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How Bill (and Monica) Saved Hillary from a Federal Indictment

Here's the second in Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair's series as they describe Hillary Clinton's years in Little Rock and her narrow escape from federal charges that would have destroyed her political career for ever. PLUS KEVIN ALEXANDER GRAY on how Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are failing Black America even as they hunt for votes in So uth Carolina's "Black Primary." Get your copy today by subscribing online or calling 1-800-840-3683 Remember contributions to CounterPunch are tax-deductible. Click here to make a donation. If you find our site useful please: Subscribe Now

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Today's Stories

August 27, 2007

Jorge Mariscal
The General Reports

August 25 / 26, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Don't Carpool with Nouri al-Maliki

James Petras
The Great Financial Crisis

Jeffrey Buchanan /
Chris Kromm
Where Did the Katrina Money Go?

Marjorie Cohn
Turning Iraq into Vietnam

Rev. William E. Alberts
Jesus, the Theological Prisoner of Christianity

Robert Fantina
Ari Fleischer, Freedom Watch and the Pro-War Lobbyists

Brian Concannon
Whitewashing the History of Abolition

Ralph Nader
What Do They Have to Hide?

Laura Carlsen
Extending NAFTA's Reach

Fred Gardner
Notes from Hempfest

David Michael Green
History, the Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Stephen Soldz
Why Mary Pipher Returned Her APA Award

Mike Ferner
Combatants for Peace: Former Enemies Find New Way Forward

Paul Krassner
Mort Sahl's Punchline

Ben Tripp
Resistance is Impossible--But Not Futile

Missy Beattie
President Druzilla

Website of the Weekend
Blue Print for Gulf Renewal


August 24, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
A Hegemonic Hubris

Greg Moses
A Cruel and Unusual Excuse

William Schroder
Bush, Vietnam and Iraq

Alan Farago
The Pain of Paper Millionaires

Jackie Corr
Uncle Ben Bernacke and the Nanny State

Jeff Ballinger
Naomi Klein and the Path Not Taken

Bill Quigley
Pere Jean-Juste Comes Home

Dave Zirin
Inching Toward Insanity

Richard Rhames
Deaver and the Making of Reagan

Ryan Haygood
How Newark Can Mend

Website of the Day
Lindorff's Iraq Rag


August 23, 2007

Kathy Kelly
We Shouldn't be Causing This

P. Sainath
Meeting the Mahatma

Ron Jacobs
Bush, Vietnam and 14 More GIs Dead

Christopher Brauchli
Beyond Kafka: Mistakes, Soreheads and Eavesdropping

D.K. Wilson
When Sports Journalists Talk Race

Joshua Frank
The Weeds of Willapa Bay

Dan Bacher
Schwarzenegger's True Lies About Dams and Canals

Brenda Norrell
Bush's House of Snakes: Indians, Border Biometrics and Migrating Corporations

John Wright
The Ongoing Tragedy of Afghanistan

David Vest
Elvis and Racism, Round 2

Website of the Day
Urgent Plea: the Black Agenda Report Needs Your Help!


August 22, 2007

Norman Finkelstein
Remembering Raul Hilberg

Marc Levy
Sleepless in Iraq

Lawrence R. Velvel
When Courts Bow Down to Secrecy

Ray McGovern
Bush's Iran War Drums Beating Louder

Norman Solomon
How to Survive at the Pentagon on $2 Billion a Day

John Walsh
Abe Foxman's Genocide Denial Road Show

Michael Dickinson
Little Brother is Watching You

William S. Lind
Operation Kabuki?: the Credibility of David Petraeus

Bill Hatch
A Short Walk into the Valley of Death

Kenneth E. Foster and John Joe Amador
How We Will Protest Our Executions

David Vest
Predictable Parallels: CNN and PBS

Website of the Day
The Once and Future Steve Perry

August 21, 2007

Saul Landau
The FBI's New Power

Alan Farago
Sand Houses and Missing Beaches

John Stauber
Iraq: the Gift that Keeps on Bleeding

Phillip Rizk
Gaza and the Jordanian Option

Debbie Nathan
Giuliani's Garden District

Binoy Kampmark
The Art of Sinning

Martha Rosenberg
The Fastow Economy

Sunsara Taylor
Back to School During Wartime

Website of the Day
Coffee with the Troops


August 20, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
Padilla Jury Opens Pandora's Box

Uri Avnery
Stumbling Toward Another War

Rannie Amiri
Nasrallah's Surprise: a Warning from Beirut's No Bluff Zone

John Ross
The Fine Art of Bad Elections

Harvey Wasserman
The Senate's Radioactive Rip-Off

Robert Billyard
Canada's Disgrace: the Cases of Maher Arar and Omar Khadr

Dave Lindorff
Excuse Us, Nancy Pelosi

James Rothenberg
Why Your Vote Will Never Matter

David "DC" Larson
To Smear a King

Website of the Day
Bird Cinema

August 18 / 19, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Exit Karl Rove, Everyone's Useful Demon

Saul Landau
The FBI in War and Peace

Ralph Nader
Greed and Folly on Wall Street

Patrick Cockburn
A Bloody Week in Iraq

Robert Fantina
Cannon Fodder: Beau Biden and other "Deployable Assets"

Robert S. Eshelman
Azar's Story: an Iraqi Refugee Living in Syria

P. Sainath
The Last Battle of Laxmi Panda

Dave Lindorff
Tossing Fuel on a Fire: US Military Aid to Israel

Anthony DiMaggio
Iraq, Iran & the Vanishing Context in American News

Fred Gardner
The Politics of Schizophrenia

Ron Jacobs
The Virtues of Resistance

Tom Turnipseed
War Profiteering and Corruption: From Lexington, S.C. to the White House

Paul Krassner
Assholes of the Week: Special Preachers, Priests and Clerics Edition!

Ben Tripp
I'm So Screwed

Andrew Wimmer
Living With Grief

Nancy Oden
Where Inmates Can Grow for Free

N.D. Jayaprakash
India Backtracks on Disarmament

Rick Smith
Reflections on Cuba: an Interview with Doug Morris

Missy Beattie
The Suicide Bomber

Poets' Basement
Engel, Ford, Orloski and McLellan

Website of the Weekend
Imperial Storm Troopers in Action

August 17, 2007

Joanne Mariner
Terrorizing Social Protest

Paul Craig Roberts
China is not the Problem

Shepherd Bliss
Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Chile, 30 Years Later

Dave Lindorff
Convicting Padilla: Bad News for All Americans

John Muthyala
The Water and the Road: Katrina, Poverty and the American Dream

Patrick Cockburn
Deepening Divsions in Iraq

Sherwood Ross
Military Interrogators are Posing as Lawyers at Gitmo

Phil Doe
The Old West Moves East: the Political Science of Colorado River Water

David Michael Green
Karl Rove and the Damage Done

Website of the Day
Gorilla Slaughter: a Personal Account

August 16, 2007

Jonathan Cook
The Second Lebanon War, a Year Later

Christopher Brauchli
Babes in Toxic Toyland

Norman Solomon
Backspin for War

Lee Sustar /
Orlando Sepuldeva

Victory on the Picket Line: How Immigrant Workers Won Their Strike Against Cygnus

George Bisharat
Boycott Movement Targets Israel

Binoy Kampmark
Tasteless: Gordon Ramsey and the Death of Gastronomy

Evelyn Pringle
Protection Racket?: the FDA and Avandia

Hugo Blanco
The Epic Struggle of Indigenous Andean / Amazonian

Website of the Day
Burning Man: the Field Recordings


August 15, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
"No American President Can Stand Up to Israel"

Michael Neumann
In Memoriam: Raul Hilberg

Jordan Flaherty
The Struggle to Free the Jena Six

Sonja Karkar
Can You Hear the Cries from Gaza?

Felice Pace
NPR Watch: Will Linda Gradstein Go to Gaza?

Joshua Frank
On Censoring Pearl Jam

Dave Lindorff
Terrorist Nation?

Carla Blank
Elvis Presley: King or Apprentice?

David Vest
Guralnick, Elvis and Racism

Harvey Wasserman
Why the Neocons Won't Miss Karl Rove

Peter Rost, M.D.
FDA Approved Drug Makes You Hypersexual and a Compulsive Gambler

Russell Mokhiber
An Arab American's Pocket Political Dictionary

Website of the Day
Stoners Busted


August 14, 2007

Paul de Rooij
Humanitarian Wars and Associated Delusions

Winslow T. Wheeler
Congress's Busted September: Disingenuous Gestures Amid Catastrophe

David Rosen
The Case of Genarlow Wilson: Racism, Justice and Age-of-Consent Laws in America

Gary Leupp
Bush Warns Puppets Not to Praise Iran

Clifton Ross
Latin America at the Crossroads

Muhammad Idress Ahmad
The Politics of Democracy Promotion

Jacquelyn Godin
A Circle of Poison: Pesticides in the Plantations

Uri Avnery
Oslo Revisited

Ramzy Baroud
A Palestinian Miracle at the UN?

James McEnteer
Philistines as Cultural Critics

Website of the Day
When Cheney Called Iraq a Quagmire


August 13, 2007

Jeremy Scahill
The Mercenary Revolution

F. William Engdahl
The Hidden Agenda Behind Bush's Biofuel Plan

Alexander Cockburn
The Veldt Will Never Be the Same

Kathy Kelly
Iraq's Refugees: "et to Work"

Chris Floyd
No Light, Light Tunnel: the Bipartisan Guarantee of More War in Iraq

Paul Craig Roberts
Hegemony of the Cockroach

William Blum
First Pullout, Then Bloodbath?

Kenneth Couesbouc
The Language of Dominion

Rannie Amiri
Tancredo's Screedo: a Lethal Mix of Ignorance and Insanity

Brenda Norrell
Priests Expose Secret Cycle of US Torture

Fran Shor
All Fall Down

Ron Jacobs
Dr. Strangelove Meets Dubya's Double Buzz Twofer

Website of the Day
The Beauty of Defiance


August 11 / 12, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
How the Democrats Blew It in Only 8 Months

Stan Goff
The Cover-Up of Pat Tillman's Death

Ralph Nader
GM Radio: Payola to Rightwing Talk Shows?

Vijay Prashad
Destination Darfur: a New Cold War for Oil

Greg Moses
SubPrime People: Behind the Banking Crisis

Alan Farago
The Cratering Mortgage Market, WCI Communities and Amb. Al Hoffman

Patrick Cockburn
The Cracks in Saddam's Dam

Ben Tripp
On Fleeing the Country

Robert Fantina
Romney's Dance: The Rightwing Flip-Flop

John Ross
The Guelaguetza Strategy in Oaxaca

Seth Sandronsky
Organizing Nurses

Paul Krassner
Assholes of the Week: From Mitt Romney to Bill Richardson

Website of the Weekend
Pearl Jam: Censored by ATT


August 10, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
China's Threat to the Dollar is Real

Stan Goff
How Pat Tillman Died

Marjorie Cohn
A Blank Check for Domestic Spying

Saul Landau
In the Age of Immigrant Panic

Chris Floyd
Goading Xerxes: the Coming Strike on Iran

Daniel Ellsberg
A Vision for Cindy Sheehan's Campaign

Anthony Papa
The Upside Down Flag: a Country in Distress

Farzana Versey
On the Heels of Sir Salman

Sgt. Kevin Benderman
Freedom or Totalitarianism?

Nuri Nuri
Memories of T99 Nelson

Website of the Day
Lessons in Obfuscation from Sen. Larry Craig: How to Talk About Looting the Public Domain


August 9, 2007

Stan Goff
The Fog of Fame: Pat Tillman as Everyone's Political Football

Paul Craig Roberts
In the Hole to China

Alan Farago
The Terror of the Mortgage Pools

William S. Lind
The Surge's New Math: One Step Forward, Two Back

Doug Giebel
Letter from Montana: What the Bushvolk Have Done to America

Harvey Wasserman
Radioactive Bailout in Advance

Jacob Hill
The Tail End of Free Trade: NAFTA's Impact on the Manufacturing Sector

Raul Zibechi
The Dark Side of Agrofuels

Dave Zirin
The Making of Barry bin Laden

Website of the Day
"Babies Just Come with the Scenery"


August 8, 2007

Andy Worthington
Backing Up Lt. Col. Abraham on Gitmo Abuse

Jeff Halper
The Catch in Israel's "Generous Offers" at Jericho

Greg Moses
No Light in August for Texas Refugees: Judge Orders Baby Sent to Palestine

Nurit Peled-Elhanan
The Murder of Abir Aramin, 9 Years Old

Sukant Chandan
British Prisons as Islamic Universities

Robert Fisk
A Lebanese Surprise

George H. Strauss
The Military Society

D.K. Wilson
Bonds, the Haters and 756: Why Bob Costas Can't be Trusted

Bill Day
Leonardo DiCaprio's Baggage: the Perils of Celebrity Environmentalism

Tim Campbell
Monkey See, Monkey Do Politics

Website of the Day
Periodic Table of Visualization Methods


August 7, 2007

Patrick Cockburn
Why the Surge Has Failed

Andy Worthington
Why Do We Need the Democrats?: They Have Failed to Restrain Bush on Gitmo, Iraq and Domestic Spying

Kathy Kelly
The Little Girl of Hiroshima

Stan Cox
The Antiwar Majority: Look Quickly, You Might Miss It

Sonja Karkar
Israel's Settlement Project

Sen. Russ Feingold
A License to Wiretap--Anyone

Alan Farago
Dancing in the Light of Florida

Norman Solomon
Let Us Now Praise an Infamous Woman

Binoy Kampmark
Giving Good Face: What Jeremy Bentham and Facebook Have in Common

Dave Lindorff
The Gelding Congress

John Stauber
Coffee with the Troops at Yearly Kos

Website of the Day
George Carlin on Education

August 6, 2007

Bill Quigley
Fighting for the Right to Learn in New Orleans

Kathy Rentenbach
Guatemalan Gold, Guatemalan Bones

Uri Avnery
White Elephants: Bush's Middle East Arms Deals

Col. Dan Smith
Of Time and Iraq

Ralph Nader
Cruise Ship Blues

James Neshewat
War? What War?: a Report from the New SDS Confab in Detroit

D.K. Wilson
Barry, Bud and 755

Greg Moses
Safe Passage for Willie Nelson

Fidel Castro
Hard and Obvious Realities

Mike Whitney
Judgment Week on Wall Street


August 4 / 5, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Rupert Murdoch and the Luck of the Bancrofts

Peter Linebaugh
Speaking in Irish Tongues

Saul Landau
Faith-Based War

Alan Farago
The Candidates and the Collapsing Economy

Dave Zirin
When Domes Attack: Even in Minnesota

Barucha Calamity Peller
Oaxaca is Not Over

Anthony DiMaggio
Double Standards in U.S. Aid to the Middle East

Dave Lindorff
Spy Power: Bush Demands, Democrats Deliver--Again and Again and Again

Fred Gardner
Write Off Your Congressman

Nicola Nasser
The Iranian Option

Benjamin Dangl
Privatizing Repression in Paraguay

Rannie Amiri
Bribe, Divide and Conquer

Daniel Gross
CSR on Trial: Starbucks Behind the Brand

Sherwood Ross
Obama Renounces Use of Nuclear Weapons

Manuel Garcia, Jr
A Bridge Truth Movement?: From 9/11 to Minneapolis

Missy Beattie
The First Mannequin and the "Crime Scene"

Ron Jacobs
The Outlaw Trip to Mexico: Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad

Website of the Weekend
Photos: Texas Immigrant Prison


August 3, 2007

Gabriel Matthew Schivone
An Interview with Noam Chomsky on Responsibility, War Guilt and Intellectuals

Jonathan Cook
Israel's Jewish Problem in Tehran

Patrick Cockburn
Sunnis Walk Out of Iraq Government

Little Steven Van Zandt
Die, Greedy Swine! Die! Die!: How the Record Companies are Killing Rock Music

Christopher Brauchli
Bush Makes Putin Look Like James Madison

D. K. Wilson
Two Sides and a Middle: Michael Vick Ain't the One to Ask

Linda Ford and Ira Glunts
Maxwell's Silver Hammer: Syracuse University Enlists in the Global War on Terror

Kelly Overton
The Casualties of Green Scare: the Feds' War on the Animal Rights Mvt.

Monica Benderman
In Freedom's Name

Manuel Garcia, Jr.
Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: Was Cheney at the Scene?

Website of the Day
A Cinematic Look at the Police State in Action


August 2, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
The Return of the Robber Barons

Stanley Heller
Report from the Land of Apartheid

Eric Ruder
Fighting PTSD; Fighting the Army

Robert Fantina
Still Getting It Wrong: the NYT and Iraq

Alan Farago
The Toxic Mortgage Waste Crisis

Chris Floyd
Chertoff, Chiquita and Death Squads

Franklin Lamb
Lebanon's Crucial Special Elections

Sen. Russ Feingold
Closing the Book on the Abramoff Era

Anthony Papa
Drug Treatment isn't a Silver Bullet

Norman Solomon
The Big Guns of August

Website of the Day
Louie, Louie Video Contest


August 1, 2007

Debbie Nathan
More Secret Payments by Former NYT Reporter to Web Porn Star Surface in Nashville Courtroom

Fred Gardner
Ciao, Michelangelo

Gary Leupp
Why Iraq's Best-Loved Athlete Can't Go Home

David Rosen
America's Top 10 Political Sex Scandals

Winston Warfield
Is the Tillman Case Still a Coverup?

Daniel McBride
Lessons from Bomber Harris: If the US Strikes Pakistan

Glen Ford
The Corporate Plan to Crush Black Resistance

Thomas P. Healy
The Toxic Career of Indiana's Environmental Commissioner

John V. Whitbeck
The Five Percent Solution

David Krieger
Nuclear Weapons and the University of California

Website of the Day
The Tragic Story of Hisham Mohammed


July 31, 2007

Kathy Kelly
Dancing in the Darkness: the Story of Abu Mahmoud

Clancy Sigal
The Ghosts of Passchendaele

Paul Krassner
Assholes of the Week: From Baby Doll to Cheney

Joe DeRaymond
Return to the Republic of Death?

Diane Christian
"Winning": What Bush Could Learn from the Shade of Achilles

Chris Floyd
Good News is No News: Why the Bush Adm. Buries Accounts of Extremist Recantations

Ramzy Baroud
Bush's Real Agenda in Palestine

Alan Farago
Battle for the Soul of Florida

Fidel Castro
In Spite of Everything: Reflections on the Pan American Games

Dan Bacher
The Fish Terminator: Schwarzenegger's Campaign to Build the Delta Canal and More Dams


July 30, 2007

Marjorie Cohn: Independent Counsel Time

Patrick Cockburn
Four Million Iraqis on the Run

Peter Quinn
Irish in America

Uri Avnery
A Warning to Tony Blair

John Ross
Zapatista Intergalatica Lands on Earth

Ron Jacobs
Free the San Francisco 8

David Vest
Farewell, Old Friend: Another Legend of the Blues is Gone

Jeffrey St. Clair
T99 Nelson: Seduced by a Legend of the Blues

Website of the Day
Collateral Repair Project


July 28 / 29, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Now the NYT is Selling "Bloodbath" as a Rationale to Stay in Iraq

Ralph Nader
Rotten Justice

Robert Fantina
American Lies and Iraqi Nationalism

Fred Gardner
Prohibitionists Attack, Reformers Fundraise


July 27, 2007

John Ross
Bombing Pemex--or Not?

Arthur Neslen
Gaza was a Gas for Blair

Dave Lindorff
Declaring the US a Battlefield: Martial Law is Now a Real Threat

Julene Blair
The Environmentalist Within

Christopher Brauchli
Bush Uses Children as Shock Troops in His War on Socialized Medicine

Jesse Hagopian
Fund the Wounded, Not the War

Charles Modiano
Manufacturing a Villain: Sports Illustrated's Vilification of Barry Bonds

Bill Day
The Hollow Environmentalism of Leonardo DiCaprio

Walter Brasch
Leaders Afraid to Lead

M.D. Mitchell
Farm Based Camps

Website of the Day
Fighting Sarcoma


July 26, 2007

Kathleen Christison
The Siren Song of Elliot Abrams

Andy Worthington
Why the Pentagon's Gitmo Study is a Joke

Clancy Chassay
How the Bush White House Seeks to Destroy Lebanon

Marjorie Cohn
Showdown Over Executive Privilege

Susie Day
Apartheid Americana

David Price
Tour de Witch Hunt: Drugs, Diaries and Purges

Marie Trigona
Argentina's "Dirty War" Crimes Trial: The Torturer Priest

Norman Solomon
Media Spin on Iraq: We're Leaving (Sort Of)

William S. Lind
How to Win in Iraq

Natsu Saito
Ward Churchill and the Regents at the University of Colorado

John Stauber
Netroots and the Iraq War: Does Ending It Matter to Them Anymore?

Website of the Day
Sticking It to the Man


July 25, 2007

Andy Worthington
Gains and Losses at Gitmo

Gary Leupp
Bush Speechwriter, Michael Gerson, Calls for Attack on Syria

Ray McGovern
The Sad Decline of John Conyers

Dr. Susan Block
Bonobo Bashing in the New Yorker

Joshua Frank
Hillary's Neocon: the Imperial Vision of Richard Holbrooke

Tina Richards
What Harry Reid Doesn't Know About His Own Bill

Ben Terrall
Indonesia's Bloody Brand of CounterTerrorism

Farzana Versey
God Acquitted!: Lessons from the Case of Darwood Ibrahim

Mohammad Ali Salih
A Bomb in My Briefcase?

Laura Carlsen
A Strange Homecoming: Reflections on the First US Social Forum

Ron Jacobs
Come to Kennebunkport!

Sunsara Taylor
Knocked Up is F**ked Up

Website of the Day
Wal-Mart's Flip Flops: Feet Killers

July 24, 2007

Saul Landau
How to Walk in Bushtime

Kathy Kelly
The Plight of Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

Russell Mokhiber
The Michael Vick / George Bush Thing

M. Shahid Alam
Islam Now, China Then

Patrick Cockburn and Anne Penketh
Meeting in Baghdad

Dave Lindorff
Overcoming John Conyers

Binoy Kampmark
You Tube You Can't: Failure of a Medium

Richard Neville
Murdoch's Transplant: a Warning to the Wall Street Journal

Cindy Sheehan
We Must Move Beyond Politics as Usual

Evelyn Pringle
Anti-Depressants and Birth Defects: Why is the CDC Downplaying the Risks?

Norman Solomon
Media Corrections We'd Like to See

CP Newswire
Reading Harry Potter Not Sinful

Website of the Day
Sea Islands Black Heritage Festival


July 23, 2007

Andy Worthington
Narcolepsy on Gitmo Detainees

Uri Avnery
A Trap for Fools

Patrick Cockburn
Turkish Prime Minister Threatens to Invade Northern Iraq

Sousan Hammad
The Children Without a Title

John Walsh
Todd Gitlin's Nader Fixation

Harvey Wasserman
Spinning Kashiwazaki: PR Flacks Rush to Aid of Crippled Nuke

Martha Rosenberg
The Life and Times of a Hog-Hanging Farmer

Collin Baber
Here Come the MRAPs: Resurrecting Apartheid Armor for Iraq

Reza Fiyouzat
Iran's Forgotten Anti-Nuke Movement

Stephen Lendman
Saving a President: Scare-Mongering and Executive Orders

Website of the Day
The Port Huron Project


July 21 / 22, 2007

Alexander Cockburn
Giuliani and the Dogs of War

How to Read a National Intelligence Estimate

Ralph Nader
Atomic Blowback

David Keen
Buy Hard: How to Sell an Endless War

Fred Gardner
Karl Rove, Pothead: When Good Drugs Happen to Bad People

Gary Leupp
Edelman's Edict: Is Hillary "Reinforcing Enemy Propaganda?"

Robert Fantina
Fear in Iraq

The Future of Palestine: an Interview with Jonathan Cook

Rannie Amiri
Nasrallah in the Crosshairs: How will the Third Lebanon War Start?

Mike Whitney
The Crisis in Hedgistan

Dr. Susan Rosenthal, MD
The Hidden Injuries of Powerlessness: Linking Alienation and Dissociation

Monica Benderman
Facing the Truth

Dan Bacher
Deltagate: the Politics of Fish Kills

Michael Baney
Fujimori's Long Race From Justice

Missy Beattie
Here, There and Everywhere

Ron Jacobs
Tremble, Tyrants

Adam Engel
Radical Language: an Introduction

Thomas Naylor
California Split: an Open Letter to Schwarzenegger

Poets' Basement
Landau, Ford and Engel

Website of the Weekend
Surge in Action


July 20, 2007

Eliza Szabo
Fatal Neglect: Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

Pam Martens
Doctoring the News: CNN's Sanjay Gupta, Laura Bush and Merck

Alan Farago
Winners and Losers in the Housing Market Crash

Harvey Wasserman
Lies and Leaks: The Earthquake That Screamed "No Nukes!"

Marjorie Cohn
Iraqis will be the Deciders

Dave Zirin
White Noise and the Black Athlete

Anthony DiMaggio
American Public Opinion and Israel

Scott Liebertz
Oaxaca on Edge

Linn Washington, Jr.
British Cops Assault Rape Allegations

Bill Piper / Anthony Papa
Flying High?: The Political Junkets of Bush's Drug Czar

Ramzy Baroud
Bush's War Policy: When Time Heals Nothing

Website of the Day
The Prankster Art of Mark Jenkins




Subscribe Online

August 27 2007

Abe Foxman's Genocide Denial Roadshow, Part 2

ADL's Foxman's Forges Impossible Alliance of Armenians, Turks and Boston-Area Jews


Last week CounterPunch was the only national outlet, to the best of our knowledge, to report the disturbances caused in the Boston suburb of Watertown over denial of the Armenian genocide by the national Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its director, Abe Foxman. The brouhaha was set off by an investigation into Watertown's participation in "No Place for Hate," an "anti-bigotry" program of uncertain origin. Mirabile dictu, the program turned out to be sponsored by the national ADL which denies that the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of the Turks from 1915 to 1923 amounted to a genocide. This was quite disconcerting to the town mothers and fathers since Watertown boasts an Armenian-American population in excess of 8000. The town council met to consider the program and the local director of ADL, one Andrew Tarsey, showed up to implore them not to withdraw from the program. Met with boos and hisses by the duly assembled Watertown citizenry, Tarsey beat a hasty retreat from the Council chambers. The Watertown mothers and fathers then unanimously voted to drop the ADL program.

The next day Tarsey, now in full rout, reversed his position, labeling the killing of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide after all. Problem is that this local ADL position contradicts the position of national ADL headed by Abe Foxman, which persists in denying the Armenian genocide. Foxman's solution fire local ADL leader Tarsey. And for good measure, he labeled the Watertown position as "bigoted," thus playing the "race card." Obviously the Watertownians must be anti-Semites, a charge Foxman cannot resist, if they will not sponsor an ADL program. However, in a challenge to Foxman, the local ADL and Jewish establishment, seeing their credibility slip sliding away here in the Athens of America, decided to affirm the Armenian genocide.

But the House of Reps. in US Congress has a resolution pending with 227 co-sponsors (a clear majority) recognizing the Armenian genocide, much to the consternation of Turkey, an ally of Israel's and also an avid buyer of Israeli arms and an ally of the U.S. So what was Foxman to do? Like Solomon, Foxman opted for a split decision, but unlike Solomon, Foxman has tried to execute it. He said in Boston that he has reversed his decision and the ADL now considers the Armenian massacre "tantamount to genocide." ("Tantamount"?) But in Washington national ADL will continue to oppose the Congressional resolution, recognizing the Armenian genocide. So in Boston the massacre of Armenians is genocide but in Washington it is not. What the status will be in NYC or Baltimore, Foxman has yet to decide.

The Armenians, both locally and nationally, will have none of this. They want the ADL to support the Congressional resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide or else stand accused as genocide deniers. So now both the Armenians and the local Boston ADL are at odds with Foxman and national ADL.

Enter the Turks. They too have denounced Foxman for admitting genocide in Boston even if he has not done so in Washington. And they are angry about it. Foxman laid his original genocide denial at the feet of the Turks, saying he feared for the safety of Jewish Turks if he crossed the Turks. Friday the Turkish Foreign Ministry responded, "The Jewish community in Turkey is part of our society, and its members do not have any reason to worry." Clearly the Turks do not like Foxman's accusations of anti-Semitism, any more than the Watertownians did. The Turks then one-upped Foxman, claiming that his Boston recognition of the Armenian genocide denies the special nature of the Holocaust. "We consider the statement of the ADL as an injustice to the unique character of the Holocaust, as well as to the memories of its victims," the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Washington said in a statement. "We expect it to be rectified." There you have it, Abe Foxman, Holocaust denier! So Foxman now has accomplished what has eluded diplomats for nearly a century, bringing Armenians and Turks together in this case in opposition to national ADL. And he has even brought down a Turkish charge against his own proper respect for the Holocaust!

Foxman of course is little more than an intellectual bully, sliming with charges of anti-Semitism whomever dares challenge the policies of Isreal. But his defamatory, anti-defamation league is in trouble. Foxman's actions now put the fabled and hitherto invincible Isreali Lobby on the line. The Turks certainly must have thought that the Lobby could "deliver" Congress on genocide denial, and Foxman's ADL is a key component of that Lobby. The Turks have already complained to Israel about the ADL's Boston-Washington split decision. This is very important to them, having hired both Dick Gephardt, former House Majority Leader and Bob Livingston (Remember him?) former Speaker of the House at considerable cost to get Congress on their side. So the battle lines are drawn. CounterPunch will keep you posted.

John V. Walsh can be reached at John.Endwar@gmail.com.

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