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Conspiracy Research

Topics:  Illuminism, Freemasonry, Christianity, Islam, Mithraism, Paganism

by Dorothy (Norma) Cox, et al.


This material came to me via correspondence from a reader of JRBooksOnline.com, who suggested that it may be of value.  It is intensive conspiracy research, and involves some rather speculative elements.  No, JR does not believe that the earth is hollow and is inhabited by little, moon-eyed people, or that UFOs represent extraterrestrial spacecraft (not generally, altho' the possibility always exists), but I have decided to reproduce these texts here without editing or extirpation --  I have no right to do otherwise.  I like to look on such things metaphorically, representing real cabals that exist in the world, but which circulate secretly in society -- hence, the "underground".

Authors such as Cox are the forgotten and marginalized.  They are people who, unlike most in our society, are willing to hunt down a fine old book from the 19th-Century for facts, rather than just accept whatever is fed to them on the TV.  I salute them, regardless of the extent their writings may appear to pass into the area of imagination.   There is still a lot of good, solid information in this material.  The exposÚs of Mormonism and Freemasonry are particularly keen.

I have reproduced all the captions, but not all the illustrations -- only a few which I thought were especially interesting.

Who exactly are the "true Jews" vs. the "true Aryans" is apparently quite an item of contention in the conspiracy community.

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DISCLAIMER:  These texts reflect unconventional and, at times, very strong views on various religions.  These opinions do not necessarily reflect those of this website, and no gratuitous offense is intended.

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Freemasonry at a Glance.  A 7-pager that appeared at the end of Capt. William Morgan's Illustrations of Masonry, 1827.  Quick reference to signs, rites, etc.  215k PDF.

The Thurlow Weed Document.  On the Abduction of Capt. Wm. Morgan.

        [ FACSIMILES in PDF ]

Freemasonry.  By Arnold Leese, 1930s.

The Growing Menace of Freemasonry in Britain.  By Arnold Leese, 1936.

The Revelation of the Method as expounded by the British TV series The Prisoner.


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"I've got one that can SEE!"
(From the movie They Live.)

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                               From The Wicker Man movie (British Lion, 1973).

This shows the first-generation "Lord Summerisle", "agronomist and freethinker".  Note the term Summerisle = Sumer, the Island.  In Arabic, Sumer-Mesopotamia is called "the Island".  Note also that the above image conforms to depictions of Moses as seen in Renaissance art.

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A picture exists of Mario Cuomo (former governor of NYS) making this same hand gesture.


ITEM:  The "Information Awareness Office" (link was http://www.darpa.mil/iao/but is no longer active) once featured a prominent graphic of the eye-on-the-pyramid with rays illuminating the Western Hemisphere, but of late this graphic has gone missing!  What happened?  I've archived it here:

Update, Oct 2003:  Now, not only has the logo disappeared, the whole office has!  A convenient "re-org", no doubt.  Ain't the government wonderful? 

Update, Feb 2006:  The nearest thing to the old office seems to be the "Information Exploitation Office".  God bless America.