by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

April 1985

From the December issue of the "Courrier du Continent," I learn of a typical and amusing incident in Switzerland. The National Assembly elected a woman named Elizabeth Kopp to be one of seven members of the Federal Council, which is the real governing authority in the nation. A Swiss journal disclosed the fact that the woman was a Jewess, descended from Levis who disguised themselves by changing their name in the Nineteenth Century. One Jewish publication screamed at the wickedness of indentifying Jews when they were pretending to be Europeans, and implied that only "Nazis," who should have been exterminated by this time, would do anything so vile. The underlying theory seemed to be that, as Samuel Untermeyer used to say when calling for the extermination of the Germans, the Jews are the "aristocrats of the world," born with the right to rule it, and that an Aryan serf had no more right to recognize a Jew when in disguise than he would have to recognize a king when the ruler chose to travel incognito. But while the one set of Jews was foaming in raging, another Jewish publication was proclaiming hosannas at their race's glorious victory: they at last had a Jew on the Federal Council, glory be to God! The underlying idea was that with one Jew on the Council, the predatory race would soon get control of it and could start putting the White population of Switzerland in its place.

Yahweh's morning stars are said to sing together, but his earthly chorus sometimes tries to sing two tunes at the same time. That makes it hard for poor Aryans to decide to which tune they should obediently dance.