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Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin

by Dietrich Eckart


The translation into English by Dr. William L. Pierce.  Absolutely essential to an understanding of National Socialism, its general philosophy, and its treatment of Jews.

Note:  Interested people are encouraged to obtain the printed version in a new edition (1999) from the National Alliance.

Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin.  [ DOC version ]
subtitle: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me

Swedish translation made from the English translation above.


        Quote from the above:

        "Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen," he brought out, "the Jew has been immediately involved.  He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him.  Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal.  Schopenhauer called the Jew 'the dregs of mankind,' 'a beast,' 'the great master of the lie.'  How does the Jew respond?  He establishes a Schopenhauer Society." 


Comment on the above as related to the new-old pagan religions:

The quote above is an excellent exposition, one of the best ever written, of what Whites would call "disingenuousness", the ideological Trojan Horse, but which the Jews call by their semi-complimentary term "chutzpah".  See Leo Rosten's The Joys of Yiddish for details; also, Alan Dershowitz's Chutzpah.

This shows the basic difference in behavior between the Aryan and the Jew -- when an Aryan sees something harmful, he moves away, then vociferously denounces the offending stimulus with bare-faced honesty.  The Jew is exactly the opposite; he moves toward the stimulus, and attempts to pervert it from within, but never says that's what he's doing.  This basic difference, and the inability of most Aryans to see it, is the source of most of the Aryans' ineffectiveness in countering the Jewish threat.  It is with great sadness that I see this principle extending into something we should consider holy -- our ancient White religions.  The supposed "classic", "seminal" book on neo-paganism, Drawing Down the Moon, was written by the Jewess Margot Adler, and is quoted as veritable scripture by many neo-pagans.  This is just one of hundreds of examples, casually inserting post-modern, universalist dogma into an area where it has no place.  "Here we go again" --  When will we ever learn?  It seems that whenever a Jew writes anything, it is immediately considered "influential".  We should ask ourselves "Why?"

There are some exceptions, but most neo-pagans are completely oblivious to the machinations of their dispositional enemies.  They find it much easier to simply parrot the cryptocracy's pronouncements about "hate" and "bigotry".  It's a pity, since it means their movement is doomed from the very beginning, with no chance of success.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that most neo-pagan organizations are positively crammed with Jews.  It's hard to escape the conclusion that many organizations (NOT all) appear to have been constructed with the aim of confounding and befuddling any real White resurgence.  Some appear to be little more than informer mills, smoking out "neo-Nazis", meaning anyone with a healthy pro-White instinct.  They effectively "change its nature, or, at least, . . . deflect its point from its goal".

Take a look at some of the better organizations or commentators who, hopefully, have transcended this tendency.  Only time will tell.  These are part of the religion known as "Ásatrú", a small sub-set of "neo-paganism" which takes on a harder edge, with an accent on Nordic historical reconstruction and tribe-building.  This is a laudable pursuit, and I wish them well.  Many have an encyclopedic knowledge of Nordic history and culture.  Still, many of them, incredibly, refuse to recognize the fact of race and that our struggle is essentially a racial one.  Search the Web -- numerous times, you'll see "kindreds" with "by-laws" that say their purpose is to "preserve and protect the ancient faith of our ancestors", yet where membership is "regardless of race".  This is the same self-contradictory and race-destroying nonsense I thought we were getting away from by leaving mainstream Churchianity to find our true roots.  Your ancestors were not of just any race, they were of your race.  They created you, and you in turn give them life by remembering them.  Visit these sites and hope:

Asatru Folk Assembly.

The Odinic Rite.

The Rune-Gild.

The Asatru Alliance.


A good text on the Agent Provocateur.


.....A forest is God's only true Temple. Give Him half a chance, and He will erect one right in your backyard. If you do not fix the roof on your Church, will He fix it? No, because it is not His Church. Come back in 1000 years (from Heaven or Hell). What will you see? Your Temple is rubble or even gone; God will have erected His Temple on its ruins.....  -- Posted on FAEM.com, 28 Nov 99, quoting from Mythbusters, P.O. Box 3639, Gaithersburg, MD  20885.  A pagan sentiment expressed in a quasi-Christian context -- interesting.


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And here's a guy who really knows what's going on, courtesy of the New Nation News:

A New Year's Wish for White Unity.  [archive]

[Recently re-archived at its original site].


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Hitler was this, Hitler was that.  Hitler was anything you want him to be, judging by all the nonsense said about him.  Here is archived a short treatment by FAEM's "Maguire" on all the multifarious incarnations of Adolf Hitler.

I might add my 2 cents by saying one big problem is that many, many quotations attributed to Hitler are of dubious authenticity, or are known inventions.  This has happened more often than you might think.  Many quotations were simply made up by the vast British, Russian or American spy-and-lie apparatuses (people in contending countries can be led to believe practically anything about a hated enemy -- like phony invasion maps and the "plan to abolish all existing religions" per FDR, blah-blah).  Hermann Rauschning (The Voice of Destruction aka Hitler Speaks, etc.) was utterly unreliable (he did not meet with Hitler anywhere near as often as he claimed, and never alone), the "Last Testament" is fake (having been authored by Francois Genoud, a Swiss lawyer -- "but it is just what Hitler would have said, isn't it?" -- egads!), the Nuremberg stuff (e.g., Doc. L-3, ad infinitum) is mostly worthless, etc.  Unfortunately, many latter-day "Asatruar" and "Odinists" continue to have their viewpoints influenced by these historical frauds.  Most of them seem to conform to Theological Position #1 of the above "Maguire" file -- that Hitler was a traditional Catholic who persecuted some Odinists due to sheer religious bigotry.  Unfortunately, many heathen were of the far left in those days, mirroring the present day.  The ones Hitler persecuted, he did so because they were Marxist-Leninists, not because they were heathen.  

Experts are now telling us that Hitler would have "been nothing" if it weren't for his women. And what about those women? Well, we are told that Eva Braun was a former shop girl turned mistress/serf. Mildred Gillars, a 'turncoat'. Irma Grese, a depraved sadist. Ilsa Koch was "fat, ugly, and a boss from hell." Magda Goebbels, a classic liar. Angelika Raubal, a sex pervert who got along well with the sadomasochist Adolf until he murdered her. Hanna Reitsch, chief test pilot of the Luftwaffe. Leni Riefenstahl -- turned a "nobody" into a super star. Kitty Schmidt, a successful cathouse operator. Winifred Wagner -- played sheet games with Adolf while playing her grandfather's music.

This same periodical previously ran a revealing article -- Hitler, the Homosexual.

My, but that man sure gets around. He's got something for everybody. No wonder Germany lost the war. They were too busy gassing jews while their leader was chasing every orifice under the Hakenkreuz.

            -- FAEM.com, 9 Feb 03


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There is no doubt, we must perform the same sort of propaganda coup that the Poles have managed to pull off:  Create a total national identity based on ethnicity.  The Poles created a nation ("Poland") and an ethnic group ("Slavic"), adopted a religion (Catholicism), and made these elements a part of every Polish thought and action for 1,000 years until they got what they wanted.  We must do the same.  The difference is that our nation will be based on substantially firmer historical ground.


What White religion is REALLY about -- and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Only those with a Will to Power to create a civilization, and subsequently the Will to support, protect and promote its bona fide citizens and protect its borders deserves existence on this planet.  Period.