Hungary today is governed under her old constitution. Her form of government is similar to the English form. She has equal and uniform suffrage. She has her Parliament sitting in Budapest, the members of which are elected directly by the people. Above the Parliament there is a Ministry which is directly responsible to the Parliament. The responsible government of Hungary, therefore, is the Ministry. Thus, the Parliament is directly responsible to the people; the Ministry is directly responsible to the Parliament; hence, the government is responsible to the people. The Ministry holds the reins of government only so long as it is satisfactory to the majority of the Parliament. A majority vote of lack of confidence in the Ministry deposes it, and a new Ministry is formed which is satisfactory to the majority of the Parliament. If the Parliament cannot agree upon a new Ministry, the Parliament is dissolved, and the people, in a general election, elect a new Parliament; thus indicating what kind of Ministry they want. Thus, the people have a direct hold on the government. In short, Hungary has a highly developed democratic form of government.

The titular head of the State of Hungary is the Governor in the person of Admiral Nicholas Horthy. Governor Horthy is an admirable Christian gentleman. When Hungary was being tortured by the Bolsheviks, and was being ransacked by the Roumanian invaders, Admiral Horthy, risking his life, gathered around himself a small army of Hungarian Christians and, mounted on a white horse, led his small army into Budapest and saved the already mutilated and ransacked Hungary from further disintegration. His grateful countrymen, through their Parliament, elected him Governor of Hungary. The Christians of Hungary, regardless of their religious creeds, are unanimous in their praise and love for Governor Horthy. It is only the international Jews that hate him. According to the reports of American and English writers, Governor Horthy is first, last, and always, a Christian Hungarian.

The functions of the Governor of Hungary are somewhat similar to the functions exercised by the titular head of England. He safeguards the constitution and enforces the laws of the country; and, in general, he represents the State. His tenure of office and also the power to be exercised and the duties performed by him are subject to the will of the Parliament. Hence, he is responsible to the people of Hungary.

All the laws are enforced in the name of the "King of Hungary." The diplomatic representatives of the country are styled as "The Royal Hungarian Legation," and the "Royal Hungarian Consulate." Some of the well known enemies of Hungary are attempting to make much ado about these forms; but it should be remembered that those forms are the outgrowth of the constitutional history of Hungary. The old constitution of Hungary was made when Hungary was a kingdom; under it Hungary was a constitutional kingdom. According to the terms of that old constitution, the Hungarian kings were elective, and when elected they swore allegiance to the people. It should be further remembered that until after the World War the Kingdom of Hungary existed under the old constitution, and the legal forms thereunder remained to this day. The American reader, no doubt, is familiar with the various legal forms we have in our legal procedure in this country. We have our peculiar forms of pleadings, in some States our legal form of dress, and our ancient form of opening court. Yet, these forms do not take away the fact that we are living under, and governed by, a constitutional form of government.

To eliminate the old legal forms, it would be necessary, as a matter of constitutional law, for the Hungarian Parliament to revise the old constitution, repass and reprint all the existing laws and to print new legal forms. The expense connected with this procedure would be so enormous that, in her present financial plight, Hungary would not be able to defray it, without curtailing the more immediately necessary expenses. The economic reconstruction of Hungary is much more important than the changing of empty legal forms. Hence, the legal forms remain.

The country is divided into counties. The counties have their own Assemblies, the members of which are elected by the people. The titular head of each county is the County Governor, (Föispán) who is appointed by and is responsible to the Government at Budapest.

The counties are divided into districts, and the districts into towns and villages. The officials of these divisions are also elected by the people.

It is these counties, districts, towns and villages that constitute the State of Hungary.

Religion in Hungary is as free as the air. Everybody may worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience. There is no religious disqualification or disability in Hungary.

The educational system in Hungary is on a high plane. That poor country is straining every ounce of her energy and spending all the money she can to keep up a high standard of education. In justice to the Hungarian young men and women students in the Hungarian colleges and universities it is proper to state that, even on their part, a quest for education, by reason of the devaluation of the Hungarian currency, is attended with so many and so great sacrifices that it is a wonder that they study at all. And in full justice to the teaching profession in Hungary, we can state properly and without exaggeration that the members of that profession are the self-sacrificing heroes of our times. The hardships which those heroic men and women of Hungary are undergoing, in order that the youth of Hungary may advance in learning, are unprecedented in the history of Christian civilization. Yet,-God bless them!-they study, they teach, and they continue rendering their services to Christian civilization.

As a matter of self-protection, the "numerus clauses" law was invoked and put into practice in Hungary. That law limits to six per cent the number of Jewish students in the universities. Hungary is being attacked by certain Jews on the ground that the "numerus clauses" is a "religious disqualification"; but the facts seem to show that it is rather a racial question. This precautionary measure, however, is not confined to Hungary alone. "The demand for a clauses has spread now to practically every campus in Central and Eastern Europe; it has been taken up by the legislatures of Austria, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic States and Roumania." It appears that Europe is almost unanimous in the belief that there is a common danger existing in Europe; and that danger is the evident Jewish control in every European country. The various peoples of Europe, it is true, disagree on many political questions; but they are almost unanimous in insisting that "The Jew must go." "If the Jew can be kept out of college, he can ipso facto be kept out of the professional classes, and he can be excluded from the administration of the government." In Vienna the cry is: "Down with Jewish politics." {See a very interesting and instructive article, "Anti-Semitism in Europe," by Marwin Lowenthal, in the "Nation" (New York), November 14, 1923.} "The progressive Levanticizing (Judaizing) of Vienna must at least be stopped at the doors of the universities," says Dr. Diener, president of the university. "The university surely cannot be expected to welcome as guests . . . an element foreign to us in race and habits whose culture, education and morals stand on a much lower plane than that of the German student body, constituting a cancer in our academic life." {Ibid} In Roumania the Christian students in the medical school refuse to permit Jewish students to dissect Christian corpses. "The Roumanian students demanded that the Jews be excluded from the college unless the Jewish community furnished corpses for dissection." {Ibid} There is a very strong evidence that all of Southeastern Europe is recognizing one great common danger,--too much and an intolerable Jewish politics and commercial imposition.


"Commune periculum

"Una sales ambobus erit."


In a common danger, there is only one interest; and that is to eliminate the common danger.

The "Jewish Question" in Europe is not a "religious question," as some would have the world believe; it is purely a racial question. In none of the European countries do we find any evidence to the effect that an objection has been raised as to the mode of worship by the Jews. The objections are directed against the mode of "dealing" by the Jews with their fellowmen. Whether we like it or not, the sordid fact is that a certain Jewish element has gone so far in its baneful activities, that Christendom in Europe finds itself in a defensive position. Where the struggle on the part of the aggressive Jewish element for world control, and the struggle on the part of Christendom to repel this Jewish invasion will lead to, no one knows. This much we know, as Mr. Lowenthal so aptly states, that the cry in Europe is, "Down with Jewish politics," and that "The Jew must go." This much, however, may safely be predicted, that unless the Jewish and Judaized international financiers of Europe--and even of Wall Street--will recede from their present arrogant position, some very dark and gruesome days are awaiting the Jews in Europe. Christian civilization shall refuse to perish. This means that Jewish arrogance and Jewish struggle for world control must cease.

The necessity for the numerus clausus in Hungary appears rather compelling, if we examine the Jewish power in, and control of, Hungary. Miss Anna O'Hare McCormick, writing in the New York Times Magazine for October 21, 1923, speaks of "the powerful Jewish caste in Hungary." She states that the Hungarian "finds himself at the mercy" of the Jews. "No peasant in Hungary," she continues, "can sell a measure of corn or peck of potatoes except through a Jewish middleman. . . Jews own all the banks, the newspapers, the big business. They have gained enormously in wealth and power since the war." Princess Cantacuzene, a grand niece of ex-President Grant, wrote in the February 24th, 1923, issue of the Saturday Evening Post as follows: "All foreigners add that the Jews are in complete control of the economic world in the central states of Europe, commerce, banking, and all business being in Semitic hands, while a large percentage of the land is practically also theirs through the mortgage they hold. They (the Hungarians) are . . largely in the hands of their money lenders." More than ninety per cent of the "money lenders" in Hungary are Jews!

The following statistics will throw full light upon the Jewish power in Hungary. While examining the statistics the reader should keep in mind the fact that Hungary, just like the United States of America, had, in the past, very liberal immigration laws, the result of which is that five per cent of the population of Hungary are Jews.  {According to Jewish calculations, the entire Jewish population of the world is 15,744,662. Of this number there are 11,453,968 Jews in Europe; 433,332 in Asia; 359,722 in Africa; 19,415 in Australia; 3,496,225 in the United States of America. Whereas the Jewish population of America is about three per cent, the Jews in Hungary comprise five per cent of the entire population.} Yet the following is the situation: {The above statistics are taken from "A Zsidóság Térfoglalása Magyarországon" (The Encroachment of the Jews in Hungary), written by Alajos Kovács, Ministerial Councilor in the Office of Statistics, and member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. Printed in Budapest, 1922.}


Factory owners ______________________________________ 31.6% are Jews

Factory officials _____________________________________ 52.6% are Jews

Storekeepers ________________________________________ 66.2% are Jews

Private bankers and money lenders _______________________ 90.3% are Jews

Business officials ____________________________________ 70.9% are Jews

Credit officials ______________________________________ 55.9% are Jews

Lawyers ____________________________________________ 50.0% are Jews

During the last twenty years the Jewish lawyers increased _____ 216.9%

Doctors ____________________________________________ 48.9% are Jews

Owners of printing establishments ________________________ 76.3% are Jews

Newspaper writers ___________________________________ 42.4% are Jews

Lessees of estates (above 1000 acres) ____________________ 73.2% are Jews

Lessees of estates (between 200 and 1000 acres) ____________ 62.0% are Jews

Laborers ____________________________________________ only 3.3% are Jews

Domestic servants _____________________________________ only 1.6% are Jews

Miners ______________________________________________ only 0.5% are Jews

Farmers _____________________________________________ only 0.6% are Jews

In military service in the world war________________________ only 2.5% were Jews




Bolshevik leadership ___________________________________ 95.0% were Jews

War contract frauds ____________________________________ 73.0% were Jews

Fraudulent and criminal bankruptcy ________________________ 64.7% were Jews

Usury _______________________________________________ 36.7% were Jews

Fraud _______________________________________________ 14.4% were Jews

Embezzlement ________________________________________ 11.0% were Jews

Extortion ____________________________________________ 11.1% were Jews

Forgery _____________________________________________ 7.6% were Jews


The industries of Hungary are at a standstill because the land containing the raw materials was taken from her. The value of the Hungarian currency was reduced almost to zero. Whereas before the world war five Hungarian crowns had the purchasing value of one American dollar, today it would take about one hundred thousand Hungarian crowns (100,000) to purchase one American dollar's worth of goods. This situation has killed the manufacturing industries in Hungary.

In the farming industry the situation is somewhat better. The good God still sends His rain and gives His sunshine to the Hungarian farmers; but the Paris Peace Conference has rendered it impossible for them to purchase the necessary farming implements and fertilizer. The Hungarian farmers and God are working together; but the inhumanity of the Paris Peace Conference retards them in their work.

The atrocity of the Paris Peace Conference is being followed by another atrocity. Having forced Hungary into an economic incompetency, certain international financiers are maneuvering to force an international loan upon her mutilated shoulders. The amount of the proposed loan is two hundred fifty million Hungarian gold crowns ($50,000,000.00 in U. S. value).

The conditions attached to the proposed loan are harsh and hardly compatible with national independence and international dignity. A Commissioner will be appointed by the League of Nations who will be "the financial dictator of Hungary." The League of Nations will determine the amount of the salary of the Commissioner and that of his staff and "experts"; and Hungary will have to pay these salaries. On paper, the Commissioner will be responsible to the League of Nations only; but, in grim reality, he will have to dance to the tune played by those international financiers who are controlling the League of Nations.

There is a sinister purpose in this proposed loan. It is not intended to help Hungary. On the contrary, the loan is intended to be a means whereby the body and soul of Hungary shall be crushed. The price to be exacted from Hungary in return for this proposed loan is more than a mere repayment thereof. That price is the birthright, the political, spiritual, industrial, commercial and political independence of Hungary. For this reason, the loan is vigorously opposed in Hungary by the Christians of the country.

To quiet the opposition to the loan, those who are interested in saddling it upon the mutilated shoulders of Hungary resorted to a rather daring maneuver. It was announced that about twenty to thirty million dollars of the loan will be raised in the United States, and that an American citizen, Mr. W. P. G. Harding, will be appointed "the financial dictator of Hungary." Immediately after that announcement the value of the Hungarian currency fell from thirty thousand to 100,000 Hungarian crowns to one American dollar. This maneuver suddenly increased the list of those Hungarian men, women and children who died of starvation. Nero who fiddled gleefully while Romans were being burnt to death in their flaming homes was an angel in comparison to those who are interested in forcing Hungary to accept their loan!

The reader might know that these modern Neros will not advance their own money as a loan to Hungary. Instead, they will act as brokers, and charge themselves a nice little fat commission for their "services" rendered in selling the bonds of indebtedness. Thus the buyers will have the paper, Hungary the burden, and the brokers the commission.

The proposed loan will be payable in twenty years. After two and one-half years from the date of the loan, Hungary shall pay each year, over and above the repayment of the loan, the sum of ten million Hungarian gold crowns (about $2,000,000.00 in U. S. value) toward the payment of reparation, same to total the sum of 179,000,000 Hungarian gold crowns (about $36,000,000.00 in U. S. value). In the meantime Hungary must ship to Czechoslovakia eight hundred and eighty tons of coal daily, although more than fifty per cent of the coal deposit of Hungary was taken from her by the Paris Peace Conference. The income from tariff, sugar tax, tobacco tax, and table salt tax--although not one ounce of table salt deposit was left for Hungary--will be held as security for the loan and for the salary and expenses of the Commissioner and of his staff and "experts." The taxes will be increased, and the Hungarians must pay them in the amount the "financial dictator" will determine. Hungary will not be permitted to make commercial or political treaty with any nation, except with those agreeable to the "financial dictator." Hungary shall not be permitted to complain and ask for justice and fair play at the hands of Christian civilization; on the other hand, she shall grant a general amnesty to all those political scums who found it healthy to flee from the country after the Jewish dictatorship had failed and collapsed in Hungary.

In connection with this proposed loan a double-fanged propaganda is being widely spread in this country. It is distinctly Jewish and it is conducted by Jews. One of these fangs is apparently directed against the loan, attempting to create the impression that Hungary is very hard pressed for the loan. The purpose of this phase of the propaganda is to force Hungary to make concessions to the self-"exiled" Jews who left the country after the dictatorship had collapsed. These propagandists insist that, among other things, more land must be given to the Hungarian peasants; but, they say, the Hungarian government refuses to put through such an agrarian reform.

The other anti-Hungarian propagandists, representing the other fang, insist that the Hungarian peasants must not have more land, because they would not raise enough crops to feed the country and have some left for export. These propagandists loosely explain that the most important thing needed by Hungary is an international loan. With this loan, these propagandists say, Hungary can exist and can give her people a living condition; but they are silent as to how long that promised existence will continue and what kind of "living condition" the proposed loan will enable Hungary to give her people. Thus, Hungary is being placed between the Devil and the deep blue sea; and, according to the aforementioned propagandists, if she does not want to be burnt or to be drowned, she must have an international loan!

Judging from the vehicle employed for the spreading of this double-fanged anti-Hungarian propaganda, a considerable amount of money is being expended in its propagation. Just why some of these Jewish propagandists have sailed the seas and others expending their money in the propagation of this anti-Hungarian propaganda, is somewhat explained by the statement of Francesco Nitti, ex-Prime Minister of Italy, that: "The international financiers hate Hungary because of the acts of violence committed against the Jews." And, as Marlow's Jew of Malta says:


"When we grin, we bite."


The proposed loan, with the hard and unconscionable conditions thereto attached, is the bitterest pill that has been offered to Hungary since her territory was mutilated by the Paris Peace Conference. In spite of the fact that the brokers, following the example of bootleggers, are attempting to falsify the label and cover the pill with an American coat of sugar, it will be hard for Hungary to swallow that pill.

A group of fearless and courageous Christian Hungarian statesmen are bravely struggling to defeat this proposed loan and thus save their country from further control by the aforementioned international financiers. Fighting against great odds, opposed by powerful international financiers, slandered and decried by ubiquitous Jews, those Christian statesmen are putting up an admirable struggle to save the Christian character of their country. Their struggle is the struggle of Christian civilization. It is so great, it is so Christian, it is so purely patriotic, it is so grandiosely noble, that it excites the admiration of the human heart. Their defeat would be a calamity for Christendom. Their success will be a great and historical triumph for Christian civilization.

This group of courageous Christian Hungarian statesmen are being slandered and maligned by certain international Jewish interests for the reason that they oppose the proposed loan and insist that, instead of a foreign loan, Hungary should tax the rich men of Hungary who have the money but invest it in foreign countries. Inasmuch as most of the rich men in Hungary are Jews, these Christian statesmen are usually referred to as "anti-Semitic." These statesmen insist that the resources and wealth of the country should be taxed and used in the economic upbuilding of the country; but, since Hungary is owned mostly by Jews, a large share of the sacrifice connected with the economic rebuilding of the country would fall upon the Jewish owners of Hungary; therefore, any attempt to tax them is being dubbed as "anti-Semitism." These Jews want to make money in Hungary, but they refuse to do their share in the economic rebuilding of the country. They make their money in Hungary, but invest it in foreign countries. And the international financiers, together with their League of Nations, are gladly helping those shylocks of Hungary!

Against this disgraceful situation Hungary cannot protest. Any attempt on her part to remedy this situation is being obstructed by a world wide cry of "anti-semitism." It is impossible for a Hungarian statesman to take a real Hungarian breath, without incurring the charge of being "anti-semitic." If the Hungarian government should proceed to use the acquired wealth and natural economic resources of Hungary in the economic rebuilding of the country, the cry of "anti-semitism" would at once go up. Within twenty-four hours the whole world would know that "Hungary is anti-semitic." Besides, the cannon of Czechoslovakia on the North, the cannon of Roumania on the East, the cannon of Jugoslavia on the South, the cannon of France on the West, are trained against Hungary. France now controls Czechoslovakia, Roumania and Jugoslavia, and she herself is controlled by a certain group of international financiers. An order from France is sufficient for the countries surrounding Hungary to pull the trigger and shoot Hungary into atoms. In this situation, Christian Hungary is compelled to submit to all the outrages committed against her, until Christian civilization shall raise its protesting finger and shall demand that this outrage must stop. Hungary does not deserve this awful humiliation, nor the cruel punishment being meted out to her.

In her international relation Hungary is peaceful; but she is surrounded by Czechoslovakia, Roumania and Jugoslavia, the governments of which are controlled by France and by her international financial groups. Hungary does not know when her neighbors might invade her territory and disintegrate it. Her neighbors have formed the so-called "Little Entente" which is controlled and financed by France. The "Little Entente" is ready to strike at her upon order from France. In brief, Hungary's situation is similar to that of a peaceful man who


[pic:  map of "Europe in 1924"]


desires to live in peace with his neighbors, yet he does not know at what hour and in what moment his home might be set afire, or broken into, or dynamited and reduced to ashes. This is an awful situation; yet unfortunately it exists.

Hungary's greatest need today is the return to her the territory which was unjustly taken from her. The

[pic:  Production of Iron, in million quintals of the new Danubian States]


return of her territory would put her on her economic feet, provided she were let alone. She should receive back her coal, iron, timber, silver, gold, oil, gas, and other natural resources, and also her agricultural land: If thus made an economic whole, Hungary shall get on her feet within one year, and she would again become a self-supporting country.

But the international financiers do not want to see Hungary rehabilitated territorially and economically. The detractors and slanderers of Hungary, in their false and fraudulent propaganda against her, claim that the economic and territorial rehabilitation of Hungary would result in war. But history tells us that during her one thousand years of national existence and while she exercised her national independence, Hungary never fought a single war of conquest. All her struggles were of self-defense. An intimate knowledge of Hungarian history and of Hungarian national character is an assurance that Hungary will continue her peaceful existence. Hungary has had a clean and honorable past, and we are warranted in stating that her future will be peaceful, upright and righteous.

The real underlying reason for the opposition, on the part of the Invisible Power of Europe, to the economic and territorial rehabilitation of Hungary is the fact that Hungary is the key to the solution of world peace. The Invisible Power of Europe dreads world peace; it wants world chaos. Hungary is the center of the railroad and water transportation systems in Southeastern Europe. By reason of her central location, Hungary is to Central Europe what the State of Ohio is to the East and Middle West of the United States of America; and Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, is the Cincinnati of Europe. Therefore, the mutilation of Hungary means to Europe exactly that which the cutting into pieces and distributing the State of Ohio among four rival countries would mean to the United States of America. The result in Europe is economic chaos.

The economic and territorial rehabilitation of Hungary would result in the reopening of international commerce in Southeastern Europe. If this would happen, Czechoslovakia, Roumania and Jugoslavia would become friendly to Hungary; and the peoples of Southeastern turope would be living in peace. This would mean that France and the international financial groups controlling France would lose control of Czechoslovakia, Roumania and Jugoslavia. It would mean that international commerce with the Far East would be opened up. It would mean that the two millions of English working men would be able to return to work. World peace would be


[pic:  railroads]

Hungary is the natural center of the railroad system of Middle Europe. Budapest is the Cincinnati of Southeastern Europe. The railroads from Berlin to Bagdad, the line that may be called London to Bagdad, the lines running from the South, West and North of Europe to the Black Sea, to Bagdad, and toward India,--all these run through Budapest, the Capital of Hungary. The mutilation of the territory of Hungary, and the chaotic condition created in Southeastern Europe, wrecked the railroad transportation system of Central Europe. As long as this condition prevails, peace in Europe is inconceivable.


re-established; and world chaos would disappear. This the international financiers do not want. They do not want to see the economic and territorial rehabilitation of Hungary. They want the continuation of international chaos. That is the only real underlying reason for their opposition to the economic and territorial rehabilitation of Hungary.

In closing this chapter, we beg the kind indulgence of the reader for leave to repeat the words of Francesco Nitti, ex-Prime Minister of Italy:


[pic:  railroads relative to Budapest]

These two drawings show how nearer to Budapest are the towns and railroad centers in the territory given to Czechoslovakia than they are to Prague, the Capital of Czechoslovakia. (Redesigned from the Map Section of the "Pesti Hirlap.")


"Hungary has undergone the greatest occupation of her territories and wealth. This poor great country, which saved both civilization and Christianity, has been treated with a bitterness that nothing can explain except the greed of those surrounding her. Nothing, in fact, can justify the measures of violence and depredations committed in Magyar territory. After the war every one wanted some sacrifice from Hungary, and no one dared to say a word of peace or good will for her. The adherents of Socialism do not love her because she had to resist, under more than difficult conditions, internal and external Bolshevism. The international financiers hate her because of the acts of violence committed against the Jews. So Hungary suffers all the injustices without defense, all the miseries without help, and all the intrigues without resistance.


[pic:  starving child]

This child is not dead; it is merely starved. A horrible example of what the Treaty of Versailles and the destruction of the economic unity of Europe mean to innocent childhood in Europe.--Reprinted by permission from "The American Monthly," February, 1924.


"The mortality among the children and the mortality from tuberculosis have become alarming. Practically all the new-born in recent years, partly through the privations of the mothers and partly from the lack of milk, are tubercular. The conditions of life are so serious that there is no comparison. Such is the situation of Hungary, which has lost everything, and which suffers the most atrocious privations and the most cruel pangs of hunger." {Nitti's "The Wreck of Europe," pp. 164-167. It is said that in Budapest alone there are three hundred thousand persons suffering from tuberculosis.}

This is what the "hate" of the international financiers means. Yet the condition described will continue until Christian civilization will tell the international brigands that what they have done to Hungary is ENOUGH. Hungary will remain the helpless victim of international financiers, until

"Truth crushed to earth,

"Shall rise again,"

and the economic unity and territorial integrity of Hungary shall be restored.