Autobiography by Alexander C McClelland

An Australian Who Believes in Having a Fair Go,
but also giving the other bloke a fair go too.


Photo of authorThe cost of publishing this book and the 27 years of research done for it, has been made possible by saving every dollar I could from the Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) War Pension that I have received since 1975. I have finally done what the late Airey Neave, UK MP, barrister and war hero, advised me to do: "Write a book in your own words and expose the people responsible." I expect my fellow Australians to take the necessary action through our democratically elected MHRs in Canberra. False army Records forced me to go into exile in 1973 in preference to mental institution, for telling the truth. No-one would believe that during the last three months of WWII I had been incarcerated in a Nazi Concentration Camp and that while in England, prior to being repatriated back to Australia, I had been incarcerated again in Chatham Detention barracks, in a solitary confinement for 28 days. As the war in Europe finished on the 7th May 1945, The Germans cannot be blamed for my Australian Army records being false. My first act of revision was of false National Health Card in the UK. I was a 'Ms. or Mrs. Alexandra McClelland'. When I told Dr Best , a fellow Australian , that he had to do a fast sex change operation on me so that the government records would be correct , he said that he would feel sorry for a woman with a face like mine. I replied, "Yours isn't that much better." I had the National Health Card Revised. As Dr Best said, it would be much easier to have the card changed than my sex. This NHS card was dated 1st April, 1976. My second act of revision was my false Army Records. It took fifteen years of living outside my country Australia , before these false records were revised in 1988. When I received a letter from the Australian Minister for the Army along with a cheque for $10,000 compensation for the brutal treatment I had received in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, I could not help but laugh at the not so gentle treatment I had received from the bureaucrats of my own government after my return to Australia from the Bahamas in 1970. The Answer- Justice was launched by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle at the Central Library in Newcastle, November 1988. Purchase this book by sending a bank cheque for AU$25 plus $5 postage (AU$13 for international postage) to: Alexander C. McClelland, Secretary & Founder/Director of AIJF, PO Box 887 Toronto NSW Australia 2283.

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All monies derived from this book go to The Australian International Justice Fund.

Alexander C. McClelland, Secretary & Founder/Director of AIJF
PO Box 887 Toronto NSW Australia 2283