The government of the United States of America was represented in the Paris Peace Conference by delegates whom President Wilson had appointed and commissioned. These delegates, subject to the will of President Wilson, signed the treaties concluded by the conference; but their signature, and even that of the President of the United States of America, did not make those treaties binding upon the American government and people. Under our constitution, the President of the United States of America negotiates treaties with foreign governments; but such treaties become valid and binding upon our government and people only after the United States Senate by a two-thirds vote has ratified them. The Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon were rejected by the United States Senate; hence we are not parties to those treaties and we as a nation have nothing to do with them.

Statesmen, professors, newspapermen and writers have condemned the treaties of Versailles and the Treaty of Trianon in no uncertain terms. The "Chicago Herald and Examiner," in its November 15, 1937, issue, said:


"The Balfour document proves the Versailles agreement was not in reality a peace treaty, but a mere ratification of the spoils of war, divided by the Allies in secret pacts before the war ended. At Versailles the Allied diplomats merely rubber-stamped publicly what they had pledged each other years earlier in secrecy."


Professor Hershey, an author and an authority on international law says:{1}


"The treaties of Paris were really imposed, not negotiated. The Great Powers were in actual control of the conference, -- a control which was exercised at first through the Council of Ten and later by the Council of Four (Clemenceau, Lloyd George, Wilson and Orlando). The great Powers had control of the various commissions . . . . The major problems of the settlement, such as French, Italian and Japanese claims, were not referred to commissions, but discussed in secret council . . . . The treaty was not a negotiated one, so far as Germany was concerned. (The same is true as to Hungary and Austria.) Oral discussions were denied, though Germany (Austria and Hungary also) was permitted to make counter observations in writing."


Professor Fay, an eminent American historian and author, says:{2}


"One must abandon the dictum of the Versailles Treaty that Germany and her allies were solely responsible. It was a dictum exacted by victors from vanquished, under the influence of blindness, ignorance, hatred, and the propagandist misconception of which war had given rise. It was based upon evidence which was incomplete and not always sound. It is generally recognized by the best historical scholars in all countries to be no longer tenable."


Georges Demartial, an eminent French publicist, has written:


"I will believe in the League of Nations (a part of the Versailles treaties) when it has painted on the walls of the Assembly a picture representing the judges of Versailles crouching over Germany (and Hungary), each with an upraised dagger in his hand, and with the following words: Admit that you are the sole cause in the war or we shall finish you."


Franceso Nitti, ex-Prime Minister of Italy, said:{3}


"The assertion (that Germany and her allies were the sole cause of the World War) is a new one in the history of treaties. It is, above all, ridiculous, in that the victor can always find means to make the vanquished declare that he alone is responsible for the war; it has, therefore, no theoretical value. . . With few exceptions, the leaders of European politics are entirely ignorant of economics."


In the Paris "Figaro," on July 17, 1928, it was stated:{4}


"And in effect, if Germany is not guilty, the peace is unjust. It is unjust even if responsibility be divided."


When the Treaty of Trianon was under discussion in the British House of Lords, Viscount Bryce said:{5}

"The provisions which are embodied in this treaty will create a rankling sense of injustice, an anger, and a bitterness that will look for the first chance of redressing the wrongs that the treaty inflicts. Unjust settlements seldom last. Can anyone believe that the arrangements embodied in this treaty are calculated to make peace? They are more likely to sow the seeds of future wars, and that at the time when peace is the supreme need of the world."

Lloyd George, Prime Minister of England and one of the "Big Four" in the Paris Peace Conference, said in a speech delivered by him in 1928:{6}


"The documents which some of our allies submitted to us during the peace negotiations were false and untrue; our decisions were based upon forgeries."

Senator Norris said on the floor of the U. S. Senate:{7}

"When I discovered that these men (the representatives of the Allies -- England and France) who had talked eloquently here to us had in their pockets secret treaties when they discussed it, -- when I discovered that they pulled out those secret treaties at the peace table, in contravention and contradiction to the very agreement that they had made, when we entered the peace conference; when I saw that they were demanding that these secret treaties be legalized; and more than all that, when I saw our own President lie down and give in and submit to the disgrace, the dishonor, the crime and the sin of that treaty (Versailles-Trianon), then I said: 'Great God! I do not believe I want to have any kind of dealing with any of you people. You have not been fair with us or with the world. You have been wicked. You have concluded to act here just the same as though you were acting in barbarous days after proclaiming to us and after we believed that you were in earnest and fighting for democracy to build peace, a world peace, a League of Nations that would bring peace and happiness forever to a suffering people. I am suspicious of you all the way through. You are dishonest.'"

This speech of Senator Norris was a severe criticism of our former Allies; but they deserved it, because they had deceived and tricked us. They had lied to and betrayed the American people.

U. S. Senator Hiram Johnson of California said on the floor of the U. S. Senate:{8}

"The statesmanship of the world in the making of the treaty of Versailles (and Trianon) showed itself to be absolutely bankrupt. It left us a horrid legacy which during the years since that treaty was executed has led to many difficulties, and the statesmanship of which we used to boast wrote for the world not a treaty but an irritant for war."

U. S. Senator Shipstead said on the floor of the U. S. Senate:{9}

"Everyone knows that the decisions (of the Paris Peace Conference) were based upon an untruth. Germany was not the sole government or country responsible for the World War. The Treaty of Versailles is an instrument of war, has been used for that purpose, and that war is going on."


He said further:{10}


"It is useless to talk of peace, either political or economic peace or stability of international commerce, so long as we still are laboring under the psychology of war, as it is still operating through the Treaty of Versailles (the Treaty of Trianon included)."


Speaking on the floor of the United States Senate, U. S. Senator Blaine said:{11}


"So long as the Versailles treaty remains, there can be no peace on earth. Germany alone is not involved . . . . I believe every Senator on the floor knows that the main troubles in the world today are due to the Versailles treaty with all its ramifications. Every Senator knows that as long as Europe is an armed camp and will continue to be an armed camp, as long as there is no revision of the Versailles treaty's provisions."

The Versailles treaties which Germany, Austria and Turkey had signed are dead. Turkey has long ago repudiated the treaty; and when Austria, by popular vote, which was guaranteed to the Austrian people by President Wilson, had decided to unite with Germany, the treaty that Austria was compelled to sign had become totally extinct. Fortunately no blood was shed and the great wrong committed by the Paris Peace Conference eighteen years ago was partially righted.


The remaining treaty which is still plaguing Europe is the Treaty of Trianon. As long as it remains, there will be no peace in Europe, because it retards the peaceful rehabilitation and economic reconstruction of Europe. It is an international growth that is destined to destroy Europe, unless it is removed and eliminated. The final step toward the reestablishment of the peace of Europe, therefore, will be the eradication of that international malignant tumor which Senator Borah has aptly described as


"The Cursed Treaty of Trianon"



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It is the fundamental principle of the law governing contracts and private and international agreements that the oral or written promises made by one of the parties to the contract or agreement, which promises are the moving cause for the other party's entering into such contract or agreement, are the essential parts of the contract and agreement later entered into by and between the promissor and promissee. It follows, therefore, that the promises made by President Wilson to the peoples of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey that "peoples and provinces shall not be bartered away from one sovereignty to another, as if they were lifeless subjects or mere pawns in a game; that nations may be ruled and governed only by their consent; that self-determination is not a hollow phrase; and that the peoples of Austria-Hungary, whose place among the nations we wish to see safeguarded and assured, should be accorded the freest opportunity of autonomous development" were essential parts of the armistice agreement and later of the peace treaties. As now seen, these promises were not incorporated in the Treaty of Trianon. Instead, territories were severed and people were driven like cattle from one country to another. This fact makes the treaties of Versailles and the Treaty of Trianon a fraud upon the American people, upon the people of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey and upon the entire world. This is so self-evident that we are content to quote only one authority in support of our contention. Speaking to the United States Senate, U. S. Senator Owens said:{1}


"The Allied governments were committed to the principles laid down by the President of the United States in his addresses of January 8, 1918, and subsequent addresses. It was a contract; it was a world contract; and therefore these addresses of the President became supremely important as part of the contract. The principles which were laid down in those addresses of the President of the United States, accepted by the entente belligerents, became the basis of that treaty with Germany (and Hungary). There is no contract which can surpass it in dignity or in force."


The American people paid the bill of sixty billion dollars, 126,000 American boys died in Europe and 234,000 were wounded and maimed in the World War in support of the agreements President Wilson made with the peoples of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey and the world; and, so far, not a single one of these promises has been made good. This was a brutal and unconscionable betrayal of the American people, the people to whom the promises were made, and the world. It was dishonorable, reprehensible and unchristian and it has destroyed world confidence. It was a cowardly international crime, and it will always be remembered in history as the blackest international crime that has ever disgraced Christian mankind.


When he promised to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey that their territories would not be taken from them and their peoples would not be bartered away like cattle, President Wilson was motivated by the highest and noblest principles of democracy. He promised the peoples of those countries that they will have a right and opportunity to vote on the question as to what form of government they desired to live under and to what country they wished to belong. That was real democracy; and when President Wilson's promises were ignored in the Versailles treaties and the Treaty of Trianon, democracy was assassinated.

Yugoslavia, Roumania and Czechoslovakia, the beneficiaries of the ungodly Treaty of Trianon, had signed separate treaties, in which each solemnly promised "to assure full and complete protection of life and liberty to all the inhabitants (of their respective countries), without distinction of birth, nationality, language or religion." In other words, they promised not to discriminate against the people who were forced under their control; and Czechoslovakia specifically promised that it will give the Ruthenians autonomy, which is a form of self-government.

Every provision incorporated in these treaties for the protection of the people who were kidnapped from Hungary has been either ignored or violated. It is the law of nations, that if one of the parties to a treaty violates its provisions, the other parties may repudiate the entire treaty and declare it null and void and of no effect. Yugoslavia, Roumania and Czechoslovakia have rendered their own treaties null and void, so far as those treaties may have bound the people who were kidnapped from their mother countries. For that reason it is the right of those kidnapped people to sever their connection with these faithless governments.

Serbia (Yugoslavia) has discriminated against the Hungarians and others, who were forced under her control in the exercise of their religion, in the ownership and use of their property, in their right to ownership of personal property, in the use of their language and in the enjoyment of their individual freedom and liberty. In a memorandum issued by the Hungarian National Federation of the League of Nations it is stated that "in this State (Yugoslavia) there are continually increasing voices to be heard, outcries of the new subjects who, besides forming the majority of the population, are struggling for their autonomy in order to safeguard their national ethnic rights." In December, 1934, without any advance warning, the Serbian government (Yugoslavia) coldly ordered 2,700 Hungarians out of the land of their ancestors, which was given to Yugoslavia. Without adequate clothing, food and means of transportation, those unfortunate Hungarians were actually driven out into the snow and were forced by armed soldiers toward the Hungarian border and then into Hungary. It was the cruelest thing a government could have done to human beings. It was reported that among those unfortunate people, driven like wild beasts in severe winter, several mothers of small children became insane while searching for their children in the frozen snowdrifts. It was then, on December 9, 1934, that United States Senator William E. Borah sent this writer the following telegram:

"The cursed Treaty of Trianon is bearing fruit."


Volumes could be written on the violations by Roumania of the promises and agreements she made in the treaty signed by her, promising to safeguard the rights and liberty of the Hungarian people who were forced under her control. The Roumanian government has confiscated the private property of thousands of Hungarians and then ordered them out of the land of their forefathers. The properties of Hungarian schools, churches and institutions were confiscated and the Hungarians were interfered with in the exercise of their religion. Woe unto the Hungarian clergyman who would dare to pray with emphasis the words in the Lord's prayer: "Thy kingdom come!" The English Unitarian Association and the American Unitarian Association sent a commission to Transylvania, the New England of pre-war Hungary which was given to Roumania, to study the conditions under Roumanian rule. The report of the committee is so gruesome, that even the print paper blushes at its sight. Among the not "too bestial" incidents, we record here the following:{2}


1. A Hungarian Lutheran minister was arrested by Roumanian police, thrown into the cold waters of a river, and, at every shot fired at him, he was forced to shout: "Setreasca Rumania Mare!" (Long Live Roumania!)


2. A Hungarian actress was traveling to her wedding. Roumanian soldiers arrested her, stripped her naked and flogged her, with the result that she was sick in bed for several weeks.


3. A young Hungarian girl was lifted up on the shoulders of Roumanian soldiers, her body was uncovered and beaten.


4. A Hungarian woman of good family, being in pregnancy, was sentenced to 25 strokes. At the first stroke she died.


5. A Hungarian woman was ravished by Roumanian soldiers 37 times!


When you hear the propagandists shouting that the "democracy" that was created by the Treaty of Trianon should be preserved, this is the "democracy" they want perpetuated. The Hungarians who were forced under the rule of Roumania do not want this kind of "democracy" and they want Transylvania returned to Hungary, where it belongs.

Czechoslovakia also has violated her promises and agreements regarding the rights to liberty and life of the people who were forced under her control. The Hungarians and those of Slovak, German and Ruthenian ancestry complain bitterly of the Czechoslovak government pursuing a policy of ruthless Czechization, imperialism and centralization. The Czechoslovak government has refused to grant autonomy to the Ruthenians. The Hungarians are forced to use the Czech language which they do not understand. Much private property of the Hungarians has been confiscated, many thousands of Hungarians have been deprived of their civic rights, and many of them have been ordered to leave the land of their birth. Many of the factories which had been built by Hungary have been dismantled and the workers have been deprived of their livelihood. Names on the tombstones in the Hungarian cemeteries have been changed from Hungarian to Czech or Slovak. The Ruthenians have been reduced to such dire poverty, that at times it has been necessary for many of them to grind tree bark into powder and make bread from it, so that they may eat and live.

In 1936 a Swedish commission went to Czechoslovakia to examine the condition of the starving people who were forced under Czech control. The commission has reported that they found the Sudeten Germans actually starving there. Dr. Schultze, Director of the Czech Red Cross gave this reply to Dr. Linder, a Swedish lady doctor, a member of the Commission: "Since our State is unable to maintain the entire population, it must at least endeavor to provide for one portion of it, even though the rest must starve."!!!{3}

The Slovak Council has reported in 1937{4} that in 1919 the following question was raised in the Czechoslovak Parliament: "Is there a God?" The majority voting answered in the negative: "There is no God."{5} The same Council reports that Czech leaders had "pulled down the finest statue of the Virgin Mary in Prague, Capital of Czechoslovakia, shattered it to pieces and spat upon it."{6}


It might be of interest for you to know that the United States Government has loaned to Czechoslovakia ninety-one million dollars and that she now owes us, together with interest, $106,292,205.00.


When you hear the propagandist shouting that the "Czechoslovak democracy" must be preserved, you will know that the foregoing is the "democracy" that the propagandists want to perpetuate.


It will be further interesting for you to know that the fundamental reason for the propaganda which shouts for the "preservation of the Czechoslovak democracy" is that Czechoslovakia is a springboard for Russia, from which she can jump into Western Europe. If the stolen territories will be returned to Hungary, Russia will be entirely cut off from Western Europe and that will end the efforts of godless Moscow to propagate ungodly Communism in Western Europe.


The propagandists would have you believe that the repudiation of the Treaty of Trianon would destroy Czechoslovak "democracy and integrity." The fact, however, is that there is no "Czechoslovak democracy and integrity." Czechoslovakia is not a country that has grown and developed into a country and national unity. It is an aggregation of stolen property and kidnapped people. The way Czechoslovakia was patched together from stolen territories and kidnapped people was as follows:


In the London secret treaties Hungary and Austria were cut into pieces and the severed parts were promised to her neighbors. A strip of land, consisting of 62,937 square kilometers and with a population of 3,575,685, comprising the entire upper part of Hungary and forming the boundary line between Hungary and Poland, and being about three or four hundred miles in length, was cut off from Hungary. The land so cut off is not self-supporting and for that reason to make an independent state out of it would have been to condemn most of the people living on it to starvation and death. It was, however, the plan of the English government and its allies to cut Hungary off from Poland, so that there may be no common boundary line between those two countries to the detriment of both.

Bohemia (now Czech) was a part of the Austrian Empire, not a part of Hungary. Moravia was also a part of the Austrian Empire. The Paris peace Conference cut Austria proper to pieces and the problem was to whom to give the severed parts. Both the Austrian and the Hungarian severed territories bordered on Bohemia and Moravia, so it was decided to tack the severed Austrian and Hungarian territories to Bohemia and Moravia and to name this hash "Czechoslovakia." With the Austrian strip went 3,500,000 Germans, called Sudeten Germans. With the Hungarian territory went 3,575,685 native born citizens of Hungary, and with another piece of territory cut off from Austria went about 500,000 Polish people. And the people, who were thus forced into this hodgepodge, together form the majority of the population of Czechoslovakia. As you well know, these people want to get away from Czechoslovakia and to return to their native lands: the Germans to Germany, the Hungarians to Hungary, and the Poles to Poland.

The geographical shape of Czechoslovakia might be described as follows: Imagine that you are small of stature and the right leg of a full grown man is grafted to the tip of your nose. Then you look into a mirror and what you see will be the picture of Czechoslovakia. And when you walk around, you will find that the appendage on your nose is not only an unsightly thing but it interferes with the personal freedom of other people around you. As the people around you would object to the monstrosity appended to your otherwise tidy nose, so is most of Europe objecting to the monstrosity known as Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakia is not a self-sufficient and self-supporting country and it has to be supported by France, England and indirectly by the United States of America. The French and English taxpayers are no longer willing to permit their governments to pour their money into Czechoslovakia, when their own people are in distress. The only way Czechoslovakia is now being kept from a complete economic collapse is that France, England and the United States of America are importing from there manufactured products which their own industries are able to produce. For example, shoes and glassware are imported to the United States from Czechoslovakia and many of the American shoe factories and glass-works have been shut down and their employees have been thrown out of work. If there is the least doubt in your mind about the accuracy of this statement, write to the American shoe and glassware manufacturers and ask them if this statement is true or false.

You might keep these facts in mind when you read in your favorite newspapers about the mighty deed of the Czechs trotting "half-way around the world in quest for their freedom." They did not go and did not have to go anywhere; the territories of Hungary, Austria and Poland were given to them by England before they ever dreamed of the concoction known as "Czechoslovakia."

A great deal of propaganda has been unloaded on the American people from ungodly Communist sources and an attempt is being made to inveigle France, England and even the United States of America into a war for the preservation of what they call "Czechoslovak democracy and integrity." But the people of England and France are on the alert and do not want their governments to interfere any longer in preventing the return of the stolen territories and kidnapped people to where they belong.

Independent French newspapers and newspaper writers insist that the Treaty of Trianon must be scrapped and Hungary must be restored to her former territorial integrity and economic unity. In England there is a similar movement on foot. Rhys Davis, a member of the British Parliament, stated in March, 1938:{7}


"We who have been in those parts of Europe were hardly believed at home, when we told the people the way the minorities were treated in Czechoslovakia. When the question of the German minority is being settled, the affairs of the rest of the minorities must be certainly arranged too."


Archibald Ramsey, an English writer, wrote in the "Daily Telegraph and Morning Post" (England), on March 26, 1938, as follows:{8}


"The record of the Czechoslovak Government is one of broken promises to all its minorities, which actually consisting together a majority of all the population, thus contravening the fundamental rule of democracy . . . . The Czech Government has during the past four years utterly destroyed the Czechoslovak constitution in the frontier areas which the minorities occupy. What then is the moral ground for the demand that His Majesty's Government shall engage this country to fight for Czechoslovakia?"

Sir Robert Gower and several of his colleagues submitted to the English Parliament the following motion:{9}


"This House is of the opinion that, in the interest of all the pacific settlement of Europe as well as to perform an act of justice to the Hungarian nation, the Treaty of Trianon should be revised so that the Kingdom of Hungary shall be restored to it those parts of its former territory that are essentially Hungarian, and urges His Majesty's Government to bring the matter before the Assembly of the League of Nations at the earliest opportunity."


There can be no question but that Yugoslavia, Roumania and Czechoslovakia have violated the provisions of their own treaties and have mistreated the people who were kidnapped from Hungary and Austria and were forced under Yugoslav, Roumanian and Czechoslovak control.{10} Those treaties and the Treaty of Trianon, therefore, are no longer valid. It is the right and the privilege of those former citizens of Hungary and Austria, who are unwillingly suffering under the heels of these perfidious governments to assert their right, declare their independence and return to their motherlands.


Under what theory of democracy and under what principle of Christianity should English, French and American soldiers be compelled to fight to retain and prolong the slavery of eighteen millions of people who were kidnapped from their motherlands and forced under foreign control without their consent and against their will? You may have read and will read again in some newspapers the warning that "if Czechoslovakia is turned into another Spain, there will be a great many people who will march around the world to defend her cause," because the "Czechs marched half-way around the world to fight on the Allied side for their national freedom." Briefly examine this threat and see if there is anything in it, that should send a shiver over your back and mine.


Before the World War Bohemia (now Czech) was a member of the Austrian Empire, -- not a part of Hungary. Naturally the Czech soldiers were fighting in the Austrian army, and many of them were taken as prisoners of war by France and Russia. Some of these prisoners of war were interned in France and some of them were transported to Siberia by the Russian government. The same was true of Austrian, Hungarian, Slovak and Ruthenian soldiers who were fighting in the Austro-Hungarian army. And there were "Czech" leaders, whose origin is in doubt, who were going around the war prison camps in France and Russia, cajoling and forcing Bohemian, Slovak, Ruthenian and Hungarian prisoners of war to join what they called the "Czech Legion." The announced purpose of that "Legion" was to join the Russian and French armies and fight against their own brethren and comrades in the Austro-Hungarian army. Those who refused to become traitors to their own countries, to their own brethren and comrades in arms, were mercilessly mowed down by machine guns or murdered in some other way. We know now that the organization of the "Czech Legion" was a mere fakery and that the "Legion" was quite a handicap to the French and Russian armies, because after all, the Czech and other boys who were forced into the "Legion" were human and they generally refused to shoot at their own brethren and comrades in arms.


It is not true, therefore, that any "Czech marched half-way around the world to fight for their national freedom." We have seen in the Balfour secret report that at the beginning of the World War Hungary was divided up in the London secret conference and a part of it was promised to the "Czech" leaders. It was not necessary for the Czechs to travel anywhere or to fight anybody; they just had to reach out their palms to receive a nice piece of Hungarian territory which England so magnanimously carved out of the territory of one thousand-year-old Hungary.

Just why some American newspaper writers glorify the disloyal and dishonorable conduct of those so-called "Czech" leaders who compelled unwilling Czech, Slovak, Ruthenian and Hungarian soldiers to join the "Czech Legion" is hard to explain. Supposing the same "Czech" leaders had compelled American soldiers of Czech, Slovak, Ruthenian and Hungarian origin who served in the World War to join a "Czech Legion" and then turn around and fight the American army on French soil, would these same American newspaper writers glorify those same "Czech" leaders? If such a disloyalty would be considered, and it would certainly be considered the foulest treason that has ever been recorded on the pages of human history, if it had been employed against the American army, why should American newspapers glorify it?{11}

With regard to making a Spain out of Czechoslovakia, it should be remembered that the civil war in Spain was stirred up and challenged by Communist Moscow. If the Czechoslovak leadership will provoke a war, it will be with the help of the same Communist Moscow. Russia has scientifically built airplane bases in Czechoslovakia and it is from Czechoslovakia that godless Communist Russia plans to jump on Western Europe. The Czechoslovak leadership is definitely tied up with bloody Moscow and, so that there can be no question of loyalty of the Czech leadership to Stalin and his cohorts, the Czech Parliament has already gone on record in its belief that there is no God. In Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia, the Czech leaders had the finest statue of Virgin Mary pulled down, the parts contemptuously scattered and spat on. This iconoclastic feat no doubt satisfied godless Stalin and his comrades.

We know from the utterances and writings of Czech leaders that they are bent upon provoking another world war. For example, the Czechoslovak politician and newspaperman, the mouthpiece of President Benes, has stated in his newspaper, the "Pritomost," on February 17, 1937, the following:

"We must attempt to manage our affairs in such a way as to cause the war to break out in the situation and at the time most convenient for ourselves."

We know furthermore that those "Czech" leaders who have made their cause with Communist Russia will not fight, even if they will succeed in provoking a world war, but they will certainly flee. Before fleeing, they will dicker with anybody and will make any concession, provided they will be permitted to retain nominal control over the Czechs. If they will fail in their dickering, they will be knocking at our doors, asking for admittance as "refugees."

When our doors will be closed before the troublemakers and racketeers of Europe, that continent and its people will be greatly relieved. And we have enough troublemakers and racketeers here already. We do not want more.

No one in this world wants to harass the Czech (Bohemian) people, no one wants to take anything from them that is rightfully and legally theirs. The kidnapped native born citizens of Hungary and Austria want to return to their own motherland, as it is their right to do. The American people will never consent to any international scheme which would take American boys into Europe to fight the kidnapped Hungarians and others in their attempt to regain their freedom.

The American flag shall never be used as an emblem of human slavery!


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