Source: The Massachusetts News | June 2001 (Images added)

'Jewish' Group Touts Homosexuality in
Hingham Schools

The religious organization ADL is active
in schools across the state with its
message about homosexuality. It labels
anyone who disagrees as a "hater."

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A religious group is working in Hingham schools and across the state with selectmen, police, legislators and others to promote an outdated, discredited view about the gay gene. Anyone who disagrees with their antiquated theories is called a "hater."

It is reminiscent of the Lexington schools working with the Unitarian Church last year. Hundreds of parents protested at that time and that superintendent was fired this year without explanation, a few months after the protests.

The religious organization that is operating in Hingham is a "Jewish" organization known as the Anti-Defamation League.

It has a program called, "No Place for Hate." The only problem with their program is in deciding who is going to define the word "hate." It's a wonderful concept. But almost no one thinks beyond the catchy title.

On their website under "No Place for Hate," they list "sexual orientation" as one of the protected classes for whom they are working.

Many Jews disagree with this group of liberals. But any person who dares to dissent with their belief in the "gay gene," quickly becomes a "hater."

How can this religious group be working in our schools? Are other religious organizations also invited?

Failure to support this is now "hate."
Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition says that the head of the ADL, Abe Foxman, is the Jews' "Own Worst Enemy." He told UPI that Foxman's "tireless efforts" to convince American Jews that they are beset by "a phantom of anti-Semitism," when their own experience suggests otherwise, "have helped to confirm many in the belief that being a Jew has to do mainly withbeing oppressed and hated."

He points out that the ADL "gets paid [by contributors] according to how much anti-Semitism it finds." It's also obvious that if ADL can add homosexuals to the list of people they "protect," they can get even more money flowing in for Mr. Foxman.

The Jewish columnist for the New York Times, William Safire, called for Foxman's resignation after it was disclosed that he had lobbied Bill Clinton for the pardon of Marc Rich who donated lavishly to the group.

Although everyone agrees with Foxman that we must end anti-Semitism, most are not convinced - if they stop to think about it - that homosexuality is in the same category and should be bundled with anti-Semitism.

A story in the Hingham Journal about the ADL program had the headline, "Teenagers take message of tolerance to community." The story talked about "advocating harmony and goodwill." No one could or will argue with that message.

The ADL's Foxman thrives
on "hate."
A student and a teacher spoke to 350 school administrators, guidance counselors and district attorneys at a meeting of the state's Attorney General. They talked "about Hingham's ADL program" according to the Journal. The teacher told the paper, "Caitlin [Marshall] was the only student in the whole place." He added, "This was a big step for Hingham, because the town was referred to as a model community."

The paper said that Caitlin stresses the importance of extending the "ADL philosophy" beyond the school and into the community.

The students have addressed many other groups, including a convention of police officers in New Hampshire and a meeting of over 300 people in their own town and a group of more than 30 students met with their state legislator, Rep. Garrett Bradley.

Everyone will agree that political/religious proselytizing should not be permitted in our public schools. Why is this an exception?