Chapter 7


What follows is Chapter 7 from {The Ugly Truth About the ADL,}a soon-to-be published book which exposes the organized crime and drug-running activities of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. {The Ugly Truth About the ADL} will be released nationally before the end of 1992.

This chapter of the book concentrates on the ADL's vendetta against anti-drug fighter Lyndon LaRouche, and is titled ``Railroad!''

In early March 1986, within days of the assassination of Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme, ADL Fact-Finding department chief Irwin Suall was en route to Stockholm. An Oxford University-trained Fabian Socialist, Suall was the ADL's long-time top dirty trickster. Since 1978, with the publication of the book {Dope, Inc.}, Suall's efforts had been almost obsessively focused against Lyndon LaRouche, the American political economist who had commissioned the anti-drug study published by New Benjamin Franklin House.

Suall's transatlantic voyage to Stockholm was in pursuit of that obsession.

Working in tandem with the East German secret police (Stasi), the Soviet KGB, Swedish socialists, and NBC-TV, Suall helped launch the disinformation campaign blaming LaRouche and his Swedish collaborators in the European Labor Party for the Palme assassination.

Just as Suall's efforts were

beginning to bear fruit with a series

of ``LaRouche killed Palme'' smear

stories in the U.S.A., Swedish, and Soviet

press, the ADL trickster was suddenly

confronted with a major crisis:

On March 16, 1986, two

LaRouche-backed candidates--Mark

Fairchild and Janice Hart--won the

Illinois Democratic Party primary

elections for lieutenant governor and

secretary of state, respectively. The

victory of the LaRouche candidates was

no fluke. LaRouche-backed candidates

had been winning between 20-40 percent

of the vote in Democratic primary

elections in different parts of the

country since the early 1980s. A

leading Democratic Party pollster had

written frantic messages to the

Illinois state party chairman warning

about a LaRouche upset months before

the election.

Not surprisingly, the upset

victory by the LaRouche slate was

electrifying. The Wall Street and

Freemasonic circles who own the ADL

were shocked into action.

Suall hurried back to New York

City, where he oversaw the preparation

and mass distribution of a violent ADL

smear sheet against LaRouche. Over the

next few months, according to records

of the Federal Election Commission,

over 6,000 copies of the ADL libel--at

a cost of at least $10,000--were

circulated to every member of Congress,

1,580 news outlets, and other government

offices and opinion makers. Tens of

thousands of media attacks against

LaRouche--branding him as everything

from an anti-Semite, to a KGB agent, to

a neo-Nazi, to an international

terrorist--were published in the United

States alone. Among some anti-Zionist

lobby and Third World circles, the ADL

even accused LaRouche of being a closet

``mole'' for the Israeli Mossad! The

invariant in all the contradictory

slanders conjured up by the ADL was to

scare people away from the LaRouche

political movement.

The ADL smear campaign was a

panicked and flagrant violation of its

tax-exempt status. It was also a

violation of FEC rules, which prohibit

a tax-exempt organization from engaging

in politicking. On June 16, 1987, the

FEC officially acknowledged that the

ADL action against LaRouche was

illegal; but a few months later, the

commissioners decided they would take

no action against the League.

The smear campaign was meeting

with only modest political success,

although it had a severe effect as

financial warfare. LaRouche-Democrat

candidates continued to do well. In

1988, Claude Jones, a long-time and

well-known LaRouche activist, was

elected chairman of the Harris County,

Texas Democratic Party, shortly after

the Illinois victories. Harris County,

which includes Houston, is one of the

largest electoral districts in the

United States, and a Democratic Party

stronghold. Jones beat a powerful

incumbent to take over the party post.

The {Washington Post} in May

1986--summing up the consensus among

the liberal

establishment--editorialized that

Lyndon LaRouche must be in jail, not on

television, by the time of the 1988

presidential elections.

An Ongoing Frameup Effort

On October 6, 1986--less than

seven months after the Illinois

primary--400 federal, state, and county

police invaded the offices of the

LaRouche-associated Campaigner

Publications in Leesburg, Virginia. FBI

and Virginia State Police special

sniper units were backed up by a

Loudoun County SWAT Team. Helicopters,

fixed-wing aircraft, and even an

armored personnel carrier were held in

reserve at a 4-H fairgrounds a short

distance from the farm where Lyndon

LaRouche and his wife were staying. In

fact, recently disclosed government

documents demonstrate Pentagon

involvement in the Leesburg

raid--specifically the Special

Operations unit of the Joint Chiefs of


The mobilization of an invasion

force larger than that used in Grenada

in September 1983, to serve two search

warrants and four arrest warrants, was

not the result of over-zealous

planning. Since no later than 1982,

Irwin Suall, Mira Lansky Boland (the

Jonathan Jay Pollard-linked CIA

agent-turned ADL dirty trickster), and

an army of other ADL agents and assets

had been engaged in a systematic

campaign to sic the government on

LaRouche. By the time the raid took

place, the govermnent raiding party had

been so jacked up by ADL disinformation

that they were expecting to run into a

terrorist armed camp that would make

the Irish Republican Army green with


The March 1986 Illinois upset

victory provided the ADL and its

collaborators in what became known as

the Get LaRouche Strike Force with the

opportunity and motive to go all-out.

How did it work?

Since the spring of 1982,

according to the ADL's own published

accounts, Suall and company were

closely collaborating with Henry

Kissinger, the former U.S. secretary of

state, and long-time LaRouche hater. In

August 1982, Kissinger wrote to

then-FBI Director William Webster the

first of a series of personal letters

demanding that the FBI move to shut

down the LaRouche political movement.

In a more detailed note in

November, Kissinger's attorney lied

that LaRouche had foreign intelligence

ties--a lie calculated to activate

government ``active measures'' under

the guidelines of Executive Order

12333. E.O. 12333, signed by President

Ronald Reagan in December 1981, gave

the CIA, the FBI, and the Pentagon

intelligence services broad latitude to

investigate and disrupt groups

suspected of working for hostile

foreign governments.

In January 1983, Kissinger's

allies on the President's Foreign

Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB)

made a formal request for such an

active measures campaign against

LaRouche. The FBI, operating through

Judge Webster and Oliver ``Buck''

Revell, quickly launched such an


Ironically, as the Kissinger-ADL

wing of the national security and law

enforcement apparatus of the federal

government was activating its illegal

war against LaRouche, President

Reagan--with the backing of his

national security adviser Judge William

Clark, Defense Secretary Caspar

Weinberger, and other senior military

and security advisers--was moving ahead

with the Strategic Defense Initiative,

a plan based on a concept advanced by

LaRouche even before the Reagan

administration came into office.

According to court testimony in

Roanoke, Virginia by Richard Morris, Judge

Clark's NSC security chief, LaRouche

had worked with the Reagan White House

on at least eight national security

projects--including SDI--most of which

are still classified to this day.

Was this a case of the right hand

not knowing what the left hand was

doing? Hardly! The ADL and Kissinger

were painfully aware of LaRouche's

growing influence within the Reagan

administration, and they were out to

break the rules to shut down all the

LaRouche-Reagan ties.

According to court testimony by

the ADL's Mira Lansky Boland on May 24,

1990 in Roanoke, Virginia, she was an active

participant from day one in the illegal

government covert operation against

LaRouche that led to the October 1986

raid, and a series of federal and state

criminal prosecutions in Boston; New

York City; Alexandria, Leesburg and

Roanoke, Virginia; and Los Angeles.

The black propaganda aspect of

that covert operation which we picked

up in Stockholm at the beginning of

this chapter was launched at an April

1983 meeting at the New York City

office of Wall Street broker and

self-styled intelligence agent John

Train. Mira Lansky Boland was present

at that secret meeting, representing

the ADL. National Security Council

consultant Roy Godson, a long-time ally

of the ADL, was also present, along

with a dozen journalists and editors

from such organizations as NBC News,

{Reader's Digest, The New Republic} and

{Business Week.} A CIA funding conduit

deeply involved in the secret

Iran-Contra operations, the Smith

Richardson Foundation, provided the

cash for the orchestrated smear

campaign against LaRouche.

While much of the anti-LaRouche

propaganda spewed out of NBC, {The New

Republic,} the {Wall Street Journal}

and {Reader's Digest} consisted of

name-calling aimed at scaring off

active and prospective LaRouche

supporters, enough charges of

``terrorism'' and ``international

espionage'' were thrown in to assure

that federal and state prosecutors

would be forced to maintain open

investigative files and, eventually, to

launch grand jury probes.

The ``kill phase'' of the ADL-led

dirty war against LaRouche was already

well under-way when the spring 1986

events in Illinois took place.

Financial Warfare

The ADL-John Train black

propaganda campaign was not merely

aimed at discouraging voters from

pulling the levers for LaRouche

candidates on election day.

To successfully throw LaRouche in

jail--or worse--the ADL set out to

bankrupt the LaRouche publishing

operations and turn some of LaRouche's

own supporters and financial backers

against him.

Spending millions of dollars, and

working with groups like the

CIA-spawned Cult Awareness Network

(CAN), ADL dirty tricksters targeted

thousands of LaRouche campaign

contributors, whose names, addresses

and phone numbers were maintained in

public files at the FEC. The ADL-CAN

operators would contact relatives,

financial advisers, and friends of the

LaRouche supporters, and literally

subject them to scare-tactic behavior

modification. The techniques used were

often those developed in the secret

laboratories of the CIA and the FBI for

use against enemy prisoners of war and

captured spies. Through these highly

illegal actions, the ADL built up a

profile list of weak and vulnerable

people, many senior citizens, whose

only ``crime'' was that they

financially supported the legitimate

political campaign activities of Lyndon

LaRouche. The names of these targets

were passed on to the Department of

Justice's Get LaRouche Strike Force in

a fashion reminiscent of the worst of

the Nazi Gestapo operations.

In May 1988, after 92 days of

trial, the first federal prosecution of

Lyndon LaRouche and a half-dozen of his

associates came to a screeching halt

when Boston District Court Judge Robert

Keeton declared a mistrial. Evidence of

wild government misconduct--implicating

Oliver North and Vice President George

Bush--had disrupted the trial, so that

the government wanted to be done with

it. As press reports later showed, it

had also convinced the jury that any

criminal activity associated with the

case had been committed by the

government, not by Lyndon LaRouche.

Prosecution claims of credit card fraud

by LaRouche campaign fundraisers and

publications salesmen had been

thoroughly discredited.

The collapse of the first

government effort at framing up Lyndon

LaRouche was a direct blow to the ADL.

Mira Lansky Boland and Boston ADL

official Sally Greenberg had been

virtually integrated into the

prosecution staff of Assistant U.S.

Attorneys John Markham and Mark Rasch.

Although suffering a bad setback

in Boston, the ADL-driven prosecution

strike force had already opened up a

second front in its illegal drive to

wipe out the LaRouche movement.

In April 1987, Loudoun County, Virginia

Deputy Sheriff Don Moore, a Vietnam War

Marine bunkmate of Ollie North and a

secret paid agent of the ADL-CAN, wrote

a patently false affidavit for federal

prosecutors, claiming that LaRouche and

company were getting ready to pick up

stakes and go underground to avoid the

pending federal prosecution and the

prospect of paying large fines. The

Moore affidavit was then used by

then-U.S. Attorney Henry Hudson to

induce a federal bankruptcy judge to

order an involuntary bankruptcy against

three LaRouche-identified companies,

including two publications with a

combined circulation of 250,000

readers. In a highly illegal

``hearing'' at which no stenographic

records were made and where no

attorneys representing the three

entities were present, the judge was

convinced to sign the seizure order.

The next day, U.S. marshals padlocked

and seized the same offices that had

been raided six months earlier.

Three years later, the same

federal bankruptcy court judge, after a

full trial of the bankrupty action,

reversed his initial ruling and threw

out the involuntary bankruptcy, ruling

that the government had filed the

petitions in ``bad faith'' and had

committed ``fraud upon the court.'' A

higher court upheld that ruling, and

the government chose not to appeal.

Why appeal it? The damage had

already been done!

With the bankrupting of the four

LaRouche companies, federal prosecutors

and FBI agents stepped in to advise

thousands of LaRouche supporters that

millions of dollars in loans they had

made to those companies would not be

paid--unless they cooperated with the

government railroad of LaRouche.

The claim that money would be paid

back if the ``victims'' played ball

with the government prosecutors was

another Big Lie. Once the printing

presses were shut down, and the

publications discontinued under the

government trustees, the companies were

penniless. No money could be paid

back--because the government had taken

the viable, successful publishing

operations and driven them into the

ground: first, through intensive ADL

propaganda branding LaRouche a monster,

and next through the fraudulent

bankruptcy proceeding itself.

In the majority of cases, the

LaRouche supporters knew it was the

government, not LaRouche, that was

behind the bankruptcy and their

personal losses. The former supporters

who did succumb to the government

pressure tactics were invariably those

whose families, bankers, friends, etc.

were already sucked in by the ADL-CAN

dirty war.

ADL Clearinghouse

Government prosecutors admitted

under oath that Mira Lansky Boland of

the ADL had served as the

``clearinghouse'' for trial witnesses

in all of the federal and state

prosecutions of LaRouche and his

associates. Lansky worked from the

outset with Don Moore, the Loudoun

deputy sheriff who authored and signed

the fraudulent bankruptcy affidavit. In

September 1992, Don Moore was arrested

by the FBI for his role in a plot to

kidnap two LaRouche supporters. Moore

was working for the ADL-allied Cult

Awareness Network in the kidnapping

scheme. That case is scheduled to go to

trial at the end of 1992.

When in December 1988, a federal

jury in Alexandria, Virginia convicted

LaRouche and six associates on

conspiracy fraud charges stemming from

the government and ADL-instigated

bankruptcies, Mira Lansky Boland was

the only nongovernment official to

attend the ``victory party'' at the

prosecutors' office. The conviction had

been won on the basis of a pretrial

order by Judge Albert V. Bryan, Jr.

forbidding defense attorneys from

informing the jury that the government

had been responsible for the


Back in 1987, Bryan had

been the judge who had initially upheld

that bankruptcy action. At the

sentencing of LaRouche and the others

in January 1989, Judge Bryan boasted

that Boston trial Judge Robert Keeton

``owed him a cigar'' for ensuring that

LaRouche and the others were so quickly

convicted and shipped off to prison.

The jailing of LaRouche in what

amounted to a thoroughly unjust life

sentence did not end the ADL drive to

destroy LaRouche and his political

movement. The Commonwealth of Virginia, as

part of the ADL's Get LaRouche dirty

war, had joined in the feeding frenzy

by indicting over 20 LaRouche

associates on state charges stemming

from the identical bankruptcy scheme.

In a series of trials in Roanoke,

Virginia, the ADL was caught red-handed in a

judge-buying effort. State Judge

Clifford Weckstein, a political

protege of Virginia ADL chief

Murray Janus and other top state ADL

figures, was provided with a full

collection of ADL smear sheets on

LaRouche by the league. In a series of

back and forth letters released by

Weckstein in the trial of one of the

LaRouche defendants, it was revealed

that Janus and other local ADL

officials had mooted they would back

Weckstein for a seat on the Virginia

State Supreme Court. The implication

that his handling of the LaRouche

prosecutions would be crucial to his

future career on the bench was

apparently not lost on the judge.

Michael Billington, a LaRouche

associate who had already served over

two years in federal prison as the

result of the Alexandria federal case,

was sentenced by Weckstein to 77 years

in state prison on patently phony loan

fraud charges.