"Rudolf Vrba": The Holohoax in Person

by Eyewitness & Survivor Eric Thomson

I, Eric Thomson, was among those who witnessed and survived the First Great Holocaust Thought-Crime Trial in 1984 through 1985, under the Zionist Occupation Government of Soviet Canada. The victim of this lengthy and costly (to the Gentile tax-payers) jewdicial persecution was and still is, at the time of this writing, Ernst Zündel, who is the only man on this planet who risks going to prison for discussing World War II. What this proves, to the knowledgeable observer, is that World War II is still going on and never ended in 1945, as we have been misled to believe by the jewsmedia and goy stooges of our respective Zionist Occupation Governments.

As a retired railroad man, I have often lamented the prodigal abandonment of thousands of miles of track and the curtailment of rail service in most parts of the world, but I can say from firsthand experience that the railroad business is alive and well in the courtrooms of our so-called democracies.

"Rudolf Vrba" is a name most people never heard of. The Jew who uses that name claims, under oath, that his original name was "Walter Rosenberg" and later, "Joseph Israel Rosenberg". Who he really was is likely unprovable, since he has testified that "all my documents were burned (cremated?) in Maidanek". Maidanek, on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland, was one of those alleged "death camps" which produced mostly "survivors", including Vrba-Rosenberg, whose identity papers were the only things which got "holocausted".

According to "survivors'" stories, the fiendish Nazis transferred jews from one "death-camp" to another in a form of Russian Roulette which required thousands of precious trains, hundreds of camps stretching from the Atlantic coast to Poland and Austria, and supposedly millions of participants, instead of revolvers loaded with one bullet each. The "sadistic" Nazis, we are supposed to believe (because jews know how to cry as they lie), got so fascinated with this gigantic game that they 'forgot' to kill around five million jews who have been receiving 'reparations payments' from the Zionist Occupation Government of Germany (Bundeszog). Vrba-Rosenberg was no exception but for the fact that he was probably the first jew to get his gas chamber lies into print, as one of the co-liars who concocted the infamous "War Refugee Board Report" of 1944 which was published under the auspices of the Jewnighted States Government at the behest of jewish President Roosevelt, who apparently thought the liars of the British Government were a bunch of wimps for omitting the "gas chamber" accusation from their official statement on alleged German atrocities in August 1943. Roosevelt had no such scruples. In fact he had no scruples whatsoever, as we know.

Vrba-Rosenberg is himself an interesting study. He claimed, under oath, that he was born in 1924, yet he did not appear to be 61 years old. His hair was not gray, unless he dyed it, but his physical condition mainly belied his years, even if his hair were white, for he had the stocky build and muscular stride of a bouncer, with the face of a crude and ill-tempered thug, as well as the manners and speech of one. It is therefore an exhibition of astonishing arrogance that the Zionist authorities expect us to believe that this specimen was able to earn a doctorate in chemistry and/or pharmacology and that he was capable of teaching these subjects at the University of British Columbia as an associate professor, or at any other institution. This is not to deny his academic rank, but it is to doubt his academic capacities for research and instruction. Anyone may be accorded academic titles and also receive a professor's salary, even if he has no academic abilities nor qualifications. Those of us who have seen racial hiring quotas in action now view this corruption of our educational institutions as increasingly commonplace. But Vrba-Rosenberg is a very uncommon case.

Under oath, he was asked his academic specialty. Vrba-Rosenberg replied: "The chemistry of the brain -- immunochemistry (sic) -- that means the chemical composition of the brain." Here we have a jew "professor" who cannot correctly identify his field of specialization. Any student who gave such a definition for "immunochemistry" would flunk the course, for it would prove that he knew nothing about his subject. But Vrba-Rosenberg is an associate professor, so he cannot flunk.

Because I was suspicious of Vrba-Rosenberg's academic qualifications, whatever the number of "degrees" he has received from academic authorities, I commissioned a colleague who lived in British Columbia to investigate his research papers and to find out if he actually taught a course. Eventually, I received the titles of his research papers, several of which purported to deal with brain chemistry, but certainly not "immunochemistry". I was suitably impressed, not by Vrba-Rosenberg's abilities as a researcher, but by the fact that each and every paper that I saw was co-authored. Not one had been written by Vrba-Rosenberg himself.

Although no information was forthcoming about his teaching schedule, I seriously doubt that he would be able to teach any course in English, for I had witnessed his constant murdering of the language throughout his days of testimony. If Vrba-Rosenberg were knowledgeable in the field of brain chemistry, he could describe his condition as one of "chronic dysphasia", which is defined as "... loss of the power to use or to understand language, caused by injury to or disease of the brain." Although he claimed to speak various European languages, including German and English, both of which he consistently massacred, one wonders if Vrba-Rosenberg can speak any language correctly and/or fluently.

The words "cars", "trucks", "wagons", "trains" and "lorries" were used by Vrba-Rosenberg interchangeably throughout his testimony, so one could never be sure if he was talking about railroad cars or wagons individually or collectively, as "trains". When he would say "trucks", he usually meant railroad cars, although it could turn out that he was really talking about trucks of the motor vehicle variety. Persons and lumber were "stapled", not "stacked". An epidemic was always an "epidemy". Even when he was speaking in nearly correct English, he was unidiomatic and difficult to understand. One might conclude that this was a tactic for concealing impossibilities or inconsistencies in his story by confusing everyone in the courtroom. In addition to this game of language, he rarely answered questions put to him in cross-examination by defense attorney Douglas Christie. Sometimes the jew would give two contradictory answers. As usual, the 'Chief Prosecutor', Judge Locke, who was blatantly partisan against the defense, ignored these abuses of procedure and often reinforced them by interrupting and criticizing defense counsel before the jury. As one can imagine, it would be difficult to prove that a witness was lying if no one could figure out what he was saying.

Occasionally, Vrba-Rosenberg would be caught by the physical impossibility of his monstrous allegations. One example of this occurred when he lied that bodies were being burned in "pits, the depths I would estimate for (sic) six meters." When defense counsel pointed out to him that the water table was around one meter beneath the surface, since the area is marshy, Vrba-Rosenberg responded by saying that the ground was frozen because it was December. When defense counsel asked him why the intense heat which he described as emanating from the pits did not melt the ice, he said that the Nazis had "ameliorated" the groundwater level, but he did not know how they had done it! The cretins, morons and cowards of the jury accepted it as 'fact' that Nazis could burn jews in water-filled ditches because this arrogant jew said they could. After all, if the jews could "part the Red Sea", then the Nazis could likewise magically hold back the groundwater so the "burning-pits" could do their work. Perhaps wise men are right when they say that a Christian can be made to believe anything, since he has already swallowed a camel-size absurdity!

This founder of the Holohoax introduced some amazing new "information" in his testimony. For example, Vrba-Rosenberg claims that "children's heads don't burn ... they contain such an amount of water, that to burn completely, a child (sic) skull is much more difficult than a grown-up's skull." He claimed, under oath, that if a person is sufficiently anti-Nazi, he can unerringly find his way over unknown terrain, without a compass -- in the dark! Aside from losing one's way in the woods, it would be a good way to break one's neck, but the jury did not doubt him for a moment.

He claimed that each Auschwitz prisoner had a number "tattooed on his hand". Funny thing that all the "Auschwitz survivors" seem to have numbers on their arms, not on their hands. If Vrba-Rosenberg is right about that, there is going to be a rush of millions to the tattoo parlors. Like all of his kosher cohorts, he makes fantastic claims concerning the efficiency of the Nazis' old-fashioned crematoria. They could do in twenty minutes what it takes our most modern facilities over an hour to do, under optimum conditions. Of course, any people who could make flames burn under water would probably have no trouble making flames work three or four times as fast as our clammy 'democratic' flames.

The sort of verbal jousting which went on whenever defense counsel would ask this jew a simple question was a real eye-opener, if any Gentile in the courtroom paid attention. Other jew witnesses, like Raul Hilberg, used the same tactics, although Hilberg was more refined and less obviously antagonistic than Vrba-Rosenberg. The following are some of the tactics used by jew witnesses, in addition to perjury. (1) Pretend not to hear the question; (2) Pretend not to understand the question; (3) 'Answer' with another question; (4) Ignore the question and make a short speech on another subject; (5) Give contradictory answers, while pretending to answer the question; (6) Avoid whenever possible giving yes or no answers. Of course, no Aryan would be permitted to use such blatantly obstructive tactics, for any judge is aware of such stunts and would sternly order the Aryan witness to behave properly. Not so, however, in the case of one jew witness after the other. Here is a mercifully brief sample of "Vrba-lese" during his cross-examination by defense attorney Doug Christie: "Witness, will you say it's true that you have told stories about Auschwitz?"

Vrba: "I didn't keep a secret out of it."

Christie: "Would you say that all the things you've said about Auschwitz are true?"

Vrba: "I would think so, within the frame of possibility of a reference."

Christie: "I now produce and show to you a book entitled, 'I Cannot Forgive'. Are you the author of this book?"

Vrba: "I am a co-author."

Christie: "Did you check it and see that all the contents were true?"

Vrba: "Which year has this book been published?"

Judge Locke (even a Zogling can become impatient with a jew): "Would you answer the question, please, sir?"

Christie: "Could you answer the question?"

Vrba: "Which year has the book been published?"

Judge: "Show him the book."

Christie: "1964 March by Grove Press. It attributes the authorship to you and to a Mr. Alan Bestik. Did you read that book?"

Vrba: "Yes. Certainly. I wrote the book."

Christie: "All the contents are true?"

Vrba: "I wouldn't answer in a direct way to this question, because this is a work of literature, and not a document, and therefore I would like to make certain remarks on the background of the book which will make it more clear to you what the book is about. Please don't interrupt me, because I cannot work this way."

Christie: "Would you let me ask a question?"

Vrba: "I didn't finish your previous question."

Christie: "Pardon me."

Vrba: "I did not yet finish your previous question."

Christie: "Fine. Carry on."

Obviously, the lies which Vrba-Rosenberg authored in his allegedly 'true' work of fictional, anti-German hate propaganda were too flagrant to stand up to serious cross-examination, but he insisted on having his proverbial cake and eating it too, as all Jews will do. He did not want to admit that he was not an 'omniscient observer' to all the bogus events he wrote about, yet he would agree that, "perhaps" he had heard these tales from others, without having seen any of it himself, especially events which purportedly took place after his alleged "escape" from Auschwitz-Birkenau. When defense counsel would press him to tell the court which events were hearsay and which events he had seen, Vrba-Rosenberg would become evasive and relapse into his insistence that the book was "a literary exercise", but nonetheless true. Zog-judge Hugh Locke never intervened to have him answer any of these questions in a coherent manner. Should we be surprised? Why shouldn't our enemy grow strong and arrogant when we continue to support him with our tax dollars and our interest payments?

Vrba-Rosenberg advanced some truly novel ways of calculating the number of jews "gassed" at Auschwitz. One way which he used to arrive at a figure of 1,760,000 kosher "gassees" was to count the times the windows rattled in the barracks where he was quartered. Each time the windows rattled, a truck was passing on the nearby dirt road. Although he never saw what the trucks were carrying, he assumed them to be full of jews who were soon to be converted into "puffs of harmless black smoke". By assuming the number of jews per truck and by multiplying that number by the number of rattles, he obtained his fantastic Holohoax figure. Of course, there was no way to tell which way the trucks were heading, since they made the blacked-out windows rattle going and coming, nor had he any way of confirming his supposition that the trucks carried jews and not soldiers and supplies on their way to the front, which was getting close in 1944.

Now we come to the crude and grotesque diagrams used by Vrba-Rosenberg "to keep his lies straight", in the words of defense counsel. The jew claimed to have scrawled these blotches shortly after he "escaped" from Auschwitz. Without looking at them, it seemed impossible for him to testify and when he gave testimony, it could never be taken out of the order in which he recited, like spooling an audio tape backwards and starting again. Many spectators in the courtroom, including myself, noted and commented upon Vrba-Rosenberg's peculiarity of "recollection". Here is a typical example of this jew's inability to answer a question with specific information, even when he is not trying to evade or cover up:

Prosecutor Griffiths (born a U.S. citizen and reputed to have come to Canada to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War): "Before you went to England, where were you; what country were you living in?"

Vrba: "I was born in Czechoslovakia on September 11, 1924. I lived in Czechoslovakia until 1939 when Czechoslovakia was dismembered, and from '39 onwards I lived in a puppet Slovakia in a puppet state which was under German rule with local underlings ruling until 1942. In June of 1940 I have been deported to the concentration camp of Maidanek where I was fourteen days."

Despite the verbosity, Vrba-Rosenberg did not answer the question. Perhaps he was not 'programmed' to answer it, for that is what his peculiar behavior indicates: programming or 'brainwashing'. People who memorize information, stories or speeches can usually pluck a specific detail out of the whole without having to 'play-back' entire sentences and paragraphs, but hypnotically-programmed subjects have difficulties in separating the parts from the whole. Students who cram for exams the night before exhibit a notable urge to spew out everything they have memorized onto paper before they forget, often without reading or actually answering the question. In this jew's case, however, there seemed to be no danger that he would forget -- as long as he had his Pavlovian diagrams in front of him. How many people do you know, if any, who require a diagram to recall what they did or saw? Only rarely in the course of Vrba-Rosenberg's testimony was there any need to refer to a map of Auschwitz-Birkenau-Monowitz, and the diagrams for that purpose were drafted by others, and they bore little resemblance to the daubings of Vrba-Rosenberg.

After witnessing the performance of this Holohoaxer and after a further examination of his testimony, I conclude that any jew and even some Gentiles could be "Rudolf Vrba", whose credentials and persons are of postwar manufacture, and certified "kosher" by World-Z-O-G. Knowledgeable people are aware of the C.l.A.-directed "psychic-driving" and "mental-programming" experiments conducted in the 1960's by Canadian as well as U.S. psychiatrists on their unsuspecting patients, at least some of whom were jews. Their conclusion, from what I have learned in my own research, was that "stable personalities" were most difficult to "program", similar to the job an architect would have if he attempted to make major alterations in a massive, solidly-built structure. The "programming" required to make major alterations in the personality and behavior of the stable personalities usually rendered these subjects useless as tools of the programmers and useless to themselves, similar to the victims of psycho-surgery or lobotomies. "Unstable personalities", on the other hand, were more amenable to "programming". Alcoholics, drug-addicts, schizophrenics, etc. were more easily directed to adopt new behavior patterns and attitudes under the C.I.A.'s 'treatments', which involved isolation, repetition, hallucinogenic and soporific drugs, electroshock, insulin shock and Pavlovian pain-drug hypnosis.

Jews in particular, apparently because of their tri-racial genetic composition, are disproportionately afflicted by schizophrenia, to greater or lesser degrees. The half-jew comedian, Peter Sellers, for instance, was asked by an interviewer how he had come to be so adept at portraying so many characters in his films. Sellers answered: "Because I really don't know who I am." Dozens of jews whom I encountered in college and university said to me that the "Great Human Problem", i.e. the jews' problem, was to discover their identities. Like a typical dumb Goy, I would ask: "What's wrong, did you lose your birth certificate?" How does a crazy person explain the 'reality' of his world to a sane person? Although it is hard for a person of one race to understand a mixed-race person, it is well-nigh impossible for the victim of race-mixing to understand himself. The jews are forever writing and talking about achieving self-awareness and self-understanding, unlike Blacks, Whites or Yellows, yet, the jews are never successful in their quest, for one can never achieve understanding of oneself if one does not know who he is. A color-blind person can write and talk about colors, but he will never see them.

As an Aryan, I can feel sorry for a creature like Vrba-Rosenberg, who shows many of the recorded symptoms of a victim of brain-chemistry experiments, rather than a practitioner thereof. I cannot feel sorry, however, for those of Our Race who have allied themselves with the Zionist deceivers, exploiters and destroyers of mankind, for they have a racial duty to know better, just as do the Aryans who refuse to use their own brains and thus believe the impudent lies and calumnies of these vicious parasites.