One fellow wrote that he was amazed at FAEM's ability to correctly predict. He shouldn't have been since if one knows his skunk, he will usually be able to predict what it will do under most conditions.

Many Americans live in a fantasy world where their notions of what is bears no resemblance to reality. Some of this, I fear, is because like one's tramp daughter, no one wants to face facts. The 20th century was a century of ever-increasing jew strangleholds on the world. From the Menshevik attempt in 1905 (National Geographic) to the overthrow of the Tzar of Russia, and the brutal jewish murder of his family, to the political success in 1919, Communism has been mainly financed by the American taxpayer. Jewish manipulation involved the U.S. in WW I, the First War to Kill White People. The Marxist income tax came into being in 1913 and each and every time the corrupt Communist experiment was on the verge of failure, Uncle Sam came to its aid, both under Hoover and then massively so under Rosenvelt. The U.S. expeditionary forces in 1919 left no doubt that Communism was a kosher operation from start to finish.

The jewish League of Nations was not accepted by the American people and so another great war was planned. Jewish excesses naturally caused a reaction particularly in Germany where it led to the Anti-Comintern Pact. Germany and Japan stood in the way of the jewish nightmare of a "one world" ruled by them. Hitler had to be smashed and the American goyim gladly helped turn the tide of the Second War to Kill White People. The jews cheered while White Americans and White Germans died. In 1945, occupied European territories were forever denied sovereignty. NATO was devised as a means to control Germany, jewsmedia babble to the contrary.

By 1960, jews sat in  Tel Aviv, Moscow and Washington (behind corrupt Goy frontmen) running the "New World Order" aided and abetted by their Masonic mattoids in the City of London. The plan was to have the whole caboodle nailed down tight by year 2000. They are slightly off schedule since a few more nations have to be bribed or bombed into submission. That's the deal with Iraq -- it is not yet under total control. The only nations not considered targets of domination are those with no resources whatsoever.

The "Cold War" was a stage play from start to finish as the same gang of jews ran both the U.S. and Russia. Russia today is top heavy in jews and jews still get special privileges there. Many Americans accept this believing that the jews are God's "chosen people". Jews are racial mongrels -- the result of fornicating with those not of your kind -- and so I ask those nitwit Christian Zionists, "Why would God prefer mongrels to those not so?"

The non-White immigration into White homelands was never about helping the riff-raff of the world. That's what "foreign aid" was supposed to do. It's all about destroying White cohesiveness and power. As I have mentioned before, once the Jew/Masonic/Communist 666 gang feels that the world is its apple, the assault upon White American liberty will begin in earnest. Even now we are being conditioned to accept loss of liberty in the name of "safety".

When one researches the history of the 20th century, rightly called the Jewish Century, he cannot escape noticing jewish names piled one upon the other whether the topic is treason, financial swindles, pornography, espionage, butchery, and such. To dismiss the obvious as "coincidental" or claim "scapegoat", is to tax one's ability to deceive himself. Yet, of all the glorious accomplishments of the White race, they all are rendered pale when we examine to ability to delude one's self.

So, once you know who the skunk is and how it operates, prediction is a piece of cake.

[From, 30 Sep 2002]