William Dudley Pelley (1890 - 1965) founded the Silver Rangers of America on 31 January 1933 which soon became known as the Silvershirts. He was an accomplished author and was involved with many screen productions. After the jews declared their holy war on Germany in 1933, he soon became fingered as "the most dangerous man in America." The American Hebrew magazine, which first used the 6,000,000 figure in its October 31, 1919 issue, targeted Mr. Pelley since patriotism interferes with internationalism schemes. 


Christ's Men in Silver Raiment

William Dudley Pelley and the Silver Legion of America

"Christ or Chaos!" Two thousand copies of the Chief's new handbill were going out to Centralia, Washington from Asheville headquarters.

"Can't hardly fill all these West Coast orders fast enough." Harry Martin's remark wasn't a complaint. As business manager for Foundation Fellowship Publishers, any comment Harry made about the boxes and boxes of Christian Party campaign literature being shipped each week came with a smile.

It was 1936. Silvershirt Chief William Dudley Pelley had been busy promoting his candidacy for President since the previous August. "For Christ and Constitution!"

In five years World War II would usher in the social circumstances Pelley's adversaries needed to indict him under the Wartime Sedition Act.

Why was Pelley imprisoned? Was he a visionary or just delusionary? When you come to know the man and his mission you might begin to understand why red-tinged journalists honored him with the title "The Most Dangerous Man in America."

On March 12, 1890 William Dudley Pelley was born in the boot factory town of Lynn, Massachusetts. He grew up in the central part of the state where his father held pastorates at several small Methodist churches. He was forced to drop out of high school to work in his father's tissue factory at Fulton, New York. As he reached maturity he married and went into newspaper work, which led him to Vermont. By 1915 Pelley was selling short stories here and there to national magazines. Eventually his work appeared in most of the major publications of the time including The Saturday Evening Post, Redbook, Collier's, and The American.

In 1918 Pelley was approached by representatives of the Methodist Centenary movement to travel to Japan and the Orient and report on foreign missions. While in Japan, wartime conditions interfered with his travel plans. Instead of waiting out the war, Pelley joined the Y.M.C.A. as a canteen scout to Siberia. The next three months would have a tremendous impact on Pelley's political vision. Once in Russia, Pelley boarded a converted freight car and set out along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Soon Pelley realized that the anti-Bolshevik forces he traveled with blamed the blood glut on the same international racial group. Jews! Avoid such talk he could not. It was everywhere; the Americans, the Czechs, the Brits, the Japs, and the Russians. They had all turned into anti-Semites. Pelley said that a well-educated Czech General sat down with him and explained the how and why of the "Jewish Question." The words of that officer would find fervent expression 15 years later. But in October of 1918 the horrors of a war against Christianity were being etched into the mind of Bill Pelley. He saw the sky above Blagoveshchensk aglow with fires set by the Bolsheviks. He saw the weeping mother with her husband and seven children asleep around her, all crowded into the Irkutsk station with 200 other starving refugees. He saw, and smelled, the corpses of innocent men, women and children whose only offense was standing in the way of Jewish Communism.

On his return trip to America early in 1919, Pelley wrote his first novel, The Greater Glory. The account of day-to-day struggles among residents of fictional Paris, VT cut the pattern for three more such books; The Fog, Drag, and Golden Rubbish. After two more years of newspaper and magazine writing, Pelley sold his story "White Faith" to a New York movie producer. During the making of the film Pelley became friends with Lon Chaney, who encouraged him to go to Hollywood.

By 1923 Pelley had offices in New York and Hollywood and continued to provide scenarios for films in addition to numerous magazine submissions. Over the next five years he took part in various business ventures and became friends with most of the famous screen stars of the silent era. He also, however, grew sick of the materialism and spiritual decadence he witnessed. He got tired of the Jews.

Toward the end of 1927 Pelley relieved himself of what business burdens he could and withdrew to a comfortable cottage in Altadena. The next six months brought relief from the fatigue that had been building since his schooldays.

Pelley continued to write and as May of 1928 drew to a close he found himself deep in a manuscript entitled "The Urge of Peoples." The night of the 29th Pelley lay awake reading in bed. As he laid the book aside and turned out the light, he began to ponder the question which he had asked himself over and over while working on "Urge of Peoples."

"What are races?" Pelley had always been interested in ethnology and the history of the Aryans, but what was at the root of all racial origins? He thought himself to sleep.

In the middle of the night Pelley felt a shock and became conscious. He thought the end had come. He was dying! He knew he was lying in that Altadena bungalow, but he felt himself falling through a depth of cool blue light. Suddenly he was caught by human hands beneath his knees and shoulders!

Thoroughly disoriented, he was carefully placed on a stone bench. Slowly he opened his eyes. He was lying in a marble patio in the company of two men dressed in white uniforms much like hospital orderlies. Pelley came to the startling realization that one of the men was his former friend and editor Bert Boyden. Boyden had been dead for several years. Over the course of the next few hours Pelley would meet and chat with many acquaintances whom he had last seen "as cold as wax in their caskets." It was during such a conversation with Boyden that his departed friend brought up the question about the races of man.

"They're classifications of humanity epitomizing gradations of spiritual development, starting with the black man and proceeding upward in cycles to the white," Boyden said. Pelley knew that Boyden's statement suggested reincarnation. That tenet of repeated existence which seemed so far from Pelley's mind before that night would become the basis of much of the information he would circulate in the years that followed.

With morning he found himself back in the bungalow bedroom. The experience had made such a powerful impression on him that he sought to confirm its validity among some of his New York associates who were involved with the American Society for Psychical Research. In the weeks that followed, Pelley found that ideas were coming to his mind as if spoken by the departed friends he had recently encountered.

His acquaintances in New York not only assured him that he hadn't lost his mind, but encouraged him to write an account of his odyssey for the vastly popular American Magazine.

After much goading, Pelley prepared "Seven Minutes in Eternity" for the March, 1929 issue. The article attracted letters from nearly 30,000 readers. In many of the letters people from throughout the country related similar experiences. Others said that the story had inspired them and suggested that Mr. Pelley write more along these lines.

Out of these responses was born the Liberation movement. The messages Pelley was receiving from these "discarnate intelligences" were becoming more profound. In the years that followed, Pelley's "mentors" would communicate to him through clairaudience "a million and a half words of supernal wisdom." By 1930 Pelley was distributing copies of the earliest of these messages to the nearly 500 weekly study groups of the League for the Liberation. In May the first issue of The New Liberator, named after William Lloyd Garrison's abolitionist newspaper, appeared.

From the beginning Pelley's new magazine dealt critically with what he called the "dark forces" at work behind communism. With offices in New York and Washington, D.C., Pelley chartered the Foundation for Christian Economics about this time, which issued a series of bulletins containing thinly veiled indictments of Jews. This Foundation was the earliest platform for what would become known as the Christian or Cooperative Commonwealth envisioned for the United States. The Commonwealth system was most notably expounded in Pelley's 1933 book No More Hunger, cited by some as the most widely read work among American patriots of the Roosevelt era.

By 1932 most of Pelley's national magazine work was a thing of the past. He had sacrificed a lucrative career in pursuit of "voices in his head." He realized that the positive application of the information he was publishing was not limited to a certain group of people with interests in the occult. Pelley felt that his work must find an outlet which would make it accessible to the average man and woman without undue emphasis on its mystical origins.

Very shortly after returning to New York after his "Seven Minutes" experience, Pelley had received a prophetic message concerning several future events. The first was the Stock Market Crash of 1929, which plunged the nation into the Great Depression. The coming of 1933 found Pelley watching for the signal of another of the events foretold on that evening.

"In three years or thereabout, you will find yourself at the head of a national vigilante organization, a quasi-military force" the voice said.

The prophetic timeline which Pelley watched most anxiously was developed by David Davidson in his book The Great Pyramid; Its Divine Message. Prophecies based on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Gizah had been popular in England since the middle part of the nineteenth century. Curiously, Pyramid prophecy and the British-Israel Movement shared a number of authors. In fact, Davidson's co-author Herbert Aldersmith wrote British-Israel Truth, which also came out of the Covenant Publishing Company, London. Some of the most popular books on Pyramid prophecy contained anti-Semitic passages. For instance, Piazzi Smyth wrote in Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid that "the Jews, become the financiers of the world, will be found probably even with the very final Anti-Christ among them." Such similarities coupled with Pelley's interest in ethnology would seem to suggest that he was at least familiar with British-Israel, predecessor of Christian Identity.

One of Davidson's "pyramid dates" was January 31, 1933. During 1932 Pelley had relocated most of his operations to Asheville, North Carolina. His first major operation in Asheville had been to establish the Galahad College. The institution offered lectures on a variety of subjects ranging from metaphysics to economics. After a summer term Pelley realized that the Depression was making it impossible for many would-be students to attend. The lectures began to go out as correspondence courses.

Pelley was in his office at the Galahad College at the end of January when the signal came. He picked the evening paper up from his desk and read the headline. "Hitler Declared Chancellor of Germany!"

"Tomorrow we have the Silvershirts," Pelley said.

Thus the Silver Legion of America was spoken into existence. Pelley had been receiving inspirational messages from a source which he identified as the Elder Brother, Jesus Christ.

"I suffer that we may have Love, Light, Loyalty and Liberation.

Create an `L' to be always in mind as a reminder of the truth," the Elder Brother was reported to have said. For that reason the silver shirt bore a red 'L' on the left breast.

The light gray may have been symbolic of the faint glow which penetrates the darkness just before dawn. When Pelley announced the Legion in the next issue of Liberation, since changed from the New Liberator, his poetic introduction was built around this type of symbolism.

Pelley denied that he had stolen the "shirt" idea from either Hitler or Mussolini. In the late 1760s a vigilante organization called the Regulators had been active in North Carolina. Pelley said that Regulators had been known locally as Red Shirts and that Garibaldi took the idea from these early American patriots.

A campaign hat, navy blue tie and trousers, and puttees completed the uniform, which looked much like the U.S. Army of the time except for color.

"There has long been under cover a Christian Militia that can now come into the open and challenge the arrogance of those who have bethought themselves and their public debaucheries invincible," Pelley said. "It is not religious, it is not political, it is not economic. It is Spiritual, it is Civic, it is Industrial."

The aims of the Silver Legion were no secret. Through his contacts in Washington, D.C. Pelley accumulated inside information on the Communist interests operating behind Roosevelt's New Deal. Equipped with this information the Silvershirts acted as a watch group. Elected officials who had previously engaged in shady dealings without challenge were suddenly being exposed.

The Silvershirts were harshly critical of the National Recovery Administration (NRA) from its inception in 1933 until it was declared unconstitutional in 1935. The element of the American system which drew the most fire from the Legion was predatory capitalism. Pelley said that capitalism and the international banking scheme which operated alongside it had wrecked the dreams of America's founding fathers. As Chief of the Silvershirts, Pelley was a great admirer of John Marshall and Constitutionalism. Pelley drew much influence from the writings of Edward Bellamy when he prepared his Commonwealth plan. His critics accused him of being a Nazi and a fascist, but Pelley claimed that the only thing Silvershirts shared with European anti-Semites was a common greed-driven enemy.

The Legion's early months brought much negative publicity from the national media. With all the attention came recruits by the thousands. By 1934 there were approximately 15,000 Silvershirts and another 25,000 supporters, half of them women, attending Post and Chapel meetings across the country. Silvershirt meetings in Los Angeles often attracted more than 500 people. A number of wealthy and influential men and women openly supported Pelley's work. Henry Ford is said to have given financial support to the Silvershirts and Walt Disney attended Los Angeles Silvershirt gatherings. Congressmen Thorkelson and McFadden wrote and spoke for Legion audiences.

Once it became apparent to the Jews and Pelley's other opponents that he was making headway, they sent investigators to find some legal grounds on which to shut Pelley down. In May of 1934 the authorities brought charges against Pelley under North Carolina's Blue Sky Law for advertising unregistered stock in a publication published and sold in the state. The charge, based on a harmless technicality, was enough to keep Pelley and his staff occupied and burdened with legal fees for several months. The Galahad Press declared bankruptcy and Liberation was discontinued for a time. Pelley was eventually fined and released, but not before his property was seized and the further damage to his reputation done. Division within the ranks of California Silvershirts during 1934 gave rise to a west coast splinter organization which gained notoriety when Marines reported that they had been asked to obtain guns and ammunition for the group.

When the first issue of Pelley's Weekly came out in August of 1934, its editors knew they were facing terrible odds. The columns of the new paper continued to present unflattering facts about Roosevelt's "Jew Deal" and the "Russocrats" promoting it. More talk of a political party appeared as time wore on. It was Pelley's thinking that, even though victory in the next Presidential election was impossible, a Christian Party should be established for Silvershirts so that Americans would see that Pelley and his followers held no designs on violent overthrow of the government. Before the announcement of the Christian Party charter in August of 1935, Pelley started writing about another pyramid date, September 16, 1936. Pelley and his campaign committee looked forward to that date as if with its arrival their cause would somehow miraculously triumph. The election came and went, along with September 16, and no such miracle materialized.

Pelley and his vice-Presidential candidate Willard W. Kemp were kept off every state ballot except Washington, where they received 1,600 votes.

The Christian Party campaign was supported through several significant Silvershirt programs. The Councils of Safety were developed as living room study and discussion groups. Each Council was made up of nine members. Each member was encouraged to establish their own Council, this process continuing as long as new attendees could be found. Safety Council attendance was not limited to Silvershirts and Pelley encouraged group leaders to use the meetings to introduce outsiders to Christian Party objectives. Weekly addresses on a variety of topics were mailed from Asheville every week for reading before the Councils.

Pelley found his largest following on the west coast. When the Christian Party campaign got underway Chief Pelley went to California. In early June of 1936 he began a series of public appearances across the state. On July 15 the Silver Cavalcade started from San Diego with about 30 men and reached Spokane, Washington on August 19 with close to 50 men. Pelley made 17 speeches along the way.

After the election Pelley continued his North Carolina publishing and the federal opposition became hotter than ever. By 1940 Pelley and his organization had been investigated by every nameable agency in Washington, D.C. Pelley claimed that a number of investigative operations such as the House Committee on Un-American Activities had been formed in direct response to the Silvershirts. With such governmental investigations in action, Pelley was obliged to disband the Silver Legion so that the committees could turn their attention to the radicals and communists he had been fighting for seven years.

In December of 1940 Pelley moved his publishing house to Noblesville, Indiana. The next month Liberation was replaced by Roll Call. Pelley was a noisy opponent of American involvement in the current fighting and when the country joined the war in December of 1941 he ceased his publishing until he found legal assurance of what he could say. He continued with his spiritual journal the Galilean, which the U.S. Post Office, caught up in the wartime hysteria, eventually refused to deliver.

In April of 1942 Pelley was arrested for sedition. In August he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. When the abortive Mass Sedition Trial of 1944 gathered steam Pelley was indicted on practically identical charges. Pelley was not released from prison until February 14, 1950. As a condition of his parole he was not allowed to publish anything of an openly political nature.

Pelley's spiritual Liberation movement was now known as Soulcraft. The Soulcraft journal Valor began publishing almost as soon as he was freed and was joined in later years by Over Here. Both of these magazines show that Pelley was not bitter or broken by his adverse legal experiences.

Pelley stopped writing for publication in 1962 and spent the last three years of his life in what must have been quiet reflection. He died on June 30, 1965 and was buried in an unmarked grave, according to his wishes, in Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, Indiana.


William Dudley Pelley was born in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1890. He died in Nobelsville, Indiana in 1965. The son of a Protestant minister he was entirely self-educated and at age 19, published his own philosophical magazine which was partially international. He was owner/editor of several newspapers in New England and a successful journalist. While in Japan on behalf of the YMCA, he was recruited by our State Department for intelligence work during our short-lived opposition to the Bolshevik menace occurring in Russia following WW I. As a witness to the brand of "brotherly love" demonstrated by the kindly Reds plus the obvious jewishness of the whole operation, he began his journey towards what we now brand as anti-Semitism. After returning to the United States, he continued his writing career to the extent of spending time in jewish Hollywood writing screen plays and associating with the hoi polloi of the "silent era" of movies. He coined the phrase "The land of the spree and the home of the knave." as well as the "casting couch" policy: Don't hire until you've seen the whites of their thighs.

As early as 1929, Pelley accurately predicted our age of decadence and depravity as projected by those champions of morality, Springer, Stern, Hefner, et al. -- jewish to the core. In 1930, he had a mystical experience about which he wrote a short book later to become a sort of occult classic. Although having little hope for an America slowly drowning in a jewish sewer, he nonetheless founded the Silver Legion noted for the letter "L" on the ties of their uniforms. The public called his followers Silver Shirts or Silvershirts. During the years 1934-36, he published a weekly paper in support of his group and ran for president in 1936 -- the year many agree was the beginning of WW II following the declaration of economic war upon Germany in 1933 by the jews. The obscene butchery of enemy and innocents alike, during the Spanish Civil War, by the communists, was only a continuation of what they have been doing since 1905 -- see the National Geographic for that year -- not the computerized version which has been made politically correct!. On July 3, 1936, Pelley's headline was: OVERTHROW OF HITLER BY WAR! He was the first to label that coming conflict as the Second World War. Rosenvelt won that year's election by a landslide and the American voters gladly sold out their nation and heritage for control by a pottage of jews and their money-grubbing lackeys. Pelley used the term "holocaust" long before it came into popular use to describe what the jews had planned for the people of Germany as evidenced later by the uncalled-for fire-bombing of Dresden.

Pelley continued writing against our red rule and of course, was fingered by Roosenvelt for derailment. In 1942, he was arrested for "sedition" and eventually was jailed. Charles Lindbergh was a character witness at the trial and Rosenvelt tied to get this all-American stripped of his military title but public opinion would have none of this. Pelley was released from prison in 1954 on the condition that he never write any "anti-Semitic" material again. He didn't. I believe he is survived by a daughter.

Information on Pelley, and particularly his political writings, is difficult to come by. Those who have such material guard it closer than Shylock did his coins or a scarab its dung ball. That's how far we have dropped as worthwhile individuals. Zündel compulsively hoarded everything he could lay his hands upon -- sharing not even material given to him under the pledge of doing so. Then one day, Fate stepped in and burned the whole dusty mess to the ground. It was a greed engendered and ego masturbating waste which could have been avoided but that's the self-destructive blight-wing for you.


To the New York Herald Tribune:

Mr. Treister stated in his letter in your paper that the Jewish people form a very small percentage of the Communists in America. He states that "... in Chicago, with a Jewish population of 400,000, there are about 150 Communists."

I myself am Jewish, and I come from Chicago. I spent 13 years in that city. Approximately 98 percent of us are Communists, and we are not ashamed of it. It is a system laid down to us by our great leader, Karl Marx, and only the cowards hide behind "democracy" or "Americanism." Furthermore, I think Mr. Treister should check up on his figures more closely if he would give out information.

Sarah Finkelstein, Washington, DC, December 22, 1938




by Pelley of the Silvershirts

Shall we go to War this time to save Germany's Jews or Sassoon's Yellow River Dope Trade?

Chapter I

I want to use a little straight-from-the-shoulder language to the men of the American Legion!

I want to talk to them about the inside facts concerning a certain War that twenty years ago made it possible for them to be present Legion members. It's as plain as the nose on anybody's face that something like a million American lads went overseas in 1917 to fight a war, about the causes of which they knew next to nothing.

Even today, two decades after, scarcely one veteran in a thousand knows the accurate, concise, inside story of why we got into that War, who got us in, what chestnuts foreign governments pulled out of the fire -- or had us pull or had us pull out -- and who cracked and ate those chestnuts after we had been bamboozled into helping rake them from the coals of European conflict.

It's time all of us had a little enlightenment on how such wars are made, who makes 'em, and what purposes are served by concocting and launching 'em.

We certainly know who has to fight 'em!

Understand me, I'm no pacifist. I'm not saying that "war is terrible" or that it "sets back civilization" or that it kills off the cream and bead of a nation's manhood while weaklings and profiteers are left to enjoy any benefits that subsequently come out of it. I think there are wars that are justified, and that certainly should be fought. I feel that I did my part in the last War, although it happened that my jerk concerned the espionage forces on the Eastern Front. What I mean to say is, I'm not writing this booklet from sentimental reasons or because my conscience hurts me that I did my World War fighting from a swivel chair. My gripe about the last War, and my gripe against the next war -- which they're now cooking up! -- are based on the fact that being a reasonably sincere American, born and raised in this country and with forebears in both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, it burns me up to see equally sincere and patriotic fighting-men hoodwinked, hoaxed and hijacked, called to the colors supposedly to scrap for the nation's integrity, and then really used as sap cannon-fodder to stop pig-iron in a brawl from which some foreign clique profits.

In other words, I'm ready and eager to stop my share of the pig-iron when my country's in danger or when her flag's been insulted. But I've got enough gray in my hair at last not to get excited or begin any patriotic screeching when I find that my country's been deliberately put in danger or her flag's been insulted with malice aforethought to force her to take sides in some foreign racial squabble.

There's considerable difference!

Right now I'm plenty hot and bothered, and writing specifically for the men of the American Legion, because I happen to know from first-hand research that a cold-blooded conspiracy is afoot to get us stirred up into fighting another foreign war -- and repeating all the experiences of 1917, if you please! -- for no other reason than that these radical New-Dealers have made a complete botch of their crack-pot program and are now frantically seeking an "out" to distract public attention from that failure and possible reprisals.

The plight of the Jews -- in Germany -- and I'm not at all ready to admit that it's much of a plight outside of the imaginations of the paid propagandists -- gives these same New-Dealers precisely the peg they need and want on which to hang a sudden program for "Americanism" and armament....

Hitler's a "monster," or so it stacks up to me, because he's beaten the Jews at their own game of double-cross in Germany and they're plenty sore about it. So they want us as a nation to go over and shellac him. Or the Sassoon Yellow-River dope trade is threatened by the Nipponese in China, and we must get busy and thrash the Mikado.

A couple of years ago the Jews were bragging that Hitler couldn't last a year. They'd have him over-thrown in jig-time. But Hitler has lasted, and the Yidds have lost "face." ... If the Germans like Hitler, that's their business. If the Jews don't like him, I see no reason for making that our business.

The other day, however, a little undersized Yiddisher runt by the name of Grynszpan was put up to the job of assassinating one of the Nazi envoys to Paris -- by the same Jewish big-shots who've been eternally plotting to overthrow the Nazi regime from the first. The runt bungled the job and shot the wrong man. He "got" an under-secretary by the name of Von Rath. Hitler's agents smoked out exactly what had happened, and when the Nazis rioted against Jews all over, and assessed a $406,000,000 fine against 'em as a lesson, the Jews over here said: "Swell! That sort of stuff plays right into our hands. Now watch us capitalize on it with the American sentimentalists to take the United States for a final one-way ride!"

Now don't get me wrong! I'm no Nazi propagandist apologizing for Hitler. I don't believe his brand of government would work for Americans any more than Stalin's brand of government would work for Americans. But having kept up a lot of my espionage connections since the war, I know a thing or two about what goes on behind the scenes.

I know, for instance, that with the "kikes" swarming into the Federal Administration thicker than midges in fly-time, and with their hate and chagrin over Hitler added to their vast New-Deal flop, the whole Von Rath episode -- coupled with Japan's winning of the China War -- give Roosevelt and his White House Sanhedrin precisely the opportunity they wanted to heat us to war fever anew and engage us with whosoever stands up to us firmest.

What I have behind my eyebrows to do first is to set forth clearly and simply -- and in a way that the average Legion man and patriot can grasp -- just what a mighty piece of skulduggery we were sold upon 'in 1917, and what the "backstairs" truth was, about getting us into the muddle that killed some fifty thousand lads like you and me,

It's a strange fact, but up till a few weeks ago I'd not been able in twenty years to find a single piece of literature that set forth in concise, understandable fashion the naked truth as to why the World War broke out at all, or why -- having broken out -- it lasted four years, or why it was required for us to get into it, upsetting the lives of a hundred million people, shipping a million of them overseas, and butchering fifty thousand of them just to prove that we took part in it.

Of course, the average American thinks the War broke out because the German Kaiser was getting too cocky and rattling his sabre about Europe till the Allied nations got fed up, on his bombast. Then somebody killed an Archduke at Sarajevo, and Serbia wouldn't apologize. Russia mobilized and that scared France and England. Nobody would back down. All the Allies wanted Germany licked "that the world might be safe for Democracy." ... After the stramash had been going three years, a German U-boat sank one of our steamships, killing a bunch of important Americans. That was an insult we couldn't overlook, so we too armed and stepped into the fray -- to show we could heave pig-iron around with the best of 'em, That's the World War -- on paper -- and in the mind of the average citizen who is average because he never dreams what all these diplomatic and overseas messes are about.

I plead guilty to being as dumb as the rest of 'em when I started for the Eastern Front in 1917. But I hadn't been out there long before I began to learn things: things that never saw the newspapers and were rarely allowed to get into the dispatches. Being indirectly in the espionage division, of course I had the chance to learn 'em.

After coming home, however, and living two post-war decades, I never found a dozen paragraphs, that set forth the true facts in a simple and compact manner until the other day an American-Hungarian lawyer in Cleveland by the name of Louis K. Birinyi got out a book Why the Treaty of Trianon is Void. Being a native Hungarian, Dr. Birinyi was all worked up over what happened to his country at the Peace Conference -- or for that matter is still happening in the center of all this Fascist business in Europe. He sent me a copy of his book, with an exceedingly complimentary inscription on the flyleaf. I took it to bed with me one night and started to read it in desultory manner. I supposed it was "just another" of those literary post-mortems. Suddenly I found myself broad awake and paying strict attention. This Cleveland Hungarian was in possession of the facts. He was tossing 'em out in paragraphs that scoured.

Here at last was the book, and the inside presentation that I had searched vainly twenty years to find. The Doctor wasn't trying to sell anything. He wasn't even trying to sell a book written by himself. He was pouring out his heartbreak on paper, over the fate of his native country, but in so doing he was spilling the beans all over the place!

I mention Dr. Birinyi's book, not to "plug" sales for it, though it deserves all the plugging it can get, but because I propose to draw on a lot of what that Cleveland attorney has got in his pages -- as well as irrefutable government documents -- and I don't want to filch his material without credit or conceal my sources. For some reason or other, I tell you, until the Birinyi book came out there had scarcely been a line published anywhere that revealed the nature of the backstairs chicanery that went on, setting Europe afire and killing fifty thousand of your buddies and mine when we ran with our own buckets to help put the blaze out.

Somehow or other, looking back on it now, this too wasn't accident.

It was to somebody's advantage to conceal and suppress such facts.

And they have been concealed and suppressed.

Most of you remember, I think, that Woodrow Wilson came back from the Peace Conference with a gripe to the effect that "there was a power controlling Europe with which he couldn't cope." I recall reading it in our American newspapers at the time, and have heard constant references to it since. Well, with all the high jinks that are going on at present -- about which I know so much that I might sleep a whole lot better o' nights if I knew less -- I make the fair deduction that the same "power" that Wilson confessed he couldn't cope with, might have had a lot to do with seeing to it that the real story behind the World War and our share in it, has been kept under pot-lid and the odor of what was in the pot never allowed to reach the public nostrils.

Before I'll see the same gang put it over on us again, and send another fifty thousand fine lads to die in Europe in a repeat performance, I'll take the pot-cover off myself.

Whether you men of the American Legion can "take it" or not, remains to be seen. Some of you will undoubtedly get plenty sore. It always makes a real American sore to find that somebody has played him for a sucker.

My contention, based on the facts that I'm going to give you, is that all of us -- not only the lads of the American Legion but the entire American people -- were played for suckers in 1917 and that the same conniving crowd is now out to play us for suckers again.

However, to the hot stuff....

Chapter II

Ever since the Armistice, it's a recognized fact, nation after nation -- and whole blocs of nations -- have been as voluble as an equal number of old women in a small-town sewing circle, trying to explain who was responsible for the War. Germany was responsible for the War, said the British. Russia was responsible, said the German monarchists. When the crowd of burglars at the Peace Conference got around the table to divide up the territory of the Central Powers between themselves, they alibied what they were doing by declaring that Austria-Hungary was responsible for the War -- because her government insisted on an apology from the Serbs for the death of an Archduke.

Every nation on earth, at some time or other it appears, has been charged with responsibility for the World War. Every people who ever came within sound of a whiz-bang or kicked in ten cents to save a flock of starving war orphans, has been charged with responsibility for the World War. The only people to date who haven't been charged with such responsibility, is the crowd that was responsible. And its chief job in life has been to cover up.

Perhaps you may ask, "Why go into that? What does it matter who was responsible at this late day?" I tell you that it makes a whale of a lot of "matter," in view of the fact that the same mob, never having been exposed, is up to its former tricks and popping all its trouser-buttons right now to stage a repeat performance!

Of all the statesmen of the warring countries, Lloyd George of England is the only one left who dared indicate that somebody caused the war who hasn't to date been named. On one occasion he apologized for all the statesmen of all the warring countries by saying that "nobody quite meant war." ... Here is his blurb, uttered on December 23, 1920, to the Empire Parliamentary Association: "The more one reads memoirs and books written in the various countries of what happened before August, 1914, the more one realizes that no one at the head of affairs quite meant war. It was something into which they glided, stumbled and staggered."

On January 6, 1923, in a syndicated article he said: "The more one examines the events of July, 1914, the more one is impressed with the shrinking of the nominal rulers of the attacking empires, and with the relentless driving onward of the military organizations behind these terror-stricken dummies. No one ever believed that the cause of the war was the shooting of the Grand Duke of Austria."

In other words, it wasn't kings and kaisers and Prime Ministers and Chancellors who brought on the Big Slaughter. These were just poor dummies and stooges. No, it was militarism that brought on the War, militarism that originated of itself, that expanded of itself, that moved onward of itself, and that finally shot itself oil with scarcely an erring human hand to guide it.

What a lovely blob of hooey!

"No one at the head of affairs quite meant war. The "nominal rulers," those "terror-stricken dummies," could not of their own will make war. Emperors, diplomatists and statesmen were unable to prevent war. "The relentless driving onward of the military organizations behind these terror-stricken dummies" forced the war ahead.

In other words, little male children of the American Legion, if you have one Winchester rifle hung on a peg in your home it isn't particularly dangerous, either to you or to society; but if you get a big bankroll, and once a week for a period of years buy another Winchester rifle until your house is so filled with them that you can't eat or sleep there, the moment will arrive when those guns of themselves will all want to go bang-bang! They are not so much lumber in the stocks that might otherwise make chair-legs, or so much iron in the barrels that might otherwise make engine-housings. By the sheer fact of being wood and iron, brought together in the pattern of firearms, they all would a-hunting go and blow the eternal gizzards out of anyone in front of 'em ! That's what the Lloyd Georges ask us to believe in regard to world armament.

"Wait a minute," begs the stickler for facts. "You're not quite right. Of course numbers of guns don't make them explode of themselves. What Lloyd George meant to say, and practically did say, was that the existence of great military organizations and over-equipped armies, made the leaders of those armies just naturally want to fight. It's the same as putting a loaded revolver in a man's hand. He wants to sight along the barrel and pull the trigger, just to see if it will shoot!"

That's generally the idea of how it is, when Militarism comes in for a raking. And the nitwits nod their heads in approval. But let's not go off half-cocked. Let's look at this thing.

The "existence of great military organizations makes, them want to fight." ... Is that so? Ho! ... and likewise Hum! Well, why doesn't someone name the specific gentlemen in the British Army, or the German Army, or the French Army, or even in our American Army, who prior to 1914 were so bursting with over-equipped combativeness that the world just had to fight. Was it Lord Kitchener? Was it Field Marshal Haig? Was it Ludendorff or Hindenburg? Was it Papa Joffre or Marshal Foch? Right here at home, have we ever observed that men like General Leonard Wood, Blackjack Pershing, or General MacArthur, ever spoiled for a scrap just because they headed up big numbers of fighting-men? Isn't it a fact that the big-shots at the heads of military machines deplore the whole business, and feel their responsibilities heaviest to keep men out of war?

Or go on down through the ranks of any army.

Specifically in the World War -- or before it -- was it the colonels, the majors, the captains, the first and second lieutenants, or the top-sergeants, who wanted the war? If so, may we ask since when did emperors, diplomatists, prime ministers and generals harken to the gripes of colonels, majors, captains and top-sergeants, that a war should be started so that they could bang-off their fire-sticks? Applesauce!

Someone, somewhere, was responsible for creating those great military machines because someone, somewhere, expected to use 'em! In this day and age, kings and kaisers and prime ministers and chancellors don't run amuck up and down the earth, doing as they please in international diplomacy. They find themselves quickly accountable to parliaments, reichs, and congresses. The Kitcheners, Haigs, Ludendorffs, Foches and Pershings don't run amuck with the military machines which they head, and force the kings and kaisers to fight; they simply follow orders -- like the buck private at the bottom of the system.

If nobody issued the orders from a higher source, then there would never be a war. That's common sense! So, if we go up the line, past the sergeants and captains and majors and colonels and generals and chancellors and prime ministers and kaisers and kings, and find each of these accountable to some embodiment of authority that's still higher, we must come to the parliaments and reichs and congresses. Were they responsible for the World War? Well, whether or not they were, let's ask ourselves what these parliaments and reichs and congresses are, but aggregations of people's representatives. But did they represent common citizens who wanted to get into uniforms and carve the viscera out of folks across each border? We all know what a howl went up from the masses as the war-clouds mounted higher!

No! -- midway between the citizenry that had to take time off from private pursuits to march forth and get shot, and the political and military bigwigs who took orders from representative parliamentary bodies and carried 'em out, was some provocative influence that convinced the people's representatives in all nations that war was necessary and inevitable. After the convincing had been done -- in other words, when the militarism had been set in motion -- the rest was executive detail carried into action.

It's squarely on the shoulders of this Provocative Influence that we can pin the World War's responsibility -- just as we can pin additional responsibility right at this moment on the Provocative Influence now working overtime to touch off a Second World War.

This reasoning is sound, little male children of the American Legion!

Now let's dig into cold, irrefutable, historical fact and see what the Provocative Influence was, behind the parliaments, reichs, congresses, and political and military big-shots twenty years ago, that ultimately landed most of you in France and kept fifty thousand of you there as very permanent guests....

Chapter III

Those of us who went overseas and had any contact whatever with the folks of the embattled nations, will be inclined to agree that no particular country or its nationals wanted, caused, or started the World War. It is more or less true that the "nominal rulers," the "terror-stricken dummies," the emasculated diplomatists and statesmen, were unable to prevent the War's outbreak. And yet we do know that the military organizations of all the warring countries were plenty active in preparing for the War, no matter what the emperors, kings, kaisers, diplomatists, or statesmen said, thought, or intended. But these military organizations were merely instrumentalities -- effective tools in the hands of some heretofore unmentioned and unseen power. We now summon to our aid the history of Europe. What the statesmen refused to disclose, history commences to reveal.

And the first revelation we come upon, and are obliged to consider, has to do with Money!

Wars can't be fought without spondulics. Someone must put up the cash, or be willing to put up the cash, or the kings, diplomatists and statesmen must know where the cash is, whether it comes forth willingly or has to be conscripted. If the bankers of a nation -- any nation! -- don't want an offensive war, or if they're convinced that war means loss to their coffers, make no mistake about it, they're in a position to stop it before it's even talked about. If you think I'm talking through my hat in this, or want to advance the argument that "it doesn't cost anything to kill a man," I respectfully refer you to any good history of the House of Rothschild.

I haven't seen any history of the House of Rothschild yet that hasn't contained gloating statements concerning the numbers of times since the beginning of the 19th century that rulers have approached the House of Rothschild for cash for wars. If the Rothschilds decided that the wars looked profitable to themselves, they arranged for the payments and the wars came pronto! If the Rothschilds decided there wouldn't be a whole lot gained, financially, or the risks were too great, or they didn't happen to have the mazuma on the nail at the moment, the rulers went away with a polite turn-down. And there was no conflict!

From the very beginning of the history of the House of Rothschild -- founded on the cash which George III paid the German Landgrave for the "loan" of the Hessian soldiers that composed the bulk of the "British" forces in our American Revolution -- that particular Yiddisher financial family has been bankers to the political and military potentates of Europe. At least Central Europe!

The Rothschilds, of course, are mainly German Jews. Such German Jews, together with Polish Jews and Russian Jews, we call Ashkenazim.

Ashkenazic Jews, in other words, are the Jews of Germany, Poland, and Russia -- with a strong strain of Oriental blood from the Genghis Kahn infusion. When they combine their Hebrew with the German, Polish, or Russian tongues, they get a polyglot language that is popularly called "Yiddish." So it's entirely proper to refer to these oriental Jews as "Yiddishers."...

But we shouldn't gallop away with the idea that the Yiddisher Rothschilds compose the only mob of Jews overseas that's got money -- big money! There are two or three other Jewish fortunes overseas, of which you don't hear so much.

There's the money of the Samuel family that controls the Dutch Shell Oil Company -- in fact, most of the British oil interests in the Levant. There is the money of the Sassoon clan that controls the vast Indian and Chinese dope trade. There is the Mond fortune, the Isaacs fortune, Lord Reading's -- and finally the Montagu fortune, Montagu Norman being head of the Bank of England itself.

I heard a British intelligence officer remark once in a casual conversation that the fortune of the Samuel family -- headed up by the "Right Honorable" Herbert Samuel, made a Viscount, if you please, last year! -- was greater than Morgan's, greater than Rockefeller's, greater than Ford's.

These five great families of so-called English Jews -- English only because they have resided in Great Britain for generations and intermarried with impoverished English aristocrats -- aren't Ashkenazim. In other words, they haven't got the Oriental, Russian, German, or Polish strain in 'em.

No! All these families, whose vast wealth absolutely dominates the Bank of England, are more accurately classed as Sephardim. They're so-called white Jews -- or Jews who a couple of hundred years ago started to interbreed with the more Aryan races of Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France. Finally when they got across to England, they became English jews -- as we know 'em. Their Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and English bloods predominate over their Jewish blood. This gives them the notion that they are very high-class indeed. The big hooked nose which the Ashkenazic Jew acquired from the Assyrian -- "schnozzle" if you please! -- is missing in the Sephardic Jew. Physically, excepting a certain rubbery cunning about the expression of the eyes, he's come to appear like a Spaniard, an Italian, a Portuguese, a Frenchman, or an Englishman.

Such persons as Disraeli in yesterday's generation, or Barney Baruch, George Arliss, Sam Insull, or even Franklin D. Roosevelt -- whose true ancestral name has come to light under the investigations of the Carnegie Foundation as Rossocampo-Rosenvelt -- are outstanding specimens of the Sephardic Jew.

There is furthermore this difference between the Ashkenazic Jew and the Sephardic Jew:

The Ashkenazic Jew holds in the main that world Jewry is a race -- a political race, so to speak. The Sephardic Jew holds in the main that world Jewry is a religious denomination.

Both of these claims are capital expediencies when Jews as Jews are having the squeeze put on them for predatory tactics against Gentiles --

The Ashkenazim shriek "Racial persecution!" The Sephardim screech "Religious intolerance!" Both of these about cover the situation....

Now, broadly speaking, here's the way we can boil down the money-banker situation as it existed on the Continent prior to 1914: The Ashkenazic Rothschilds had the big bank roll behind Germany and the Central Powers; the Sephardic Samuels had the big bank roll behind France, England and the Allies. A perfectly gorgeous set-up it was, for a knock-down drag-out fight, when we take into consideration one of the outstanding differences of temperament existing between these two Jewish factions --

Believe it or not, but up to the time when all world Jewry was threatened because of the Nazi ascendancy in Central Europe, the Sephardic Jews looked upon the Ashkenazic Jews with an intolerance and detestation only comparable to the Nazi attitude toward Jews in the Fatherland!

The Sephardic Jews, as I said, considered themselves the aristocrats of World Jewry -- because of their heavy infusion of Aryan blood and their more aesthetic temperament. To them, the Yiddishers were "just human trash" and we don't have to probe far into the annals of Jewry to recognize what a tragedy it was considered, when a Sephardic Jewess fell in love with, and married, an Ashkenazic boy.

Do you know where the slang term "Kike" came from? I'll tell you, and you can take my word for it that I'm speaking without bias. The slang term "Kike" is a Sephardic-Jewish epithet originated by that caste of Jewry to describe the schnozzle-faced quasi-oriental Ashkenazim whom it detests!

Although few Gentiles have had cause to be aware of it, the feud between the Sephardim and Ashkenazim, over the past two hundred years, has been strong and bitter.

Of course there was inter-marrying, and inter-financing between the two groups. But in the main the animosity was something that had to be reckoned with, in Mitteleuropa's politics.

With this racial background roughly painted in, now we can go one step further and see how these two groups of Jewry influenced overseas affairs before 1914....

Chapter IV

Back in 1815, at the close of the Napoleonic Wars and before the House of Rothschild was as powerful as it later became, the Congress of Vienna divided up Europe and bartered millions of human beings to the victorious military commanders who had put the squelch on the Little Corporal. Naturally a storm of bitter protest was heard in every corner of the Continent. It took fifty years for the peoples of Europe -- after much privation, starvation, and bloodshed -- to correct the evils committed by the Congress of Vienna. Germany was consolidated and Italy was unified. The industries of Germany started to boom. So too did the size of the Rothschild fortune. The greater bulk of it was invested in industrial securities in Germany and Austria-Hungary, or in ownership of coal and iron mines and transportation facilities.

In consequence of all this, the territory of Germany began to show itself as too small to absorb her industrial products. An outside market had to be secured -- in fact, if her industries were to sell goods and pay proper dividends, the markets of all the world had to be opened to "Germans" ... a camouflage word for the sponsoring Rothschilds!

On the other hand, over in Holland and England, the white Sephardic Jews had their money invested heavily in British and Dutch securities. Moreover, their trade was already world-wide and the British into whose official government they were infiltrating -- quite as brazenly as they have lately infiltrated into the American government under Roosevelt -- had a tradition of "ruling the waves."

Thus a trade war was inaugurated, bloodless at first, between the great vested interests of Ashkenazic-Jewish Germany and the great vested interests of Sephardic-ruled Britain. The two mighty divisions of World Jewry were slashing and hacking at each other but letting the "German" and "English" people each think that the other as nationals were out to "do" them.

Now get this, little male children of the American Legion, and let it sink in, for this is the reason that you went overseas to fight in a war -- Ashkenazic-Germany's only entrance into the Atlantic Ocean was through the English Channel. Passage of German ships through the Channel was possible only by the consent of Sephardic-Jewish England. This being clear enough, England and Germany (Gentile) began to build battleships to unheard-of proportions. But it was soon discovered that battleships wouldn't secure to Ashkenazic-Jewish Germany the freedom of the seas which the Rothschild interests wanted, or the free and unmolested movement of international trade. Therefore, the Ashkenazic Jews of Rothschild-dominated Germany conceived the idea of building a railroad.

It was to become called in time the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad! It was to lead from Berlin down into Austria-Hungary, through the Balkans and into Turkey -- ending in Bagdad, in Asia.

Over this railroad, Ashkenazic-Jewish Germany could reach the larger portion of the world's population and transact most of the international commerce of the world without interference from the Sephardic Jews of Britain.

That is to say, whoever would have control of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad would have control of the greatest bulk of the international commerce of the world. But the control and successful operation of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad necessitated the control of the territories through which it passed.

Therefore the plan of "Mitteleuropa" was conceived!

Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, and Turkey, were to be controlled by the owners of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad -- that is, the Ashkenazic Rothschilds.

The "Pan-German Movement," the shibboleth of "Deutschland Uber Alles," and all those other idiotic utterances which the Jews love so dearly to put into the mouths of Gentiles, were slogans for this plan. The "integrity" of the Austria-Hungarian monarchy was indispensable, therefore Hungary was forced under the despotic control of the Austrian Crown.

While the plan of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad was being promoted, however, another movement got under way. It came from Russia. On paper it was called the "Pan Slavic Movement."

Russia, a big and rich country, had no ice-free outlet to the high seas. The Baltic is frozen during the greater part of the year. The Black Sea is an inland waterway and its only outlet to the Mediterranean Sea is at Constantinople. To secure this outlet, Russia would have to control the Dardanelles and a part of the Balkans.

In 1877, Russia had made an effort to obtain control of this outlet, and declared war upon Turkey under the still popular pretext that "the Turks had mistreated the Christians" in the Balkans. Turkey was thrashed, the "Christians" were forgotten, but Constantinople was seized by Russia.

Now mark this --

A growing feud was arising between the Jews of the world, particularly the Ashkenazic Jews, and the Throne of the Romanoffs. Russia as an empire was so vast, her resources so tremendous, and her government so absolute, that the Jews couldn't get their talons into her flesh as they had into Germany's or England's. The Czar's government rarely had to borrow money from Continental Jewish pawnbrokers -- whom Father Coughlin designates so courteously as "the international bankers" -- or if it did, it never met with much embarrassment paying such loans back. Furthermore, because the Czar's military commanders found that wherever Jews were domiciled near army cantonments they invariably sold military secrets to Russia's enemies, and still further, because Jewish loan sharks were foreclosing mortgages on vast areas of the land of ignorant peasants, the Czar's government had issued some particularly strong edicts against the Jews, which made that race view the Romanoffs with deadly hatred.

They were out to "get" the Romanoffs, and in the end they succeeded -- the Lenin-Stalin government of Bolshevia being the achievement. We'll come to that later.

The Romanoffs were by no means fools, and they kept accurate track of what these international mischief-makers proposed to do in the matter of splitting Europe from Berlin to Bagdad with a railroad. The Czar's government saw immediately that if the Rothschilds got their railroad down to Bagdad, they would have the first clutch at Russia by shutting off her world commerce and commence to make her pay through the nose.

To go back to 1877, however, when Russia thrashed Turkey and got control of the Dardanelles, the Ashkeniazic Jews of the central European countries were furious. So for once they made common cause with the Sephardim of England -- the Sephardic Jew, Disraeli, being English Prime Minister at the time -- and presented to the British Gentiles that Russia in control of the Dardanelles was a menace to Britannia's ruling the waves. Therefore it wasn't difficult to get the British to step into the Turkish situation and force the Czar to relinquish.

Take note that even back there in those days, the common soldiers -- fellows like ourselves -- who had fought and bled and died that Russia might shellac Turkey, made their "sacrifices" all in vain when the Jews of the world had a plan to work out to promote their own interests.

England blocked the scheme of Russia to get an ice-free outlet to the high seas, and this act caused Russia to become the sworn enemy of what appeared -- on the surface to be Germany, Austria, and England. Truly it caused Russia, or the monarchy of the Romanoffs, to become the sworn enemies of the Jews who controlled Germany, Austria, and England -- Ashkenazim and Sephardim alike.

Right there, in that situation, lay the "makin's" of the war that all the weak-kneed diplomatists and statesmen of the world have been charging up to the militarists and German monarchists. Right there, in that situation, lay the "makin's" of the conflict that you and I -- in utter ignorance of all this internal Jewish skulduggery -- were persuaded to go overseas and fight under the slogan that we were going "to make the world safe for Democracy."


Chapter V

So in those peaceful years before 1914, the big Rothschild Jews of Germany were going ahead with their plans for a Berlin-Bagdad Railroad that was to bottle up Russia at the Dardanelles and smash the world-wide commerce of the French and English Sephardic Jews of Paris and London. If, however, Germany could be "isolated," or a first-class war made to break out that ended with the everlasting daylights walloped out of her, then the construction of this Berlin-Bagdad project could be effectively "dynamited."... The English Sephardim were past masters at the job of building "coalitions," and they had the money to act as pay-mistress of Britain's "allies."... Why not, with the Bank of England in their control? Furthermore, the Sephardic Jews of France were more closely related to them than the quasi-oriental "kikes" of Germany and Austria.

On the other hand, Russia hated those same "kikes" of Germany more than she did the Sephardim of England.

So many minor differences with France were patched up, and in 1904 the two predominantly Sephardic countries entered into a combination, against the Ashkenazic countries-called the Entente Cordiale. But the Ashkenazic crowd saw the jam they were making for themselves, and engineered the Triple Alliance -- Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

For this combination, the Entente Cordiale was no match. Therefore the Sephardim of England, working through their Gentile Fronts of aristocratic British old-family statesmen, enticed Russia to join the Entente Cordiale, and thus the Triple Entente was formed -- England, France, and Russia -- the "Allies" to you!

Russia's entry into the Triple Entente was obtained by reason of the fact that the plan for the Berlin-Bagdad-Rothschild railway crossed up the Russian plan of reaching an outlet to the Mediterranean Sea. The railway was to cross the Turkish Channels at Constantinople, where Russia planned to reach the sea. Thus, with the help of Gentile Czardom, Sephardic England could effectively block the development and completion of the Rothschild project that otherwise would have put both Romanoffs and Sephardim at the mercy of the Ashkenazim.

Here we have a complete picture of the European Situation. And if you think I'm hatching it' up out of my own brain, let me tell you that a lot of what I'm giving you can be found in Document 346 of the records of the 67th Congress of the United States. Only it won't do you any good to go writing to Washington for Document 346. Believe me, although done at the government printing office, it's long since been "exhausted." And never reprinted! You bet it wasn't!

From 1907 to 1914, Europe was divided into two powerful camps: the Triple Entente -- "Allies" to you, again ! -- guarding the interests of the Romanoffs and the Sephardim, and the Triple Alliance -- the "Central Powers " -- guarding the Berlin-Bagdad-Rothschild scheme to thus get the Romanoffs and the Sephardim over a barrel.

Of course, both camps saw to it that the Gentile nations involved armed themselves to the teeth. With these big capitalistic Jews practically dictating to the press -- exactly as they're doing here in the United States at the present moment -- this was a push-over. The poisoned pen was put to work and virulent propaganda put into operation to create the maximum of international hatred. The Ashkenazim told the gullible Germans that France and England were out to "do" 'em, deny 'em a place in the sun, and steal their colonies. "Gott strafe England!" was the slogan fed to the poor Heinies for breakfast, dinner, and supper. The common people of England, France, and Russia, did not know what or who was behind all the arming of Germany. The Kaiser was just the semi-paralytic figure-head that went about thinking he bossed the Fatherland. But he personalized "German aggression," and the English and French Gentiles fell for the hoax by the millions. Why not, when they couldn't get any other information? The Sephardim went the Ashkenazim ten better, in cooking up propaganda, for they had the most at stake if the latter won out.

In England, the big-shot Sephardic Jew at the head of the British press was Lord Northcliffe, who early in life had taken the Aryan name of Alfred Harmsworth. He played the game of the Sephardic-Samuels crew to the limit, creating a psychology throughout the British Empire that war was "inevitable."

Sure it was "inevitable " -- because the Ashkenazic mob was determined to use the armies of German Gentiles to fight for its project to a finish, and the Sephardim were just as determined that they were going to use the armies of English, French -- and later American -- Gentiles to see that the Ashkenazim were stopped.

It was "inevitable" in Jewish minds only, and for Jewish purposes and profits. Today, here in America, we're witnessing the same sort of satanic skulduggery as night after night our newspapers tell us that war against both Hitler and Japan is "inevitable."

More sheep-dip!

Here's an interesting sidelight on how much the dummy rulers of the later-embattled peoples wanted war.

Did you know that back in November, 1910, while the (Jewish) subsidized press of each of the countries to be involved were feeding their poison of international hatred to their readers, and while the uniformed imbeciles and paid stooges of these Jewish blocs were shouting for war, two rulers -- the Emperor of Germany and the Czar of Russia -- sat quietly down to a lunch-table in Potsdam and earnestly discussed ways and means to avert the threatened hostilities?

There at a lunch-table, undisturbed by the howlings of the Jew-paid war maniacs, these two rulers worked out between themselves a just basis for a peaceful existence of the two countries. Germany was to acknowledge Russia's control over access through Persia to the high seas, and Russia -- at least the Romanoff court -- was to withdraw her opposition to the "German" plan of building the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad.

This is history, and the event is of historical importance! Civilized mankind might ponder it with great moral benefit. The two rulers came together, without any Yiddisher or Sephardic kibitzers present -- just as Hitler, Mussolini and Chamberlain did the other day over in Munich -- and settled a vexatious problem, or so they supposed, by a peaceful two-hour discussion over a lunch-table. If this could he done, and was done, why was a disastrous four-year war sprung upon the nations of the world?

The answer is simple --

What these "dummy" rulers said or did was no part of the schemes, rivalries, and hatreds of these swollen-with-power Jewish financial groups. The quasi-oriental Ashkenazim were out to smash or harness the Sephardim in the matter of international trade and finance. And the means that each side proposed to use in the final extremity was the Gentile armies of the countries involved. Therefore the agreement of the Kaiser and the Czar not to fight and thus commit national suicide, was "frustrated."...

In other words, when the show-down came, they had precious little to say about it. The Kaiser's court was almost entirely staffed with big-shot Ashkenazic Yiddishers. The Barney Baruch of Germany in those days was the Jew Walter Rathenau. This was the same Jew who shipped Lenin across Germany in the latter days of the war, to overthrow and exterminate the Romanoffs. "Three hundred men," he once said, "not generally known to the public, govern the fate of Europe!" He did not add that the three hundred were big-shot Jews or that kaisers and czars were by no means among them.

Here's another instance --

In order to fight a war in Europe to determine whether or not the Rothchilds' Berlin-Bagdad Railroad was going through, there had to be people who wanted war, and armies and navies which would do the fighting, and finally, money on which to finance it. France and England had the armies, navies, and money, but no people who wanted war. Germany had all the requirements because there the Jews were more firmly entrenched in official positions. But the Sephardic financiers began their "financial mobilization" in that they quietly began recalling any loans they had in Germany. And the German financiers just as quietly began to cache their war boodle outside of Germany, knowing that the fighting might come in that country and their money be subject to seizure. When the German Kaiser called together the "German" financiers just after the abortive Morocco Incident and asked them to prepare Germany's finances for war, the "German" financiers politely informed them that there would be no war because the "German" gold was at that time out of Germany. That settled the question of war. The Gentiles of France and England hadn't been sufficiently steamed up to the point where such a war would gain the objectives that the Jews desired.

So you see, little male children of the American Legion, what is revealed when the curtain is rolled back and the "international financiers" -- in other words, world-plotting Yidds! -- are discovered in their true roles. They did not recognize the "opportunity" for war to be "favorable," and there was no war.

The "inevitable" outbreak of the war came when the world-plotting Yidds decided that propaganda in all countries had the Gentiles plenty heated up so that their war would not misfire. Serbia particularly was made a hot-bed of poisonous propaganda. The Serbian propagandists invaded Austria and Hungary, poured out money like water, and created disturbances. International hatred in France -- against "the Huns" -- was worked up to hysterical pitch. War was in the air. War "had to come." Only a good pretext had to be found.

In 1912-13 another attempt was made to "feel out" the people and to test the time, whether or not it was favorable for conflict. The Balkan War broke out. Russia and Austria mobilized. But the opportunity was "not favorable" and there was no war till the following August.

But the agitation continued -- exactly as the Roosevelt-Jewish crowd is keeping up the agitation here today for a mix-up with Germany and Japan. Each nation sold its people on the "necessity" for arming to the teeth. The peoples of every nation were groaning under the weight of heavy armaments, but the Invisible Power (Jewish) continued with feverish energy the preparation of the public mind for the conflict that was coming.

This propaganda assumed such alarming proportions that on one occasion the Gentile Lord Welby, of the English Treasury, cried: "We are in the hands of an organization of crooks!" Sure he was! Jewish crooks! The Rothschilds had to be kept from building a railroad, though a dozen nations were wrecked in doing it!

The drive to create the pretext for war was now concentrated in Serbia. The foci of trouble were recognized again at the intersection of "German" and Russian plans. To force the issue, Hungary was terrorized by the Serbian propagandists and agents provocateur. Finally the directors of the plan resorted to plain murder.

Two young Jews, misnamed "students," were selected and carefully trained by "Serbian" officials, and supplied with weapons of murder from the arsenals of Serbia, and then sent out on their villainous journey.

On June 28, 1914, these two young Heebs assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, together with his wife at his side.

Thus by a carefully planned murder, the fuse was lit and the great conflagration started.

The plan for the murder was hatched in Serbia. But get this, little male children of the American Legion -- The bill for the job was paid from London.

Were the Sephardim on the job of smashing the Rothschilds' railroad scheme -- or were they not?

The payment was made directly through the Serbian Legation stationed at London. In proof of this statement, John Bull, an English publication, printed a letter written on the official sheet of the Serbian Legation at London, date April 5, 1914 -- note that date! -- which, decoded, read as follows --

For the elimination of F. F. (Franz Ferdinand,) the sum 2,000 pounds sterling, will be paid as follows: 1,000 pounds on your arrival in Belgrade (capital of Serbia) by the hands of Mr. G and the rest of 1,000 pounds on finishing the work paid as above. The sum of 200 pounds for expenses and to pay agents.

In other words, the young Jew Princip, who fired the shot that started the world war and in due course of time made you American Legionnaires when your country had been propagandized into joining all the brilliant business, got ten grand in American cash for the murder, and one grand for the expense of getting to Belgrade from London.

And they talk about Germany's having started the war! -- not that I'm doing any apologizing for Germany, but the facts are the facts!

The fuse was lit. The German Emperor frantically sent his telegrams to the Czar begging him to avert the catastrophe. The Czar as frantically replied that the German Kaiser should stop the war. The French and English statesmen kept the wires sizzling, appealing to all and sundry to stop the war. But war had to come. The Ashkenazim and Sephardim had fixed it all up so that war was "inevitable."... As Lloyd George said, the "terror-stricken dummies" could not stop the war.

The uncrowned and invisible rulers of Europe (Jewish) decreed that there should be war. And there was war! And was it a war?

You American' Legion lads should know! You went out and did your share of stopping the German pig-iron, that the Rothschild railroad should become a flop!

Chapter VI

Now, having said this much, I'm going, still further and tell you lads more, of what patsies these big-shot Jews made of you, that the world might be kept safe for Sephardic Democracy.

The War had scarcely been going a year, and English Tommies and French poilus were still wondering "what it was all about," when the Sephardic Jews of the Allied nations got together and signed among themselves what they called the Treaty of London.

This Treaty of London, entered into by the Allied Powers on April 26, 1915, proved definitely that the main purpose of the whole stramash was to exterminate the power of the German "kike."

In that Treaty, central Europe and a part of Asia were divided and distributed among England, France, Italy, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, and Montenegro, as follows --

England was to receive the neutral zones of Persia, southern Mesopotamia and Bagdad -- all with their heavy oil deposits, and a portion of the German colonies.

France was to get Syria and the oil fields of Mosul, Alsace-Lorraine and the Saar Valley -- rich in iron mines and smelters, temporary occupation of the left bank of the Rhine, and a goodly chunk of the German colonies;

Italy was to receive the Trentino, Triest and Istria, a generous share of the Dalmatian coasts, Smyrna and its hinterland, and numerous islands too bothersome to mention -- in lieu of all which, she deserted the Entente Cordiale as most of us recall;

Russia was to receive Constantinople and nearly the whole of Turkey in Europe, the Bosporous, the Dardanelles, and the Sea of Marmora, and full liberty of action in Persia.

Serbia, Rumania, and Montenegro were to have what was left of the loot parceled out among 'em.

It was a Jewish burglar's deal from send-off, and even Woodrow Wilson didn't know about it when the Warburg's and the rest of the Jewish crew finagling us into the mess of it, forced him to declare war over the Lusitania sinking.

The man actually thought that the German Kaiser threatened the world's Democracy. He sat in the White House and wrote scholarly papers while Baruch ran the shebang from the Sephardic standpoint. When he came to go to Europe for the Peace Conference, after you little male children of the American Legion had left fifty thousand of your buddies lying stark in No Man's Land for the Messrs. Rothschilds' railroad, he found out right enough what the war had been about.

"There is a power in Europe with which I cannot cope!" he reported on his return back here to the United States.

He didn't, however, give it a racial designation!

You fellows were called up from farm and mine, and out of office and factory. The Sephardim, needing you to fight their battles and make certain that the Messrs. Rothschilds' railroad was smashed, painted the Heinies as being next to human savages -- precisely as the same poisonous propaganda is stating today, because Hitler cleaned up Germany and kicked all such Jewish burglars out -- and you consented to be drafted and sent to camp as rookies.

You thought the United States was in horrid danger, or your "Democracy" was, and Georgie Cohan wrote Over There! and the regiments began to march down Fifth Avenue in New York, and pretty soon Blackjack Pershing announced that the first contingent of Yanks had landed in France.

How the Sephardic Jews of London must have smiled in smug satisfaction when they had put that one over on you! Reports came out from under cover after the war, in which they practically bragged that it cost Sephardic Great Britain something like 37 cents a head to convert you Americans into doing their battling against the German Ashkenazim for them!

You don't need to get overly mad yet; there's more coming. I haven't finished yet telling you just what went on behind your backs while Mr. Barney Baruch was the real War Boss of the United States.

Had there only been a single purpose behind the World War, namely, the defeat of Rothschild Germany, the division of Europe and a part of Asia, and to secure for the Sephardic financiers the absolute control of commerce and finance, the war could not -- and would not! -- have lasted six months! But after it got nicely going, the Jews in both camps met up with a surprise.

They discovered the ease with which they could infiltrate their own people into official positions previously held inviolate to Gentiles!

Furthermore, on both sides they discovered the stupendous war profits that they could reap, while the Gentiles bought the bonds, did the fighting, and paid the bills.

They had stumbled onto the mightiest racket in all creation, and something like four millions of them were not slow to get over here into the United States during the four war years and take advantage of it from the American angle.

Jews on both sides, I say, discovered the titanic opportunity presented to them to make money, which in turn meant world power and prestige after the mighty spectacle was ended.

The Jews promoted that war as a business -- just as today through all this Relief blither, they're promoting the Depression as a business! No matter how many millions have to sacrifice and suffer! What of it? They're only Gentiles!

Now get this, you boys who recall something of what France was like in wet weather, or what the front trenches were like the night of a barrage --

The question of the duration of the World War hinged upon the ability of Germany to obtain sufficient iron ore from which munitions could be manufactured. In May, 1915, in a confidential report, the six great industrial and agricultural associations of Germany advised Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg that "if the production of the Lorraine ore was disturbed, the war would be practically lost."

Engerand, a member of the French Honse of Deputies, says that the German metallurgists had frequently declared that if the German ore mines had been attacked by the French army, "the war would have been finished in six months, with the defeat of Germany."

In a heated debate in the French House of Deputies, after an investigation conducted by that law-making, body, it came out that the control of the war was in the hands of a few international Jewish families!

These families controlled most of the raw materials used in the manufacture of munitions. Furthermore, they controlled most of the factories making munitions. It appears further that they controlled both the civil governments and the military organizations of both Germany and France.

The French Deputy's report said bluntly --

"Some of the most notable of these families are the deVendel family, the Thyssen family, the Krupp family, and above them all, the famous international family of the Rothschilds, who are Jews by religion and Barons of Germany, France, and Austria, by business! These ubiquitous families are so interspersed in the various countries that in some of them they are native-born citizens, in other countries they are naturalized citizens. Some of these citizens were found to be members of the governments of opposite warring countries!"

Isn't it an ironical circumstance, little male children of the American Legion, that I'm telling you about these families and naming them to some of you for the first time, and yet for twenty months you worked for them in your 'khaki' uniforms and knew next to nothing about it! You thought you were working for Uncle Sam! The Jews put it over on you!

To speak bluntly, my lads, THEY PLAYED YOU FOR A CROWD OF SUCKERS!

Furthermore, I interrupt myself to tell you that they're still playing you for a mob of suckers.

I know more than you do about 'em, and before I get through I'll convince you of it -- provided you're Gentile!

Chapter VII

Can you still take it, or are you about ready at this point to throw my booklet aside and dismiss me with the execration that I must be a Nazi agent?

Anyhow, I haven't come yet to the most insufferable part, by a long shot. You'd better stick with me. Maybe you'll need a few facts to bring up in your next Legion meeting when somebody challenges the probability of the whole of it.

The principal iron mines, smelters, and coal mines of Germany and France, I tell you, were -- and still are -- located immediately on both sides of the pre-war political boundary line separating the two countries in the Lorraine section.

On the French side there is a very extensive ore section known as the Basin of Briey. In the same region there are extensive coal fields known as the Basin of Bruay.

These iron fields, iron mines, smelters, and coal mines were, before and during the world war, the private property of a few international families or a few international corporations. The deVendel family owned in one property some 25,000 acres of iron land, one-half of which was in German territory and the other half in French territory!

In another property, in the French Basin, the deVendel family, with the Creusot interests -- the Krupps of France -- owned eight blast furnaces and iron ore mines producing a million tons yearly. On the German side the deVendel family owned mining concessions at Meyeurre and Hayange producing three million tons of ore a year -- with blast furnaces and smelters near those mines. In all, the deVendel family controlled about 200,000 acres of iron land in that section.

The Germans, on the other hand, owned eighteen mining concessions in the Briey and Longwy Basin and a few more in Normandy. The Thyssens controlled the mines of Bailly, Jouville and Souligny. The mines of Montlers were controlled by an international group -- their stocks being divided: French, 100; German, 70; and Belgian 10.

The German "Phoenix" group -- Hasper and Koesch -- controlled the French mines at Jarny and Saucy. I could go on for a couple more pages, giving you the data on these ownerships. But you get the idea. And I think you grasp that I know what I'm talking about.

One day, before war was declared, the German army proceeded to seize the French Basin of Briey.

The French Government immediately ordered the French troops to withdraw eight miles from that section! 46

Thus the Germans occupied that important iron territory without the slightest resistance.

Was the war that you fellows were commanded to go and fight in the name of Democracy, a "set-up," or was it not?

How many of you are aware that the "front" through the Basin of Briey was practically "quiet" throughout the whole war? It was said that not a single man had ever been killed there, until the American army began its drive there against the Germans!

You see, no one seemed to have told Blackjack Pershing that he and his Yanks had been hoaxed into a "set-up" war. He, and they, started to slam-bang in as though it were a regular war, really to save democracy.

The moment the Yanks started in to make a mess of Briey, the whole war collapsed. It would have collapsed six months after it began -- and America never have been pulled into it at all -- if the Jews hadn't come to an agreement among themselves to keep it going because of the kale they were piling up, and because there were plenty of Gentiles to fight it!

In the Basin of Briey, about 25 miles behind the front, was the most important iron field from which the Germans dug the greater part of the ore used for their munitions. The German smelters were there, working day and night, preparing iron for ammunition destined to kill French soldiers and later, Americans!

How could Germans mine their fourteen million tons of iron ore 25 miles behind the front, and how could the Krupps manufacture munitions from that ore, if the French or English had bombarded those works and disturbed the peaceful operation of the smelters? Likewise, how could the French mine their 28,000 tons of coal per day, if the "Germans" had recklessly and discourteously bombarded those mines only ten to twelve miles behind the French lines?

The principal business of the international Jewish owners of those mines was to make money during the war! -- Berlin-Bagdad Railroad or no Berlin-Bagdad Railroad.

If the Germans had been dislodged from the iron ore fields of Briey -- according to the German metallurgists -- "the war would have been finished with the defeat of Germany, within six months," that is, by January 1, 1915. But if the war had come to a conclusion so swiftly, those international Yiddisher interests could not have made their millions, the Krupps could not have manufactured so much ammunition, and there would have been left several million Gentiles alive to oppose the aggressions of predatory Jews. During the war, however, business was business.

The German, English, French, and Belgian international Jewish families were bent on making money, reaping the rich harvest of Gentile dollars-and blood -- that eleven years later was to produce the most gigantic international bankruptcy that the world has ever seen. What did they care about life, liberty, and happiness of Gentiles? Sure there were a few Jewish lads here and there in the war. But whenever did the big-shot Jews care much whether their own lower-bracket flesh-and-blood took a rap or two, if the more sizable interests of world Jewry were served?

The enormity of the situation was pointed out by Gustav Tery, editor of L'Ouevre, of Paris, on May 22, 1917. That was about the time we were coming into the "set-up," remember? He declared that in the minutes of the general meeting, of the blast furnace and steel-mill corporation of Caen, held on March 14, 1916, "it is specified that the Thyssen (German branch of the family) interests, are carefully preserved in the new organization. It is understood that a part of the profits realized by this company in the making of war munitions (for France!) will be put aside for the Thyssen (German!) group, and that, after the war, automatically and legally, the Messrs. Thyssen will receive this large sum!

That's the kind of a war that made you Legionnaires, my lads of the American Legion!

Need I do any arguing that it might have been the humane thing, as well as to the interests of the French people, to have had the Germans driven out of the Basin of Briey and thus established peace within six months of the war's beginning? Had it been done, there never would have been any need for America to enter into the war at all. But I said that before! Indeed, General Sarrail of France reasoned somewhat after this fashion, he being a plain dumb Gentile general, and not initiated into the mysteries of the whole Jewish war at all. In 1914 he projected an offensive that, had it been successful, would have driven the Germans out of the Briey.

He was told by the French general staff that it was "too difficult" to maneuver in that district, although the Germans had found no trouble in advancing 14 kilometers in a mere two days!

To assure the tranquillity of the iron mines, so that the war could go on slaughtering Gentiles and eventually costing 50,000 American lives, the patriotic and uninitiated General Sarrail was removed from the command of that front and replaced by the more complaisant General Gerard.

What discourtesy it would have been, no matter how men were dying by the tens of thousands every day elsewhere, to disturb or dislodge the Germans from their peaceful mining of French iron ore!

It is only for the poor devils who have to go through the barrages and breathe the poison gas, that war is not a gentlemen's agreement! Think it over!

In 1933, a buck private of the German army whose first name was Adolf came to the chancellorship of the German Fatherland and shoveled the whole mob of burglars, shysters, criminals, and blackguards out. I don't believe in his type of government for the United States, but I'm not letting myself be bamboozled by all the poison-pen screeching that the Jews are doing in consequence -- to the end and aim that we should go over a second time and help to dislodge him, that the deVendels, the Thyssens, the Krupps and the Rothschilds should be restored to power and be permitted to repeat.

That's precisely what the big Sephardic Jew, Rossocampo-Rosenvelt, now sitting in the White House as of New Year's Eve, 1938-39, is striving his best to have happen with all the official powers at his command!

And around him, thicker than flies about a honey-pot, sit the kith and kin of the same Ashkenazic Mob that only twenty-five years ago were paying ten grand to a Serbian kike to shoot an Archduke and precipitate the whole of it. Fine business, say I! And if I stick my head out and say I know a few things that the rest of America hasn't yet learned, I'm a Nazi Spy, an agent of Hitler, a Jew-Baiter. I'm "anti-American" because I don't want to see the growing boys of today shipped overseas to fight any more Ashkenazic-Sephardic fights in a wholesale bamboozlement!

Chapter VIII

The Jews made an ocean of spondulics out of that War. One report has it that out of 100 war profiteers listed in New York State, 75 of them were Jews. Maybe that's because there are more Jews in York State in proportion to the population than in any other commonwealth. But no matter how much money they made, they sowed the seeds of a whirlwind.

The Central Powers -- thanks to us American lads -- were reasonably well-thrashed. At least they gave up. But Old Jake Schiff put up a million bucks to send Trotsky (Bronstein) to Russia to join Lenin and produce Bolshevism. The Treaty of London crystallized in practice into the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was stricken with a debt she had to repudiate. Austria and Hungary were first given over to Lenin's thugs -- and the Jew Bela Cohen went in and hamstrung five thousand Gentiles a week. The Red Jews got into Italy in the wake of war's disintegration and the whole continent of Europe was headed for chaos -- Yiddisher chaos!

Suddenly in Italy appeared Mussolini, and he put a halt to Communism. He introduced one-man Fascism because Yiddisher "democracy" doesn't serve in such a turmoil. Out of Mussolini's success grew Hitler's.

Hitler knew the crowd that had wrecked the Fatherland, and he started a one-man war in Germany to best it -- and drive it forth.

We know that he did drive it forth. He even went so far as to clap the sacrosanct person of one omnipotent Rothschild in a common hoosegow.

Over here into the United States swarmed the mob of mischief-making scoundrels, to use the Democratic Party, the American press and radio, the American movie screen, to work up a wild hysteria to have Hitler kicked to limbo.

And again we're falling for paid propaganda and poison-pen bilge, to make us go to war to pull the Rothschild chestnuts out of the fire a second time.

We must do this, it seems, in the name of racial tolerance and religious freedom.

According to the Jewish Statistical Bureau there were only 4,228,029 Jews designated as residents of the United States in 1927, ten years after we entered the war. But in 1937, ten years later, the number had jumped to 12,046,648 -- an increase of 8,818,639.

That's an increase of 17,000 Jews a week in this country, every week for ten years!

Have they got any right here? Have they come in defiance of immigration quotas or have they not? Have our immigration quotas broken down? Or has our government been turned so far Yiddish that no restraints can be put upon this influx even if illegal?

Instead of you little male children of the American Legion getting together every other Friday under some Jewish war "veteran" and griping about the "un-American" growth of Nazism and "racial intolerance," you'd better do a little scouring into what's going on right under your noses, to make this the second kind of a Germany that Hitler had to dry-clean and fumigate after he landed in office!

Last Armistice Day I heard and saw a news-reel of American Legion Commander Chadwick on a platform before a mike at Arlington Cemetery, opening the mouth that's in his face, and emitting a great belch of applesauce about this country's having no room for any ism but Americanism!

What did he mean, Americanism?

Does Americanism consist of standing aside, with a sappy look on the face, and keeping the hands thrust in the pockets while a gang of international mobsters continue to make hash of Christian-Gentile institutions?

What does Americanism mean?

And what was Chadwick doing, but toadying to the same clique of international Yiddishers who once finagled not to have the Briey Basin bombed, so that their Gentile war could go according to Hoyle on all fronts but in the Jewish-industrial area?

The American Legion prides itself on advocating and fighting for Americanism. Very good, then; why doesn't it get up on its hind legs and do a little fighting against the conniving Yiddisher who's brought a whirlwind of cataclysm on the heads of universal Christendom?

I say that I'm challenging the American Legion! I'm challenging Commander Chadwick, making his stooge-speech for Americanism that he doesn't define -- and couldn't define if he tried! He took a nasty poke at thousands of fine men in my own organization -- men who aren't bamboozled by Yiddisher propaganda and don't go 'round playing the inside game of a people that gave Christian institutions a body-blow twenty years ago and are simply being called by Kismet to pay for it.

I want to know what he means by Americanism!

The men he heads were Duped by Judah twenty-odd years bygone.

Fifty thousand dead boys -- good Americans! -- are sleeping in graves overseas because the Rothschilds wanted to construct a railroad from Berlin down to Bagdad and the owners of the Bank of England stopped 'em by wrecking the country they came from.

Is it Americanism to let the same mob come swarming over here and play eternal high jinks with this nation too?

If so, and Chadwick speaks for it officially, let the American Legion change its name to the Jewish War Veterans, en masse, and have done with bamboozlement.

Chapter IX

Anyhow, I've given you fellows the cold hard, hitherto suppressed facts of precisely what started the War and dragged you into it, and gave you the basis for a Legion at all.

That War is now twenty-five years -- a quarter-century -- in retrospect. We've lived long enough, and had time enough, to view it in the abstract, to cool down from the hysterias of military tempo.

We went overseas -- bought like the Gentile cattle that we were for 37 cents per head! -- and stopped the German pig-iron that was smelted in France, that the world might be made safe for Yiddish Democracy.

Was it made safe for Democracy -- anybody's Democracy?

How could it be made safe for something that never existed, excepting in an elementary form in ancient Greece? Moreover, what business did we have fooling in the "protection of Democracy," anyway, seeing that our United States isn't a Democracy but a Republic?

If we had real Democracy in this country, it would mean the direct hour-to-hour rule of the majority. But instead of hour-to-hour rule of the majority we got hour-to-hour rule of a ten-percent mob of Jews -- 275 of them in the highest key positions in our Federal government! -- running the affairs of 120 million Gentiles!

There are, by admitted Yiddisher census, 12,046,649 Jews within our United States. That's nearly ten percent of our entire population. And they supervise our press, they dictate our government, they shovel their smut out via radio and movie, then they get up on their hind legs and screech "racial intolerance" if a mere Gentile gets his back up and suggests that a country 90 percent Gentile ought to have federal, cultural, and political institutions that are free from the blight of the ethics of the Jewish 10 percent.

They don't even believe in the American brand of Constitutionalism. They want their High Priest Kommissar Kommunism to be installed over here. Who's opposed every legislative move to benefit the veterans? Jews! And Chadwick apparently works for 'em!

When they failed to get Communism by Red Sit-Down striking, or crack-pot economics out of Washington, they try the stunt of screeching about America's need for a swollen army and navy, and a War Resources Bill that creates a Five-Minister War Government, with the President as its head and four War Ministers (to be Big Jews of course!) about him, accountable to nobody but themselves.

I put it to you lads of the American Legion -- have we all gone nuts?

Seven years ago knowing this sort of thing was coming, I turned my back on private enterprise good for twenty-five grand a year to my bank account -- to launch the Silvershirts on a personal remuneration of one dollar a year.

I meant to create an organization throughout this nation that should actually do what the American Legion might do, or should be doing, if it didn't raise the race question: See that the majority ruled in this country, not a 10 percent minority, and that patriotism comprised something other than marching through all the best downtown streets on Armistice Day and pasting membership posters on all the best billboards as the outdoor advertising companies donated space.

I wasn't afraid of the race question. If a crowd of burglars moved into the nation, and everything they touched immediately developed -- subversion, bankruptcy, and confusion, I didn't propose to overlook the fact that they were burglars just because they were Jewish in race and religion.

If they were burglarizing the nation in the name of the Jewish race and religion, then I would treat with them in the name of the Jewish race and religion when it came to reprisals or punishments.

"We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races," says Dr. Munzer, a Jew, in his book The Way of Zion. "We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed."

"You certainly have," I was willing to agree, "but I'll be hanged before I'll let you make everything in the United States foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed, if I have anything to say about it -- and I flatter myself I can have quite a lot to say."

So I've gotten out, over a seven-year period, and organized a crowd of virile Americans in twenty-two States that are now giving the Jewish Locust-Swarm and what from Europe the unmitigated jitters. My men don't march up and down the best streets on Armistice Day, or paste posters on donated billboards, or pass resolutions against Communism in conventions and then offer their rostrums to the biggest Communists in the nation. My crowd is organized so that nobody but the leaders of their own Posts know who they are. But let trouble start anywhere in the nation -- from a "purge" of the State Democratic parties of constitutional Americans, to another marine strike in Seattle or an attempted sabotage of industry by sit-down strikes in Michigan, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, and always up near the head of the vigilante leaders you find a Silvershirt or a knot of Silvershirts. My publishing house put out two million pieces of literature last year, exposing the whole pernicious, nation-wide, Yiddisher fanagglement. And I'm evidently so terribly right in my position, and the Silvershirts are scouring to such extent, that a public Silvershirt meeting announced for Chicago is equal to a public riot; thugs and gunmen paid by Jews wade into such meetings and begin sending men and women to hospitals. Peaceable and lawful meetings! The audiences respectable and information-hungry ladies and gentlemen! The subject-matter harangued from the platform, the necessity for keeping our Republic free of the foulness, rottenness, and decomposition that the Jew Munzer talks about! And without a word of warning the rioters come smashing in, bludgeoning all and sundry! And in the face of such thuggery and depredation, the German Bunders seem to be the only other organization in the nation not afraid to gang up and put in an oar to help halt it.

And what is the American Legion doing, while this sort of thing is in progress?

From where I sit, it's organized to screech against both Silvershirts and German Bunders from public platforms, and call anybody who does anything patriotic besides parade on Armistice Day, un-American!

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I see it!

The veterans of the Messrs. Rothschild's Franco-German War or Ashkenazic-Sephardic War get together in Posts every other Tuesday, find their programs and resolutions all nicely laid out for 'em, do precisely what their officers or rules committees tell 'em, agree to hold a dance the first of the month and then go home. Once a year the national gang holds a convention somewhere that costs a lot of money to attend. The delegates listen to a lot of spellbinders who defend the Jews and damn the Silvershirts and German Bunders. In the evenings they get plastered and raise 'ell. A week later the merchants take down the bunting and count the profits. The American Legion has held another convention. And it hasn't meant a thing!

Witness the spectacle of the American Legion Convention in Chicago passing resolutions savagely denouncing Communism, a couple of years back, and then turning over its platform to the Jew, LaGuardia, from New York -- who hates Communists about as bad as Franklin D. Roosevelt hates instructed New-Deal delegates. Any Silvershirt could have told the American Legionnaires that LaGuardia was practically elected by the Communist vote!

And yet it's not to be wondered at.

You little male children of the American Legion were hoaxed, hoodwinked, and buffaloed into going over-seas and doing your part to stop the building of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad. You're in the same pitiable plight now in being herded into the Legion so that the Messrs. Rothschild's American agents can keep you on the job of protecting and championing God's Chosen People, no matter what they do to your government or bank account.

A national mob of ex-soldiers, unorganized, is a dangerous element after a war in any nation -- especially if someone starts telling 'em the truth about which bunch of blackguards started the war and for what. But organize 'em, tell 'em in fancy-sounding phrases that they're "a great force for patriotism," and they don't get out of hand and start settling accounts.

In other words, it keeps up the military discipline till it can be used again.

The poor duped veterans are ready to agree that they're "a great force for patriotism," and a little clever manipulation then fixes everything so they never come to demonstrate it.

When I call you Dupes of Judah, little male children of the American Legion, you needn't get sore. Even in being "a great force for patriotism" -- without ever doing anything about it but march and pass resolutions -- you're Dupes of Judah. Even in the Legion fulminations that will surely raise against me for writing and circulating, this book, you're Dupes of Judah.

The Jews had you right where they wanted you in 1917, and used you to stop the Ashkenazic pig-iron and sniff the gas, that you might halt an unwanted railroad from being built. The Jews have you right where they want you in 1939, and are using you to stop an anti-Semitic Silvershirt organization from being built, merely because the question of race is involved. Jews and their acts are inviolate against criticism or attack, it seems, and anyone or anything that brings their race in question is "un-American"!

A few odd-thousand jewish boys went to the war because they were drafted and couldn't help it, or they grabbed off desk-jobs in Washington that gave 'em excuse to put on uniforms. Now when the leaders of their race are openly bragging about what Jews as a race are succeeding in doing to constitutional government and Christian institutions, no Gentile ex-soldier is supposed to say or do anything about it. He had Jew buddies in the war with him! That puts the whole American Legion out of the running -- to do anything against the predatory and gloating Israelite -- at a stroke. Clever business, what?

When the Armistice was signed, I was two thousand versts out on the wastes of wintry Siberia with the thermometer at forty below, my only protection from the killing blasts an army uniform and a rough corset of dispatches around my waist. I not only saw the War. I saw Communism come into the country with my own eyesight. When I got home, I made up my mind that it wasn't going to blight my United States.

So! For personally determining that Communism wasn't going to blight the United States, and doing something more about it than march up and down on the 11th of November, or paste posters of Grecian ladies on billboards, I've been probed twice by Congress. I've been attacked by the Red La Follette Committee in the Senate -- and given it a shellacking! -- and my men did more than any other single agency in seeing that Rossocampo's "purge" went sour across a group of strategic States. Martin Dies -- with Jews around him thicker than mosquitoes in New Jersey at sundown -- gave it out the other day that "Silvershirts are becoming so formidable in this nation, that in one Pennsylvania district they practically pre-dominate!"

I'm not meaning to brag in recounting these items. I'm calling your attention to the fact that if the American Legion were something other than a Jew-muzzled organization subtly steered so as to defend and champion the nation's despoilers, there wouldn't be any need for Silvershirts and they never would have appeared.

Name one thing that the American Legion has been allowed to do since its formation, to dynamite this sabotage of American government and morals -- aside from passing resolutions against Communism and fulminating against Silvershirts and Bunders as "un-American."

A tree is known by its fruits. Christ said that, a long time ago. But Christ doesn't seem to be overly popular with American Legion Posts since the Jews took over -- excepting as a mouth-filling cuss word. How many times have you heard Christ's name invoked in Legion Post meetings? The name of "God," yes! God, according to all the best Bibles, is very, very Jewish. But Christ was such a Jew-Baiter that they dragged Him off and killed Him. If you think that such deletions come about by accident, you're crazy.

There are plenty of bowels in the American Legion -- just as there were plenty of bowels in the AEF that sailed to France. But the Jewish War Veterans, the koonlobers, the Jew-kept press, and the smart Yiddisher boys everywhere pushing in as Post commanders and officers, don't give 'em much chance to function unless it's to push into some sort of liquid fire and rake out chestnuts with a neat little six-pointed star branded upon each.

And with many thousands of Jews let into the country every week since 1914, and a Sanhedrin in the White House piling up a 40 billion dollar national debt, Chadwick gets up at Arlington and prates over a Yiddisher radio network that there's no room in this country for anything but "Americanism."

In God's name, what's the man talking about?

Chapter X

Up in Washington the week that I'm writing these lines, a new Congress is meeting. Some say it's the last Congress that is ever going to meet, but the vigorously pro-Jewish American Legion probably wouldn't know anything about that! Anyhow, in that Congress the relatives, progeny, or stooges of the same kosher mob that ordered us to risk our lives to stop the building of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad -- and wouldn't let the Briey Basin be bombed until we'd been pulled into the brawl -- are introducing two Bills. One is H.R. 9604. The other is S. 1248.

Both of these Bills represent legislation that would do on a wholesale scale in the next Yiddish war what was attempted only on a piker scale in 1917.

Instead of conscripting a few buck privates to go over and wreck Germany so that the Rothschilds couldn't complete their railroad, the Yiddishers now propose to fight the war all over again by conscripting the whole nation!

Of course they've camouflaged these Bills under a lot of bologna-phrases, such as "taking the profits out of war," just as they camouflaged the 1917 conscription under the bologna-phrase "making the world safe for Democracy."

Give the Gentiles a good bologna-phrase, and they seem to be willing to do whatever the Yiddishers want, even to die as happy as possible.

Down deep under all the applesauce and skulduggery, however, here's the stark low-down on what's happening --

Communism by open revolution in this nation is proving an expensive bust to the big banking Jews who've been seeing it got the kale. The pendulum of popularity has commenced to swing away from Rossocampo-Rosenvelt and gives every indication of going out like a light. Something must be hatched up between eleven o'clock and lunch to keep the Jews in control who've weaseled into Federal government since the start of this Depression.

The expedient is a coast-to-coast screech about the terrible State of the national defense, and how utterly unprepared the United States is for another war, in the event that Rossocampo and his Yiddishers can get one provoked with either Germany or Japan.

It's the Old Army Game all over again, little male children of the American Legion: Never give the suckers an even break!

So the Jew-kept press and radio are going to town on what terrible people the Nazis and Japanese are, because Judah has had her clutch smashed on control of both of those countries. And with a "national emergency" in sight -- just like the "inevitable" war that finally came to pass in 1914 -- the Congress must lay the cornerstones for the sort of War Government the Jews want here, by legislation.

They've prepared two Bills for the attention of the present Congress. One is Senate Bill 1248. The other is House Bill 9604. Both of these appear on the surface to be measures to more effectively organize the country in time of war by mobilizing all the nation's resources under a general Conscription Act. In the event of another war, everybody and everything are going to be conscripted -- men and women, old and young alike. But that's not the worst of it. They're going to set up a lot of those alphabetical bureaus, and at the head of each one is going to be a Chairman. These Chairmen are going to be accountable not to Congress or the people but to the President. He, with the heads of four of these bureaus, is going to run the war. And there is nothing in the Act which makes him accountable to ANYBODY!

During the run of a war "or a national emergency" this five-man board is to be the government! It is going to be known as the War Ministry Government. The Constitution makes no provision for any such hocus-pocus, Congress has no authority to put such legislation on the statute books. All the same, they're going ahead and will try to put it over. And the measure that thus abolishes Constitutionalism during such a war is commonly known as the War Resources Act.

Now this War Resources Bill -- or Bills -- means vicious mischief!

It is the NRA introduced all over again, only lifted above all chance of unconstitutionality because it appears concerned with the national defense, It provides not only for the creation of a super War Cabinet to run the country, but for the country's actual supervision by five great economic agencies, each having the word "War" so concerned in its title, that it cannot be attacked without the critic's appearing to agitate seditiously against the nation's military or laying himself open to a charge of being in the pay of America's enemies.

The first of these new bureaucracies is to be called the War Labor Administration.

The avowed purpose of WLA is to "insure" maintenance and distribution of war labor, skilled or un-skilled, as industry may require. Believe it or not, no private citizen nor even his representative in the House or Senate, has the slightest "say" as to what shall be done with his person or his labor, the moment the nation has once declared war. Congress relinquishes. Constitutional rights go by the board. The super War Cabinet Kommissars -- the Baruchs of the nation -- take charge of everyone and everything, and the slightest disobedience to fiat or arbitrary ruling means that the recalcitrant or hostile citizen is locked in prison at once.

To insure proper supplies of war materials, civilian food requirements for all conscripted Gentile citizens, the War Trade Administration is to be the second great bureaucracy, conducting industrial mobilization and superintending transportation.

The moment that the powerful Jews at the head of our government have forced a war with some foreign power -- probably Japan -- all private rights in businesses throughout the nation abruptly cease to exist. The nation automatically becomes one vast corporate State, under sterner regulation than anything devised by Mussolini or Hitler. Under excuse that such methods are necessary to prosecute the war, private ownership and management are to be abolished as archaic; managers are to be shipped and trafficked around at the pleasure of the War Ministers -- and presumably the same Jews now carrying on such radicalisms as NLRB and other Soviet agencies, are to take full command of all Gentile firms and corporations.

During the pursuance of such a war as present propaganda is expected to bring about, all commercial business expansion will come to a halt. No corporation can issue securities that amount to more than $100,000 without the consent of the third great bureau to be set up under the War Resources Bill, to be called the War Finance Control Committee.

Of course, whoever controlled WFCC would not only control the finances of the nation, but likewise control the successful outcome of the war.

Such a war, under such a control, could not be fought as we fought the World War; for there is no longer any great cache of personal wealth in the nation to be brought out of hiding by the sale of war bonds. Money for such a war would have to be raised by the same "sales" of bonds that have been keeping the New Deal alive -- taking the last capital remaining in the hands of banks, and giving them beautifully lithographed paper in return, or issuing fiat currency which in the history of every government has meant ruinous inflation.

During the last war it was not generally known that Paul M. Warburg was the great Jew alleged to be surveillance officer in the White House for Jewry, that Felix Warburg was the Jewish big shot on the War Finance Board, while at the same time, Max Warburg, the blood brother of these two, was reputed to be head executive of the German espionage system! In the event of another war, it is asking too much for wise Gentiles to believe that under the War Resources Bill there would be no repetitions of such Yiddish family high jinks.

The fourth provision for successful Yiddish Sovietism in the name of national defense under the War Resources Bill, would be the Advisory Defense Council. This would be a super-cabinet made up of the heads of the foregoing three agencies, responsible only to our Sephardic-Jewish President, and acting independently of his present official cabinet.

The Secretary of War as provided by custom and constitutional procedure, the military committees of the Congress, all the usual bodies which have enabled us to fight successfully every war in which our nation has engaged, would be automatically emasculated or tossed into discard by this new scheme which the Jews would now impose on our nation.

Finally a Price Control Commission would be established -- also responsible only to the President -- with blanket instructions to maintain the price levels of commodities as they have existed for twenty years preceding the war.

Thus all laws of supply and demand would go by the Board and we should have price by fiat.

This Price Control Commission is to fix the price of any commodity anywhere, and be responsible to no one but the President.

Now get the joker in the whole of it --

Under this War Resources Act, and during the prosecution of the war, the President could "requisition, take possession, regulate, limit, license, or prohibit, the purchase or sale, the use, importation or exportation, transportation, manufacture or distribution of any product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real estate or right."

Get that last! ... any real estate or right!

The wording of this particular clause makes it congressionally legal to close down all newspapers that might in any way disapprove of what the WRA happened to be doing to -- or with -- the country or its defense, prohibit the "right" of free speech or peaceable public assembly, trial by jury for offenses allegedly committed against the Act, and place the entire nation in the arbitrary hands of five men -- Rossocampo-Rosenvelt at the head of them!

Nothing is said in the Bill, by the way, about restoring such real estate or rights. The government has the power to take them away, and there this Bill leaves the matter dangling!

Another Bill that is supposed to go along with the War Resources Bill is one for so-called Industrial Management. It is arbitrary and curt. It simply requires every person in industry to register with the government so he can be brought into the government if and when needed.

A Bureau of Women and Minors, will be created among the hundreds of new bureaus. It will assume jurisdiction over the 10 million women and children now estimated to be working in industry, commerce and the professions. Those whom the head war kommissars specified, would be recruited into the munitions and essential industries, to take the place of men, from the start.

Everything in the War Resources Bill, in short, is precisely of the structure and pattern that for the past twenty years have been the design of the totalitarian-Communist-Soviet State in Bolshevia!

Now WE must have it in the name of Defense!

Is it any wonder that with all this war-time Sovietism proposed, and rendered sacrosanct by its tie-up with the nation's military, the Silver Legion thunders a warning across this country that any measure so inimical to constitutional government -- even constitutional government in time of war -- must not be passed "in a handful of hours," and if humanly possible, not passed at all!

The whole scheme, according to well-informed persons at the nation's Capital, is accredited as having been hatched in the fertile brain of Bernard M. Baruch.

It is being whipped into shape by Administration Jews.

In the event that it is actualized during the balance of Franklin Roosevelt's term, it will be executed by Jews -- and Jews of the type who believe that naught but Sovietism is the form of government under which Jews in America can feel themselves safe.

The pernicious side of this atrocious and far-reaching legislation is indicated by the secrecy and silence with which it is being treated in the press. No legislators are openly discussing it. No articles are appearing upon it in our national periodicals. Everything is being shaped up for the absolute dictatorship of Rossocampo-Rosenvelt -- and his compatriots -- in the name of the sacred cow of Public Protection.

He who declaims against the NVRA -- so one might deduce -- declaims against the continuity of America as a nation, prepared to defend herself against her world enemies.

What is being finagled, if such legislation is enacted into law, is, that everybody in the government, below the President and including both Houses of the Congress, is being legislated from official status the moment a conflict shall have been provoked with any nation.

Every Congressman and Senator, every federal official and department head with the exception of the President, is being legislated out of his job, back into the status of a private -- and conscripted-citizen, till peace has been declared. The War Cabinet manages everything. And even so, there is no more assurance that the President-Dictator and the War Cabinet would relinquish after peace had been declared, than we now have assurance that the various Jewish bureaus set up in Washington will ever relinquish until made to do so by civilian force!

What is being attempted, under H. R. 9604, if it actually is rushed through Congress in a matter of hours, is a piece of legislation that promptly and effectively abolishes constitutional government which has maintained in this country for 150 years.

Probable war is merely the excuse!

Is anyone so gullible as to expect that during the progress of such war, such a Soviet kommissariat wouldn't bring about conditions under which resumption of a constitutional republic could only be effected by the expedients of General Franco's forces in Spain?

I declare that all of it is a supreme piece of Yiddish cunning to effect an NRA that no Supreme Court can invalidate.

It is the supreme effort of the secret world Jewish government, to bring the Gentiles of the United States under its control so that they never escape without enduring Russia's agonies.

And Democrats and Republicans alike, in the current Congress, are going to be asked to get together, "For the unbiased good of the nation," and make the final suicide of constitutional government effective.

The press, signing its own death warrant by keeping quiet on the whole of it, is treating the matter as though H.R. 9604 were a bit of legislation to pay off old soldiers in Oshkosh and Keokuk.

So far, since H.R. 9604 first gained notice at the Capital in any status whatsoever, nobody has called attention to the fact that we already possess federal agencies and enactments on the statute books to take care of every emergency which another war might bring.

Our system of a Secretary of War and a Secretary of the Navy, with the appropriate committees on the military in the Congress, has functioned without flaw in every war in which our country has engaged.

Americans do not require to be bossed or shipped around like cattle merely because there is likelihood of the Jews' embroiling us in conflict with Germany, Japan, or some other country that has successfully halted Communism. There is plenty of patriotism left to fight our battles successfully if our country's plight be real.

Regimentation of a nation, even in war-time, still is regimentation!

The question before the American people is: Are we going to let the Jews succeed in this last stupendous trickery, or are we going to FIGHT? Think it over, little male children of the American Legion! But don't take too much time.

Congress met on January 2nd, and WRA is to be enacted into law as quickly as can be finagled!

Now then, I put the challenge openly, bluntly, and angrily: If the American Legion is "a great force for patriotism," what does it propose to do about seeing that all this Yiddisher hocus-pocus is ended, these War-Ministry Bills consigned to limbo, and the country itself purged of the Gang that's almost wrecked it?

I'm plenty sore about this thing. I know slathers of fine lads, even right in the American Legion at present, who are plenty sore about it also.

But what are we going to DO about it?

The American Legion is not supposed to "mess in politics" ... that's another laugh! ... but it is supposed to do something besides parade and paste things on billboards when the national integrity of the country is at stake!

Sooner or later one of three things has got to happen to the American Legion: Either it yanks the Yiddish halter off its neck and starts herding Yiddishers back on the boats for Europe, or it comes out openly as Judah's defense army of Rothschild-War veterans, or it disbands and goes home! There's no need to raise the controversy about the surreptitious story that the American Legion was founded on koonlobe money at Indianapolis in the beginning; when the American branch of the House of Rothschild make donations like that, they never keep minutes of the meetings with the Boys in the Back-room. Like the authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the truth or falsity of 'em has to be demonstrated by whether or not they are put into practice. To date, the American Legion, through its commanders and its Posts, has never lifted a split thumb to put the blame for either Communism or New-Dealism where it belongs. Individually, thousands of you lads have griped day by day that there's too many "kikes" running things; but saying so as a Legionnaire, or forcing the Legion to demand a show-down on it from Congress, is one of those things that you don't do.

Why not?

"The Legion isn't organized for that sort of thing," is the asinine alibi.

Well, will some human gazebo in his right mind tell me just what the American Legion is organized for, justifying its existence? What does it get you men, to belong to it? Hasn't the time arrived when you as Legionnaires should stand up and "speak your piece"? Haven't you as veterans been booted around by those big Washington Yiddishers about long enough?

Remember, after you'd fought the war and earned your bonus, it was Mr. Barney Baruch -- big-shot Jew "who had more power in the war than any other individual" -- who most actively opposed paying it.

You've been treated as scum by the Yiddishers right straight along, and yet you go on working for 'em and defending 'em. So what!

I saw just as much service, day for day, in the Rothschild-Berlin-Bagdad Railroad War as any of you. And I'm not ranting all this to make myself a big-shot. But I've made it my business to dig down to hardpan and find out what this bankruptcy and sabotage of our country are all about.

If I've made it sound in this booklet, that I've been patronizing you, forget it! I've been trying to put this big subject in language strong enough to make you fighting mad, so that you'll go forth and do something about it. Go into your next Legion Post meeting and raise 'ell about it! Raise 'ell about the Jews! ... Well, why not? Aren't they raising 'ell with you?

They're trying to make the United States of America their personal Jewtopia (Jew-Utopia), their new Land of Canaan, overflowing with milk and honey.

Are we going to be saps enough to let 'em get away with it?

Now go ahead and do one of two things: Make a big fuss over this Jew Crowd and start 'em moving out! Or obey the orders of the smart little Jew boy who's got himself a big position in your Post, and let out a roar that what I've told you as an honest American -- straight from the shoulder -- is "Nazi propaganda" and ought to be suppressed!

It's one thing or the other!

Take your choice!