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Translation of the farewell letter:  My dear wife and dear brother-in-law.       November 7, 1939.

Please forgive me for what has happened. God willed it so. I must have been mad, that is all I can say.  My dear wife, do not worry. I went on November 6, to confession and holy communion.  The priest from the Jesuit Church has been with me.  I have sent greetings to the prior.  I greet and kiss you.  We shall meet again in heaven.  Do not worry, my little angel.  Again I greet you, though I have been a good-for-nothing; there is no more time, it's all over.  Please give my love to Kolewski, to my parents, mother and father, and everybody:  Jadzia, the brothers and brothers-in-law. Please also greet Janina Kuminska, Peter Polgos, Julek and Antek.  At 10 o'clock today I shall be in heaven.  Take all my tools and sell them.  Give the boring machine to Peter, sell the bicycle to him for 100 zl. Give the second one to Kuminski, Buchholz will surely also buy something; what is left ask Zietok to sell, he knows better what to do with these things.  Farewell, dear angel, till we meet again.  Ask the priest to read a Holy Mass for me, I have sent him greetings.  Michael, farewell.

Bromberg, November 8, 1939.

Farewell letter of a Polish murderer written before the execution.  Jan Lewandowski, plumber, to his wife.  (Re murder case Lewandowski, Sd. K. Ls. Bromberg 85/39)


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Official proceedings in the cell of the Polish murderess, Franziska Wolska, in Bromberg at 10 a. m. on 14 October 1939.  She was informed of the impending execution of her sentence at 3 p. m. and was asked for her last wish ("to confess before a priest and write a letter to my grandfather".)  Both wishes were complied with.

(Re murder case Franziska Wolska.  Sd. K. Ls. Bromberg 44/39)


p. 271:

Last page of the original record on the statement of the 14-year-old Dorothea Radler.  Cf. document No. 15, page 53f.


p. 272:

Original record on the statement made by Vera Gannott (Cf. pages 71/72).


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Final page of the original record of the statement made by Father Breitinger (Cf. pages 132-135).