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Each less than 6MB except where noted.


Prairie Traveler                                                         1863                22M

Letters from the Battlefields of Paraguay                    1870                10M

Inner Life of Syria                                                      1875                25M

A New System of Sword Exercise for Infantry             1876

Perfumed Garden                                                      1886

Carmina of Gaius Catullus                                          1894                 8M

Bayonet Exercise                                                       1853

Lake Regions of Central Africa                                    1859               30M

Stone Talk                                                                 1865                44M

Geography Magazine - My Parentage and ...Slave       1874

...Slave (letter re.)                                                      1874

Academy - Gypsies                                                    1875

Athenaeum - Greeks                                                   1877 

Report on Midian                                                        1880

Academy - Egypt                                                        1883

Academy - Bestial Element in Man                               1888

Complete System of Bayonet Exercise (OCR'd)            1853

Camoens - His Life and His Lusiads vol 1                                          12M

Camoens - His Life and His Lusiads vol 2                                          17M

Camoens - The Lyrics part 1                                                               11M

Camoens - The Lyrics part 2

Goa and the Blue Mountains                                                                13M

Passion-Play at Ober-Ammergau                             1900

Os Lusiadas (The Lusiads) (Camoens) vol 1                                       7M

Os Lusiadas (The Lusiads) (Camoens) vol 2

Sind Revisited vol 1                                                                               8M

Sind Revisited vol 2                                                                               7M

Captivity of Hans Stade of Hesse                                                          17M

Jew, Gypsy and El Islam                                                                      10M

Romance of Isabel Lady Burton vol 1                                                     19M

Romance of Isabel Lady Burton vol 2                                                       8M

Ultima Thule vol 1                                                                                     14M

Ultima Thule vol 2                                                                                   21M

Unexplored Syria vol 1                                                                             9M

Unexplored Syria vol 2                                                                             9M

Vikram and the Vampire

Wit and Wisdom of West Africa                                                                9M


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