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Harold A. Covington's books.

Page counts include any Roman-numeraled pages.

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IN READING ORDER as suggested by Covington himself:


The Brigade

by H. A. Covington |, 2008, 735 pp.


A Distant Thunder

by H. A. Covington |, 2004, 383 pp.


A Mighty Fortress

by H. A. Covington |, 2005, 378 pp.


The Hill of the Ravens

by H. A. Covington | 1st Books, 2003, 346 pp.


Freedom’s Sons

by H. A. Covington |, 2013, 973 pp.



THE PREQUELS to the above:


Fire and Rain

by Harold A. Covington | (Writers Club Press), Oct 29, 2000, 396 pp.


Slow Coming Dark: A Novel of the Age of Clinton

by Harold A. Covington | (Writers Club Press), Sep 12, 2000, 284 pp.





The Renegade  284 pp.

by H. A. Covington | Writers Club Press/ | Nov 2000, Jan (or Jul) 1, 2001


Vindictus: A Novel of History's First Gunfighter

by H. A. Covington | 1st Book Library | Dec 20, 2000, 308 pp.


Revelation 9

by H. A. Covington | | Jan 9, 2001, 216 pp.


Bonnie Blue Murder: A Civil War Murder Mystery

by H. A. Covington | | Jan 24, 2001, 232 pp.


Rose of Honor

by H. A. Covington | | Feb 7, 2001, 272 pp.


The Black Flame

by Harold Covington | | May 10, 2001, 364 pp.


Other Voices, Darker Rooms: Eight Grim Tales

by Harold Covington | | Aug 27, 2001, 320 pp.


The Stars in Their Path: A Novel of Reincarnation

by Harold Covington | | Jan 13, 2002, 314 pp.





The March Up Country

by Harold A. Covington, Liberty Bell Publications, 1987, 2004, 153 pp.

[A manual of political action]


The South Shall Rise Again

by Harold A. Covington, Dixie Press, 1989, 53 pp.

[The classic statement of Southern resurgence]


Dreaming the Iron Dream

subtitled: Collected Racial and Political Essays of Harold A. Covington

by Harold A. Covington, Liberty Bell Publications, 2005, 203 pp.

[An anthology of various articles spanning the years 1992 to 2003]

The Northwest Front Handbook (a.k.a. The White Book)
by Northwest Publishing Agency, LLC, Fifth Edition, January 2014, 180 pp.

The Weird Aryan History Series

by HAC, 2015, 318 pp.

[Features 55 historical accounts]


The Structure of Government in the National Socialist State

by Harold A. Covington, White Power Publications, 1976, 18 pp. pamphlet


What Have We Learned?

by Harold A. Covington, National Socialist Party of America, undated, 35 pp. booklet


Siegfried’s Jabberwocky

subtitled: The Story of the Asheville Case - A Special Report

by Harold A. Covington, undated, 11 pp. pamphlet