Photos from Sen. Joseph McCarthy's trip to Fort Monmouth, NJ,
20-22 Oct. 1953.

To believe the jew-media, you'd think McCarthy was heralding the end of civilization with his inquiries into communist subversion in the military (also, elsewhere, the entertainment media, State Dept., etc.; he was eventually censured by the Senate, which pleased the "National Committee for an Effective Congress" and therefore the Communist Party no end).  The men meeting him here seem to be rather cooperative, relaxed and smiling ear-to-ear.  The overall tenor is jovial.  But notice the hideous, scowling Roy Cohn, a notorious homosexual jew who much later (1986) died of complications from AIDS.  It seems that McCarthy's organization was sabotaged from within.  McCarthy never stood a chance.

All photos taken from 8" x 10" glossy prints, 200 dpi @ 40% scale as shown below.  Captions taken from reverse sides.
Much larger versions, 200 dpi @ 100% scale (about 500 kB each) and 600 dpi @ 100% scale (about 3.5 MB each) are available upon request from serious researchers or publishers.

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