The letter below was received but remained
unpublished by the Australian Jewish News


To the Editor,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was the first of a group of volunteers in NSW to be sent overseas into combat in WW11. I was allotted the number NX732. I was also the last Australian prisoner of war to be liberated on the 7th May 1945 by American forces, just prior to the arrival of the Russians on the 12th. I had been incarcerated in Cell 44 of the Small Fortress of Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in Czechoslovakia.

The recent litigation between historians Professor Lipstadt and David Irving in London cost millions of dollars. It must be obvious that the controversial subject of what actually happened during the Holocaust, could be done much more cheaply and simply.

Simon Wiesenthal states in his autobiography that he believes it was God’s will that his life was saved in the Nazi Concentration Camps in order for him to testify as a witness to expose Nazi war criminals. It could also be seen as God’s will that despite all attempts by the Nazis or Russians to destroy the alleged gas chamber at the Crematoria at Auschwitz-Birkenau, No. 2 still exists as a mute witness and as mountains of potential evidence.

No nation on earth should be accused and convicted of a crime of the magnitude of the Holocaust on the basis of illogical and conflicting witness statements and without the benefits of modern scientific research on the alleged murder weapon. Until now however, this has been the case with the alleged gas chambers in Nazi Concentration Camps. They have never been subjected to international forensic examination.
In fairness to the 120,000 Jewish and 500,000 German people who have made their homes in Australia, I have set up a fund, THE INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE FUNF (AIJF) paid for by the proceeds from the sale of my autobiography THE ANSWER - JUSTICE. This book was launched by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle in 1998 at the Newcastle War Memorial Library.

This fund was set up to pay for an International Investigation Team from, say four neutral countries in WW11, such as Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Ireland, to go and carry out forensic research at Auschwitz- Birkenau at the existing remains of the Crematoriums (alleged gas chambers).

The AIJF fund now holds $20,000 ($16,000 being from my pension). I am a totally and permanently disabled WW11 Veteran and Pensioner, and I am asking whether any of your readers would be willing to donate to this fund so that the world can finally learn the full truth about the alleged gas chambers and then, the full, true and corroborated history can be handed on to further generations.

I agree with the statements of Gerald Henderson of the Sydney Institute who declared in THE AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS “History means telling the truth”, and Sir Zelman Cowan, former Governor General of Australia, who wrote in the JEWISH CHRONICLE, London: “Irrefutable proof of the Holocaust is the way to deal with revisionist views on history”.

As an Australian of Irish/Scottish background, I believe in giving everyone a fair go and I therefore believe the aims of the AIJF to be a civilised, fair and democratic approach to clearing up this unfortunate history.

Signed: Alexander McClelland
Founder Director

Why no reply from the Australian Jewish News !

As I have received no reply from the AJN it is obvious they are not interested in the aims of the Australian International Justice Fund.

I agree with Sir Zelman Cowan, former Governor-General of Australia, that the way to deal with people who deny the Holocaust is to produce irrefutable evidence that it did happen.

The AIJF forensic examination would consolidate their claim. So why are they hesitant? This raises doubts in people’s minds. Or is it that the Jewish leaders are afraid of what the international forensic findings would be? Is the Jewish Chess Genius Bobby Fisher right when he says - “The Holocaust …. a money-making invention of the Jews - A global Jewish plot”.

In the Australian Jewish News, April 8, 2005, under the heading RUSSIANS PETTION AGAINST JEWS we read that 5000 public activists and members of the clergy have sent a petition to the state prosecutor’s office, demanding that they outlaw Jewish groups.

Among those who signed the letter, according to Army Radio, are several prominent Russian public figures, such as former chess world champion Boris Spassky, author Vasily Belov, and mathematician Igor Shafarevich. “IT IS POSSIBLE TO SAY THAT THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC WORLD TODAY IS UNDER THE MONETARY AND POLICAL CONTROL OF INTERNATIONAL JUDAISM.” Letter signed by 5000 prominent Russians

Israeli Foreign Ministry official Nimrod Barkan said, “We are very concerned about the events that are taking place in Russia.”

The recent anti-Semitic petition comes two months after 500 prominent Russians and 20 members of the lower parliament house, the State Duma, asked Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov to investigate their claims that Jews are fomenting ethnic hatred and provoking anti-Semitism.

Arguing that the Jews were to blame for anti-Semitism, the authors of the letter demanded that Jewish groups be outlawed, based on legislation against extremism and fomenting ethnic discord.

Russia’s chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, said the lawmakers were either insane or “quite sane but limitlessly cynical” and were hoping to win support “by playing the anti-Semitic card.”

Echoing anti-Semitic tracts of the Czarist era, the letter’s authors accuse Jews of working against the interests of the countries where they live and of monopolising power worldwide.

They say the United States “has become an instrument for achieving the global aims of Judaism”. “It is possible to say that the entire democratic world today is under the monetary and political control of international Judaism, which high-profile bankers are openly proud of,” the letter says.

Putin is scheduled to make a historic first visit to Israel next month.

(Jerusalem Post and JTA)


Read this autobiography by Alexander McClelland 732 A.I.F and Concentration Camp Survivor

The book was launched by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle at the Newcastle War Memorial Library. Prior to leaving his office on the day the Mayor received a phone call saying that it was “not acceptable to us (?!) for you to launch the book by McClelland”.

This phone call made the Mayor angry. He held the book out to the assembled news reporters and said “Every Australian should read this book!” The book launch was completely ignored by the media. All my attempts to have the book published in Australia had failed, so I had made arrangements to have it published in England at my own expense from my TPI war pension.

After launching it in 1998 I approached book shops in Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford and many other country towns. I left samples of the book at those shops over the weekend, only to find later that the shops were not prepared to sell the book. They all said “we would love to sell your book but we cannot.” When asked “WHY?” they all said it would send them bankrupt, or put them out of business! I asked “HOW?”, they answered that if they sold my book the wholesalers would not supply them with books or newspapers!

I recall a headline in the Australian Jewish News which said that Barry Cohen, former MHR, had planned to write a book about Jewish workers in Australia, but he could not find any Jewish workers. They were all in wholesale!

As I could not sell my autobiography in Australia I donated two copies to every library in Canberra, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland.

What has happened to justice and freedom of speech in our democratic country of Australia - the justice that I believe I am entitled to as a returned soldier and concentration camp survivor of the war in Europe?

In the first issue of The Jewish Chronicle in London after the 9/11 disaster in New York, the Israeli President said “The world must wage war on terrorism”, while in Australia the Israeli President said in the AJN, the Jewish community in Australian is an example for world Jewry. What an example!

It was the Prime Minister of Australian who wrote the preface to the book “Nothing is Impossible” the life story of John Saunders, one of Australia’s most prominent Jewish citizens.

The President of Israel and Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, conveniently forgot that it was John Saunders who published the book “Stoker” worldwide. “Stoker” claims to be the story of an Australian POW who spent five months stoking crematorium furnaces in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In 1996, in a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia, and again in 1997 I exposed in detail the falsehood of this book which in combination with the documentary “Where Death Wears a Smile” which falsely claimed that 40 Australian prisoners of war were murdered by the Waffen SS in WW11, made our country Australia the number one country in the world promoting racial hatred.

Eventually the director of Auschwitz museum and the director of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, have admitted that it was obvious from the author’s claims that he was never in Auschwitz-Birkenau. This substantiates my original claim which I made to the Prime Minister in 1996 about the falsehood of the entire book “Stoker”.

It should be noted that the documentary Where Death Wears a Smile, and the book “Stoker” had the cooperation of the Sydney Jewish Community and The Australian Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants. This is an indictment of these organisations and of the promoters and financiers of such publications. Thus a false documentary and a book of lies were promoted worldwide - but my book of truth was suppressed.

Other books of lies passed off as truth are ‘Fragments’ by Binjamin Wilkomirsky, exposed in the AJN as false. ‘Doctor at Auschwitz’ by Dr Miklos Nyiszli and ‘I Am Alive’ by Kitty Hart. By the claims made in these books it is obvious that the authors were never there! The book ‘Holocaust’ by Gerald Green was classified as Fiction by the author and publisher, but when it was made into a 8 hour documentary it was claimed to be the truth! In his non-fiction book ‘The Artists of Terezin’ Gerald Green claims that 20,000 Theresienstadt Jews were gassed at Auschwitz on 5th March 1945. Now that’s 37 days after the Russians liberated Auschwitz!

Many other books have eventually been exposed as frauds but only after the initial promotion had caused great damage to the hapless Germans who cannot speak out on pain of imprisonment.

We must question not only the accuracy of the publications but also the motive behind the lies.

Being brought up with the Australian idea of having a go, but also giving the other bloke a fair go, I consider the action of the people who write, finance and promote false books and documentaries, to be an abominable un-Australian activity.

I wish to thank the Australian taxpayers who have paid my Totally and Permanently Incapacitated WW11 pension since 1975 and all the genuine Australians who have assisted me in many ways.

My Sincere Thanks!
Alexander C. McClelland

Alexander C. McClelland, Secretary & Founder/Director of AIJF
PO Box 887 Toronto NSW Australia 2283