve to any appreciable extent, until we return to our Constitution, coin and regulate the value of our own money, and until the fiendish wrong that has been committed by the Paris Peace Conference be righted. Our own business structure and our financial policies are so tied to Europe, that we shall be unable to grow better economically and financially, until we regain our economic and financial independence and the Versailles Treaties and the Treaty of Trianon are voided.

Un-American and unchristian international financial interests that have made heavy investment of American money in foreign countries and thus became the beneficiaries of the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon are antagonistic to a final and decisive solution of the European. problems. They tell us that they want "democracy preserved" in Europe; but they do not tell us that what they call "democracy" is in the control of international racketeers and furnishes most of the guns and ammunition for the undeclared wars that are being fought in various parts of the world. They do not tell us, but we know, that they have invested heavily in Czechoslovak shoe and glass-ware industries and they are now importing into this country shoes and glass-ware, manufactured by cheap labor, with the result that the American shoe and glass industries are closed and their employees are out of work.

The attitude of these un-American and un-Christian international financiers is manifestly unfair to American labor and industry. If and when the wrongs done by the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon will be righted and Europe will start on the road to economic recovery, the people of that continent will be able to buy and consume almost everything manufactured in that part of the world and they will be able to buy from us the things that they are unable to manufacture. They will buy American-grown citrus fruit and cotton and American steel products. International trade and commerce will again assume a healthy and wholesome prospect and the people of the world will be concerned more about a mutually beneficial commercial relationship than about how to shoot, gas and kill one another. We, the American people, do not want to make enemies; we want to make the whole world our friend. We want the European problems solved, so that universal peace may return and reign supreme. To oppose the rectification of the wrongs committed in the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon and to interfere with the solution of the European problems, therefore, is manifestly un-American and conducive to our own economic destruction.

It is evident and it is the best judgment of our well informed and patriotic statesmen, economists and historians that the best interests of the American people demand that the Versailles treaties be voided and the Treaty of Trianon be erased from the record, Europe return to sanity and the world have peace.

The treaties that were imposed upon Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and Turkey and which were instrumental in throwing the entire world into an economic collapse are now virtually eliminated. The one great stumbling block still remaining to be removed is the Treaty of Trianon. When that obstacle is removed, Europe will be well on the way toward an economic boom, the like of which has never been experienced on that continent. The first move toward the elimination of the Treaty of Trianon is the solution of the Sudeten German, already under way, Czech and Hungarian problem.

The elimination of the Treaty of Trianon, as we have seen, is not only a Hungarian but a world problem, and it should be done without delay. Naturally the erasing of the Treaty of Trianon from the record would mean that the territories stolen and the people kidnapped from Hungary would be returned to her, and her former territorial integrity and economic unity would be restored. This process would not mean, as propagandists would have you believe, that the "Czechoslovak democracy and integrity" or the "democracy" of Europe would be destroyed. No one has any ill-feeling toward the Bohemian, Roumanian or the Serbian people and no one wants to take away from them what is lawfully theirs. The Bohemians, Roumanians and Serbians are fine and good people and no one wishes them any harm. There is no plan to disturb them in their just and legal possessions or in their political or religious beliefs. The Hungarian territories which were stolen from Hungary in the Treaty of Trianon were never Czech, Roumanian or Serbian territories; and if they are returned to Hungary, nothing will be taken from the Czech, Roumanian and Serbian people, that was theirs by any imaginable legal right.

It is confidently asserted that if the good Christian Bohemian, Roumanian and Serbian people were given an opportunity to vote on the question as to whether or not they want their respective governments to retain further control of the territories stolen and the people kidnapped from Hungary, they would overwhelmingly vote to return the stolen territories and kidnapped people to Hungary, where they belong. This would serve the best interests of all concerned and of the world. The spirit of wholesale robbery and kidnapping did not come from the people but was forced upon Christianity by governments that were controlled by international racketeers.

Common economic interest demands not only the restoration of the stolen territories and kidnapped people to but also the economic reconstruction of Hungary. The territories stolen from Hungary have been stripped of their factories and other industrial developments, and much rebuilding and reconstruction will have to be done after the return of those territories and about eight million people. Out of her own present resources Hungary will hardly be able to finance all the reconstruction that will have to be done; hence she will need outside help.

The Paris Peace Conference has established the rule that the guilty parties shall pay the damages done in the World War. We have demonstrated that France, Russia and England were the guilty governments; hence under their own rule they should pay the damages suffered by Hungary during the World War and after the Treaty of Trianon was imposed on her.

It would be difficult to estimate the damages of Hungary in dollars and cents. While the value of the territories stolen from her, together with the factories, machinery, equipment and natural resources could be estimated, it would be impossible to estimate the value of churches, schools, and social institutions that were taken with the territories. The sufferings of eight million kidnaped people could not be estimated in dollars and cents. In the World War Hungary lost 6,610,000 men who died or were taken prisoners. Her cost of the World War amounted to ten billion dollars.

Who will pay Hungary her damages? Such a chivalry should not be expected of present Communist Russia. England and France have not indicated any desire thus far to make good the damages they had done to Hungary. They have shown very little indication of willingness to repay the eleven billion dollars which they borrowed from the American government. The unfortunate fact is that the government of Christian England and the government of Christian France are in league with the bloody and godless government of Communist Russia to prevent the elimination of the Treaty of Trianon and excuse themselves from paying their debt to us by pointing to the unsettled world condition which has resulted from the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon. The American people have already paid too much and they should not be expected to pay all the European damages caused by the World War. Yet we cannot let Hungary down in her heroic effort to regain her territorial integrity and economic unity and to reconstruct her destroyed economic structure and to rehabilitate her good people.

We have a proposition which we hope can be made acceptable to and acted upon by the governments which should assume some moral responsibility for the resurrection and reconstruction of Hungary. The former Allies of the United States of America owe us eleven billion dollars as war debts. This amount in all probability will never be repaid to us; yet we should be glad to see this money put to useful work.

We propose that the United States of America assign as much of the debt due to us from our former allies to Hungary as will be necessary for her reconstruction. Let our former allies pay so much of this debt to Hungary and then let Hungary be our debtor for the amount she will thus receive. Under this arrangement our money will be used for a lofty and beneficial purpose and we can be assured that eventually it will be repaid to us.

Christian civilization owes Hungary the duty to help the restoration and reconstruction of her stolen territory and the rehabilitation of her kidnapped eight million people. The American people will no doubt be glad to see that the money their former allies owe them will be used for the purpose of the reconstruction of Hungary and rehabilitation of the Hungarian people, with the assurance that eventually their war loans will be repaid to them with interest.

Let the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings, so that the heart of the fathers may turn to their children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest the Lord God of hosts come and smite the earth with a curse!{Malachi 4:3 and 6.}