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The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam

by Sir Richard F. Burton




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This is one of the two American editions.




Published in 1898 as one volume compiling three items originally intended to be books in their own right, or parts of books never finished.  This book was never reprinted by a large, mainstream publishing house, but has been occasionally reprinted by small, independent publishers.  However Jew-wise Burton may have been, he had a strange bias favoring Islamic practitioners and Gypsies.  As per the Preface below, this could have been due to Gypsy blood, but this idea was never proved.  The Jew, tho' heavily expurgated, retains much important information about its subject, as do the other two sections.

All known original editions were:

>  Chicago and New York:  Herbert S. Stone & Co., 1898.
>  New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1898.
>  London:  Hutchinson & Co., 1898.

Repaginated to put exactly two original pages onto each new page, except where impossible due to space constraints.  In full text with frontispiece illustration.

The 1898 editor was William Henry Wilkins (1860-1905).  He also co-authored The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton, 1897 and edited Wanderings in Three Continents, 1901.

Minor erratum:  In The Jew, ch. ii, p. 33, Wilkins has "732" as the year of the death of Muhammad, but the commonly accepted date today is 632.


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Preface by editor W. H. Wilkins with Contents.    [ HTML version ]

I.  The Jew:

Chap. I.           GENERAL OPINION OF THE JEW       [ HTML version ]

Chap. II.          OPINION OF THE JEW IN ENGLAND      [ HTML version ]


Chap. IV.         THE JEW AND THE TALMUD            [ HTML version ]

Chap. V.           THE CONTINUITY OF TRADITION IN THE EAST       [ HTML version ]    [ Facsimiles in PDF ]


II.  The Gypsy (Parts I and II delineated by line):

Chap. I.            THE INDIAN AFFINITIES OF THE GYPSIES        [ HTML version ]


Chap. III.          A REVIEW OF M. PAUL BATAILLARD'S REVIEWS         [ HTML version ]

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Chap. IV.          HISTORICAL SURVEY OF THE GYPSY IN EUROPE         [ HTML version ]

Chap. V.             THE GYPSY IN ASIA         [ HTML version ]

Chap. VI.         THE GYPSY IN AFRICA         [ HTML version ]

Chap. VII.        THE GYPSY IN EUROPE         [ HTML version ]

Chap. VIII.       THE GYPSY IN AMERICA         [ HTML version ]


III.  El Islam.     [ HTML version ]

Index.         [ HTML version ]




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"Indeed, whenever in these days we hear of a new 'religion' having been born into the world, we may determine, à priori, that it is more Jewish than its predecessors."

            --  Sir Richard F. Burton, The Jew, p. 97 f/n.  Amen!  


"The Magnate [of Hungary] . . . sees all his rich estates . . . passing out of his own hands, and contributing to swell the bottomless pocket of the Jewish usurer.  But the Magyar is a fiery race; and if this system of legal robbery be allowed to pass a certain point, which, by-the-bye, is not far distant, the Jews must prepare themselves for another disaster right worthy of the Middle Ages.  And they will have deserved it."

            --  Sir Richard F. Burton, The Jew, pp. 64-65.  

[Compare with 1911 ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, HUNGARY: "The Jews . . . monopolize a large portion of trade, are with the Germans the chief employers of labour, and control not only the finances but to a great extent the government and the press of the country. Owing to the improvidence of the Hungarian landowners and the poverty of the peasants, the soil of the country is gradually passing into their hands." (vol. XIII, p. 897).]

Burton wrote his words in 1873.  He was on-target on so many matters.  His works deserve to be referred to again and again, today.




"Every day, I think less and less what others are going to think.  . . . What are they going to say about me?  . . . That I'm wrong about the way the world really is?  That I'm an evil, murderous mastermind?  That I'm too extreme?  That I'm a greasy, slimy, Jew-Gypsy roustabout who looks at the world through a carny's eyes?"  -- Father of modern Satanism Anton LaVey, quoted by Blanche Barton, The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey (Feral House: Los Angeles, 1990), pp. 225-226.

[JR Note:  Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena has recently revealed that he was not literally part-Gypsy, so the above may be taken as somewhat metaphorical.  But he was definitely part- Jewish; his father was the Jew Boehm]

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Another Jew-Gypsy (but who I am NOT implying is a Satanist!) is Isabel Fonseca, author of Bury Me Standing, a book that, like Burton's, is sympathetic to its subject, but which shows the generalizations about the Gypsies to be essentially true.

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Five months before Burton's planned retirement, when he made it very clear he intended to publish The Jew with details of the cult of ritual murder he uncovered and documented during his consulship in Damascus, he died (1890, age 69).  His wife Isabel also intended to publish the full work (see her Life of Sir Richard F. Burton, 1893, Vol. II, pp. 454-5, wherein it was described as "quite complete"); she died soon thereafter (1896, age 65). 

[Additional info on this whole sorry episode of Burton's life from Isabel's perspective may be found in her Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton, 1897, Vol. II, Ch. XV:  Gathering Clouds and Ch. XVIII:  The True Reasons of Burton's Recall, exposing all the political and financial machinations for which Jews are known.  See also her little-seen Inner Life of Syria, Palestine, and the Holy Land, 1875, Vol. I, pp. 331-43 for an intriguing discussion of the money-lender problem].

In the process she apparently had a change of heart, as she supposedly left instructions that it be burned (this from a "recently discovered" piece of paper "found" among the MS. materials).  One of her executors, her sister Mrs. Fitzgerald, was looking for a publisher, and died in 1902.  Editor W. H. Wilkins, who had not published the offending passages with The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam in 1898, (the Jews had threatened libel action), but who hinted that he may have done so in the future, died in 1905 at age 45.  (What was published was just the preface and most of one chapter; what Wilkins called the "Appendix" was in actuality the majority of the work).  Then a bit later, the Jews (in the form of David Lindo Alexander, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews [ David Irving info ] vs. Manners Sutton, publisher) sued in court over the "assignment" of the manuscript, and won!  Supposedly, the surviving executors had handed over the MS. to the Jews in 1909, under circumstances we can only wonder about, as it seems odd that Sotheran, a publisher, had already sold the MS. to Manners Sutton, thinking that the deceased Wilkins (from whom they had received the MS.) had been a qualified agent.  No doubt money played a hidden role in this.  Reading recent reports regarding the sale of the MS., it seems that the claim that Alexander simply "bought" the MS. is making the rounds.  For a contemporary account, see The (London) Times, 28 March 1911, p. 3, col. 3  [ facsimile graphic ] describing the court case of the previous day.  The old adage "possession is nine-tenths of the law" didn't count that time.  Another judicial murder -- of the truth.

Since 1911, the original MS. has been under lock and key in the Board of Deputies of British Jews archives, filed under the heading "B2/9 16A, Burton Book . . . (v) Manuscript of an unpublished book by Sir Richard Burton and surrounding action by the Board to obtain it."

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The original, complete Burton manuscript was put up for auction at Christie's Auction House on June 6, 2001, Lot #33, Sale #6456, but at $196,000 did not meet the reserve price of £150,000 and was a no-sale.  See David Irving info at http://www.fpp.co.uk/BoD/origins/BurtonMS2.html.

Archive of Christie's auction info:  BURTON, Sir Richard Francis (1821-1890).

Geoffrey Alderman, professor of Jewish history at Touro College, New York, and author of the standard work Modern British Jewry, said: "I am delighted the book failed to sell because this will force the board to reconsider. They have divided the community with a decision which ought never to have been taken.  I have seen the manuscript and I think it should be made available only to bona fide scholars.  I was shocked that a man of Burton's intelligence should believe the blood libel, but I think his allegations still have resonance for far right groups today."

Hmmmm . . . But Prof. Alderman can't explain away how the body of Father Thomas was found exactly where the Jews said it would be found.  No amount of torture could have wrangled that from them if they really didn't know where it was, eh?

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"A most barbarous secret for a long time suspected in the Jewish nation. . .at last came to light in the city of Damascus, that of serving themselves of Christian blood in their unleavened bread. . .a secret which these 1840 years must have made many unfortunate victims. Jasper Chasseaud, U.S. vice-consul, Beirut, Lebanon, in a letter to John Forsyth (1840-MAR-24, no. 12), microfilm 367, State Department archives, U.S. National Archives.

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As reported by Christie's in their detailed description, the following may now be documented.  Items in blue with an asterisk (*) were made part of the published version, 1898, reproduced above.  As can be seen, the remainder, which Wilkins collectively referred to as the "Appendix", constituted the majority of the work and was never published.  The published version corresponded to about 70 pp. of handwritten MS.;  the total was 180 + 126 pp. in two sizes, thus about three-fourths remained unpublished:


"Human Sacrifice among the Sephardine or Eastern Jews"


>  "To the Reader" introduction, wherein Burton states:  "The statements contained in these pages must, if untrue to fact, be speedily buried in the limbo of vagaries and dreams.  If true, they open up an unknown chapter of Modern History which deserves careful perusal".

>  Preface:

        Part I         --   "General Opinion of the Jews" *
        Part II       --    "Opinion of the Jew in England" *
        Part III      --   "The Jew of the Holy Land and his Destiny" *

>  Chapters:

        I and II     --  Re. the life, disappearance and death of the Martyr Padre Tomaso, Capuchin missionary  and his Arab servant, Ibrahím Amárah.
        III              --  Testimony of the alleged murderers.
        IV              --  The Confessions of Doctor (Hakhám) Moshe Abu'l Afiya.
        V and VI  --  Re. the Continuity of the "Tradition of Human Sacrifice".  (most of VI *)

>  Appendices:

         I                --  "Jews in Roumania" + earlier draft
        II               --  Commentary on the views of Dr. Alexander McCaul

>  Drafts and Notes:  "Anthropology of the Jews" and "Jews".  (portions? *)


A few SOURCE MATERIALS Burton consulted for his MS.

The documents presented here were written by people who thought the contents were true at the time they wrote them.  History herself must make the final judgment.  These documents were available, at the time Burton wrote, in at least two languages: French and Arabic, both of which Burton understood.  Their inclusion here is not meant to incite hatred or revenge, but merely to inform, for individual research and archival purposes only, and represent but a small portion of the complete trial record, which ran into the hundreds of pages.  The source shall remain anonymous.


The Tip of the String.  Includes introductory material with some pictures of the church wherein Fr. Thomas is entombed.


The Crime


BLOOD FOR THE BREAD OF ZION (THE JEWS)The interrogation of Isaac Harari, Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh, Aaron Harari, David Harari and Rabbi Moussa Saliniki.


The SLAYing of the Servant Ibrahim Amarah

bullet The Denial of the Austrian Embassy Employee Isaac Picciotto
bullet THE Memorandum of Accusation AGAINST Isaac Picciotto

THE LAWFUL USE OF CHRISTIAN BLOOD AND WEALTH.  Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh in the presence of Rabbi Jacob Intabi, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Damascus.


THE ROLE OF THE FOREIGN CONSULATESReports of the French consul in Damascus.


Readings containing:

1. Abou Al-Afieh's Report after his Conversion to Islam.
2. A Document in Dr. Michael Mashaqah's Papers.

3. Survey of the Wealth of the Jews who took part in the slaying of Father Thomas and his servant.

4. The Jews Attempt to Declare their Innocence.

5. Chubli Ayub's Response to the Jews.

6. The Jews Permit the Killing of Christians.


Documents -  translations from French.  These were the official messages among the French consul in Damascus, the French Consul General in Alexandria and the French Government in Paris during the time of the crime.

All of the above files as a PDF: Matzo of Zion (965k).


I'm afraid the proverbial "cat" is long "out of the bag"; continued suppression of the Burton MS. would serve no useful purpose.  We already know most of the details from other sources, and we know Burton's conclusion regarding the case (see The Jew, p. 128), and the fact that he was "canned" by the British establishment simply for dealing with the Jewish problem in an objective manner during the course of his consulship in Damascus (he had refused to show preferential treatment by collecting their debts; this echoes the sentiment of Cochelet to Thiers shown in red in the 5/15/1840 correspondence within "DOCUMENTS" above:  "It appears to me that it is not the jurisdiction of an employee of a Great Foreign Government to appoint himself as defender of the murderers of a clergyman protected by the French Government...").  A strong hint is contained on pp. 80-81, starting with "Rabbinical religion is rampant in the kitchen" -- he concludes this with "On the eve of the Passover the chief Scribe attends the oven, and mixes what he pleases with the cakes, which are then sent round to the congregation."

Some related picsThe tomb; the victims; Moloch; the Rothschilds.

For several other ritual murder resources, see Arnold S. Leese, et al on this site.


Some references regarding this subject in books about Burton:

Fawn M. Brodie's The Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton (New York: W. W. Norton, 1967), pp. 265-6, and Edward Rice's Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton (New York: Harper-Perennial, 1991), pp. 535-6.


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"No law pledges us to bring up wolf-cubs."  -- Dr. Sancho de Moncada (re.  the disposing of Gypsies; see The Gypsy, p. 208)

"The Jew is a gypsy with a weakness for real estate."  -- Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, p. 175 [unabridged ed.]