Christianity’s Historical Anti-Semitism

THIS HYSTERICAL OUTBURST by Jerusalem based Rabbi Rosen who claims to be the President of the International Council of Christians and Jews, delivered an unexpected tough address at the B’ nai B’ rith Human Rights Oration in Sydney on Sunday evening 2nd June 2002. He abandoned his prepared text in favour of a forthright and eloquent off-the-cuff overview of Christianity’s historic anti-semitism.

Rabbi Rosen believes the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ (a Jew) was the first anti-semite from the day he cleansed the temple of money lenders and traders, followed by his disciples and today over a billion people of Christian faith. Are all these people anti-semites? Jesus Christ was not anti-Jewish, only anti what Judaism stood for, based on the Talmud.

We will fight without the UN because this
regime is gouging the eyes out of babies
in Iraq to force parents to confess.

Did John Howard never hear about Kuwaiti babies thrown from their incubators in 1991, allegations which later proved to be false. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) 2002 also proved to be false. This fabrication was illegally used to rally support for the war against Iraq.

The Israel PM and President Bush both thanked PM Howard for sending Australian defense forces to destroy Iraqi missiles that could have hit Israel. This resulted in the Australian Jewish News headlines: HOWARD LOVES ISRAEL.

All PM Howard has to do is to pass a Holocaust Denial law here in Australia to please the Australian Jewish community of 120,000 and the Jews in Israel, the same as was done in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. No doubt this would entitle him to full Israeli citizenship. Most Australians believe our democratically elected Prime Minister should place the Australian people first. No wonder Moslem people worldwide are as upset as our neighbours in Indonesia and Malaysia.

John Howard wrote the foreword to John Saunders’ book NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. The PM claimed John Saunders is a shining example of what it is to be an Australian, while overlooking the fact that Saunders sponsored the book STOKER by Donald Watts published in many languages. In the book STOKER promoted racial hatred world wide and it is one of the most evil books ever written about the Jewish Holocaust. The director of Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum and the Director of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem have both said that it is obvious from his claims that Donald Watt was never in Auschwitz Birkenau.

I had made identical claims in letters to PM Howard in 1996 and 1997, but both were ignored. Professor Kwiet of Macquarie University, Sydney has exposed STOKER as a fraud on his website. WHAT TYPE OF PM DOES AUSTRALIA HAVE - TO LAVISH PRAISE ON SUCH A MAN AS JOHN SAUNDERS!!


In 2003 Mark Negev was one of three Australians in the Israeli diplomatic service in Washington and London. In 2005 he is now spokesman for the Israeli Government.

Dr. Martin Indyk formally of Sydney has served two terms as US ambassador to Israel. Joseph Berinsen, while a Minister of the Crown in both Federal and WA Parliaments, had two sons serving as officers in the Israeli Defence Force. Who are these Australians who serve the interests of foreign countries? They are Jews!


THE BIG LIE is that the people who claim to be Jews today ARE ONE PEOPLE!

Abraham Lincoln the US President said THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS A SUCCESSFUL LIAR.

It is beyond belief that all these learned Jewish jurists are not aware of the fact that World Jewish Community is composed of 90% Ashkenazi Jews and 10% Sephardim.

The Sephardim are descendents of the original Jews of Palestine at the time of Jesus Christ. The Ashkenazi Jews are not semitic as are the Palestinians but are descendents of East European Khazar people who converted to Judaism around 720AD. These false or new Jews have no right of return to Israel, only to the land of their forefathers which is in Russia today. The non-semitic Ashkenazi people were the founders of the state of Israel. THEIR TREATMENT OF PALESTINIANS CLEARLY IDENTIFIES THEM AS TRUE ANTI-SEMITIC PEOPLE. According to Professor Yom Tov Assis of the Hebrew University of Jeruselum, there was no place for Sephardim in the governing bodies of Israel.

According to Jewish records there were two million Jews in the year 1700, around one million Ashkanazi Jews and one million Sephardim Jews, but by 1938 the mix had changed to 90% Ashkenazi and 10% Sephardim. Jewish leaders are puzzled as to how this came about. According to Israeli Government reports, more than 50% of Russian Jews who migrated by air from Russia to Israel, an exodus financed by Wordwide Jewry, were not real Jews but people who paid Rabbis for certificates of their Jewishness. Israel was preferred to living under Communism in Russia. This method of becoming a Jew may be the same method used by non-Jews which increased the numbers of Ashkenazi Jews to nine times that of the Sephardim, and so they obtained the benefit of being one of God’s chosen people which in their minds places them above all other humans.


A five year old when shown either of the two Disinfectant Buildings would ask: "Why is that pretty blue colour only on the walls of this room?" The answer would be: because this is the room where the Germans used poison gas to kill lice which carries typhus, in order to save human lives. When shown the alleged gas chamber of Number 2 Crematorium where the Germans used poison gas to kill millions of Jews, the child would ask: "Why isn't there any blue on these walls, the same as the walls where the Germans killed the lice?"


The Australian Womans Weekly, 31 January, 2005 brought this to our attention: "Jonathan Morris, Executive Director of Melbourne's Holocaust Centre, believes a visit to Auschwitz would be a powerful experience for Prince Harry."

I'm sure that Prince Harry, when shown the same two rooms as the five year old child would also ask: "Why isn't there any blue on the walls of this room?" where the Jewish world would have you believe that millions of their people were killed by Germans using poison gas.

Either of these two Justices, Stephen Rothman or James Spigelman should be able to answer this child and Prince Harry.

The Australian Jewish News, May 6, 2005 highlights the dilemma that pupils from many schools claim " . . . they were not taught about the Holocaust and Nazism at school . . . many puplis can go through the education system without ever learning about the Holocaust, a fact that has left Jewish organisations and history teachers dumbfounded and irate."

In USA 88 men on death row waiting execution were sent home as a result of DNA testing. In Britain between 1897 to February 2000, police identified the actual offenders in 92% of cases, proof of the effectiveness of DNA technology to fight crime.

The 10 Irishmen serving life sentences for the Birmingham and Guildford Bombings were sent home on new forensic evidence, after being held in UK gaols for 16 years.

Up until 1991, the Germans were blaimed by Russian and Jewish leaders for the Katyn Massacre of Polish men during WW11. Gorbachev admitted that Russia, under Stalin, was responsible.

UK barrister and MP Airey Neave wanted an international investigation of Katyn. He was also the man in UK who helped me prove that I was not a paranoid schizophrenic, as claimed by the Australian Veterans Affairs doctors relying on my falsified army records. Based on these records I was faced with being forcibly institutionalised. I chose exile in the UK and Crete for 18 years before the Australian government admitted that I had been telling the truth in 1970 and that my army records were false.

Isn’t it time now in 2005, 60 years after WW11 that the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz Birkenau were internationally investigated.

This is the aim of the International Justice Fund which I founded.

The Holocaust was first discovered by Dr Gerhard Riegner in August 1942. At the time Dr Riegner was World Jewish Congress representative in Geneva, Switzerland. He claimed that he had received an alarming report that high ranking Nazis in Berlin had planned the final solution for the Jews in Europe and that the 3.5 to 4 million Jewish people in German occupied Europe were to be concentrated in Poland before being eliminated. In 1933 Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party was elected to rule and solve the problem of the 6 million unemployed and other social problems in Germany. Shortly after this election, newspapers in New York headlined: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. This meant that Jewish Zionist power only had one aim which was to destroy the new Germany because of their own loss of power under National Socialism. Did one of the high ranking Nazi officials in Berlin become a Judas by informing Dr Rigner or did he personally invent the final solution to discredit Germany in the eyes of the world? The end result was certainly a discredited Germany. The 6 million claimed killed by the Nazis - where did they come from? Dr Rigner himself in 1942 claimed that the Jewish population of Europe totalled between 3.5 and 4 million.

Later, post war figures published in Anne Frank’s literature claim there were 11 million Jews in occupied Europe. This number was clearly manufactured to provide 6 million for the gas chambers. Jews credited with unmatched powers with numbers, actually ask us to accept their view that there were 11 million, 5 million of whom managed to survive the war. As a result of these figures alone, there were many people of non-Jewish background who do not accept the Jewish claims about what they called the Holocaust. These people are branded anti-semite and are hounded from one corner of the earth to the other. ERNST ZUNDEL, DAVID IRVING and GERMAR RUDOLPH are all victims of this Jewish Zionist power.

It is a proven scientific fact that ironstone nodules present in all the bricks used to build Auschwitz Birkenau take on a bright blue colour when exposed to the type of poison gas used at Auschwitz Birkenau.

I agree with Sir Zelman Cowen , former Governor-General of Australia, that the way to deal with people who deny the Holocaust is to produce irrefutable evidence that it did happen. Up until now, all Jewish people , politicians, judges and ordinary Jews parrot incessantly in chorus: YOU MUST BELIEVE US, THE HOLOCAUST DID HAPPEN. If you don’t believe you are branded anti-Semitic and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you are put in gaol.

The final, irrefutable evidence is to be found at Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland and nowhere else. The proof remains in the total absence of blue on the walls in the building said to be the gas chamber and is there for all to see today, 60 years after WW11. An international forensic examination of the brickwork in either of the 2 remaining disinfecting buildings and Gas Chamber No 2 Crematorium which remain in almost mint condition would supply the truth about the Holocaust claim. The aim of the Australian International Justice Fund which I have financed from my Totally and Permanently Incapacitated WW11 pension since 1975 is to instigate international research into these buildings.

In 2005 we live in a world of extensive research into everything that is possible. Up until now Germany has been a leader in such research, to the benefit of the world, yet even to talk about the gas chambers may land you in gaol in some countries, let alone conduct any scientific research. Any research into the Jewish Holocaust by non-Jews is condemned as anti-semitic.

The German people are blamed for the greatest crime against humanity, the Jewish Holocaust.

It is the Jews and not the Germans who are perpetrating a crime against humanity with their distortion of facts about the alleged Holocaust of Jews.


As no firm I approached here in Australia was prepared to publish my book, I self published in the UK with the help of my TPI pension. The Lord Mayor of Newcastle who agreed to launch my book, received an anonymous phone call advising him that it was not acceptable for him to launch THE ANSWER JUSTICE by Alexander McClelland. The mayor's arrival at the WWII Memorial Library made it obvious that this advice received from a faceless voice was not accepted by the mayor. He held my book up so that the assembled TV and Press could observe it closely and said: "THIS  IS  A  BOOK  EVERY  AUSTRALIAN  SHOULD  READ!" Unfortunately my book launch was ignored by both TV and Press.

No bookshop or newsagency in Sydney, Newcastle or any other town was prepared to sell my book. When asked why, they all replied that they would love to sell my book but couldn't. They all said that if we have your book in our shop, we would not get any books or papers from our suppliers. This would put us out of business.

At the conclusion of the David Irving and Dr. Deborah Lipstadt trial in London, the Australian Jewish News stated that David Irving claimed that some of the world's largest Jewish organisations were involved in an international conspiracy against him. I myself experienced the results of Pro Holocaust Jewish influence when I tried to sell my book.

Jewish World Conspiracy Exposed

No Jewish leader or organsiation here in Australia or worldwide are interested in international or United Nations research into their holocaust claims and have done everything in their power to stop or discredit any non-Jewish work in this area. This in itself is proof of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to stop the non Jewish world from learning the truth through scientific research of their alleged holocaust. Where is democracy when a small group of 15 million people deny the truth to the estimated 5-6 billion inhabitants of this world?

In the QUADRANT December 1969, Professsor William Rubinstein of Deacon University stated that if the Holocaust is shown to be a Zionist myth, the strongest of all the weapons in Israel's armory collapses.

UN's Kofi Annan when visiting Israel told PM Sharon that Israel should not use the Holocaust as an excuse to treat the Palestinians the way they do.

I ask why is it that Frank Lowy and other leading Jewish people here in Australia, whom I asked via the Australian Jewish News, are not interested in the aim of the Australian International Justice Fund. The Jewish People believe in the Holocaust. The aim of the Australian International Justice Fund to instigate international forensic research at Auschwitz Birkenau Crematorium should prove their claim that the Holocaust of Jews really happened.

Three of the world's leading Revisionists who believe that history should be the truth are in gaol in Germany and Austria at the behest of Jewish Zionist organisations. The leaders of these organisations believe it will stop what they call Holocaust Denial. These people have evidently forgotten that the Roman crucifixion of Christ at the behest of Jewish elders failed and that today there are over one billion of Christian faith in the world.

The claim made by Jewish leaders in regards to the Holocaust is a fabrication of history. Even Jewish chess genius Bobby Fischer amongst other leading world personalities has claimed that "the Holocaust is . . . . a money-making invention of the Jews - a global Jewish plot." htttp://www.telegraph.co.uk, 31 Jan 1999.

Alexander C. McClelland, Secretary & Founder/Director of AIJF
PO Box 887 Toronto NSW Australia 2283