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Right or Wrong, My Country!


This compendium was put together in Germany, 1941 (original x + 116 pp.).

It consists of statements and opinions about the nature of the British Empire, drawn from publications put out by the Brits themselves and often strikingly at odds with the commonly received viewpoint.  Many Brits saw the Empire as rapacious, with the pursuit of lucre superseding all notions of humanity, in contrast with the British assertion of "fair play".  The essays presented here are by Spencer, Seeley, Macaulay, McCarthy, Ferrars, Lecky, Green, Swift, Price and Trevelyan.

Though "propaganda" it was apparently meant to be an advanced English reader for students, and presents the authentic texts (abridged a bit to limit the size).  Thanks goes to Mr. Carlos Porter for supplying a hardcopy of this rare item, for translating the Foreword and for providing the German Vorwort.



Foreword                                                                                                NEW 7/11/16 -- missing portion restored.

Vorwort (in German auf Deutsch)                                             NEW 7/11/16 -- missing portion restored.

Contents with links to individual sections, or access by chapter:

Introduction ("Patriotism" by Herbert Spencer)

Chapter I Of the Policy of English Wars

Chapter II Of England's Policy towards her Dependencies

Chapter III Of English Policy as regarding the Rights of Man