Extracts from "THE ANSWER - JUSTICE"

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The hair stood up on the back of my neck, I thought, 'Good God, here I am in ex-Nazi Germany in the Senior Public Prosecutor's office in Dortmund. Here is the evidence that Christopher Skase and thirty businessmen in Sydney, the Jewish gentlemen who put up the money, for - Where Death Wears a Smile - was a fabricated lie. Here is the evidence that the murder of forty Australians never happened, except in the brain of one Czechoslovakian Jewish gentleman.'

Obviously they had been watching me because Herr Schacht came in to the room and shook my hand and looked into my eyes and said 'Good Luck' in perfect English. I wandered out of that place in a bit of a daze. I went out of the door and thought, 'Where did I park my Kombi?' I was really shocked. I turned around the corner and, strangely enough, ran into Schacht again. He saw that these three affidavits had really stunned me.

I decided to head for England as fast as I could. I drove from Dortmund to Zeebrugge and I arrived about 6am in the morning at Dover. I immediately drove to where Frank lived and showed him the three affidavits. As they were in German I wanted a 100% correct translation, which he was able to do. Frank had copies of the newspaper articles written by Paul Rae, and a copy of the video Where Death Wears a Smile. I was amazed a couple of days later when he rang me up and told me that Rae had taken one sentence out of one affidavit and one out of another. In other words he cannibalized the three affidavits, which 'proved' there was the murder of 40 Australians and New Zealanders, so that formed one affidavit for the documentary, the same one being used in the papers. I couldn't believe it so I went over to Frank's place, and he showed me. It was word perfect where Rae had taken out one sentence from each affidavit to make up the evidence. I could hardly believe that Rae, or the people who put up the money for that documentary, would stoop so low.

This documentary, Where Death Wears a Smile, was shown on Channel 7 and 10 networks in Australia, and then in America and eventually in Germany, and many other countries as being the true story of Australians in Terezin Concentration Camps. It successfully Australianised the Holocaust. I was determined to expose Rae, Christopher Skase who controlled Channel 7, and the thirty Jewish businessmen of Sydney who put up the rest of the money for this hate-promoting documentary. There is no room for these people in our democratic society.

The heart of the documentary of Terezin was irrefutably false. It suddenly dawned on me; what about the claims made about other concentration camps like Auschwitz in Poland? I had to 'Fight On' as Wings Day had advised me in 1973. These evil people had to be exposed to the world. I owed it to my friends in Australia, to Scotty, to Frank Harrison, Airey Neave, Wings Day, Dr Eberhard and many other good people who had helped me so far.

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On 31st May in the Australian Jewish News was an article by Professor Bill Rubinstein, formerly of Deakin University in Australia, about the book Hitler's Willing Executioners. It was a scathing attack on key elements of Daniel Goldenhagen's book. As Professor Rubenstein has candidly admitted, in Quadrant (Australia, September 1969), "If the holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth the strongest of all the weapons in Israel's armory collapses."

Also on 31st May in the Jewish Chronicle, London, was the headline 'Wiesel tells UK audiences - Do not get obsessed with the Holocaust'. Holocaust author Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been the chief promoter of the Holocaust tale since 1945.

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In the UK Jewish Chronicle I read the following article: "Battle over use of Anne Frank's name. An unseemly international argument has erupted over the commercial use of Anne Frank's name, between the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Fund in Switzerland. The Swiss court refused to intervene and ruled that the two sides should attempt to settle their differences amicably. The Dutch people I had questioned about the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam had been proved right.

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December 5th : A Jewish Chronicle headline: 'Absolute unity on gold dispute', a claim by Greville Janner, now Lord Janner, who said, "We have absolute Jewish unity." What else?

19th December: A Jewish Chronicle headline: 'Senator urges Israel to block sales to USA. California Senator Dianne Feinstein this week urged the Israeli Primer Minister to block exports to the U.S. of military-style assault weapons such as the Uzi and Galil semi-automatic weapons, the kind of weapons used by drug dealers.

Ms Feinstein was responding to a report that state-owned Israeli military industries hoped to sell 10,000 or more of these weapons on the U.S. market.'

Also in December 1997 the editorial of Australia Jewish News ran as follows: 'The Americans are finding themselves increasingly discomforted by charges of double-standards as they attempt to insist on full Iraqi compliance with UN resolutions while at the same time refusing to insist on similar compliance with Israel.

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March 6th 1998, in the Jewish Chronicle, 'Holocaust Revisionist draws Arab support. A French intellectual who questioned the existence of gas chambers was fined £14,000 this week by the Paris Court of Justice. At a conference in Cairo Mr Garaudy said, 'In France you can attack the Pope, or President Chirac. The important thing is not to criticise Israel or else you are lost.' The media is 95% in the hands of Zionists, he claimed.

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The wife of the United Arab Emirates leader, Sheik Zayyed Ibn Sultain Al-Nahayan, has offered Mr Garaudy a gift of £30,000 to pay the fine. Revisionists of the holocaust myth in the past have had to face the immense wealth of Zionist organisation. A no win situation. Hopefully the tide has now turned for Historical Truth. Hysterical myths have, in the post-WWII years, been classified as 'Truth', and of course 'Politically Correct'. But according to Australian-Jewish writer Gerard Henderson 'History means telling the Truth'. I agree with him 100%.

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From the Southern Cross, in the UK, on the 15th if April 1998: "From the pulpit comes a message for the PM f Australia, John Howard, 'Show Us Leadership'. An open letter, signed by Reverend Costello, A Melbourne Baptist Minister; The archbishop of Perth, Dr Peter Carnley; the Catholic Bishop of Darwin, Ted Collins; and the President of the United Church Assembly, warned that the world would view a double dissolution poll over the rejection of the Wik native title changes as a racial election."

I do not forget the message from the pulpit at the local Presbyterian Church where I lived in Australia, prior to WWII, in 1939. "It is your duty to God, King and Country, mothers and sisters, to go away and destroy this evil Nazism which is against God and all religion. I could not help but notice on the German dead and, as a POW, on live soldiers, that on their belt buckle was 'Gott Mit Uns', meaning 'God is with us'. How strange for a nation and regime which was against God and religion. SO much for the propaganda - and who benefits from it?
As Professor W D Rubenstein of Australia states, in 1979, "If the Holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth, the strongest of all weapons in Israel's propaganda armoury collapses."

The book The Darkest Chapter by Israeli author David Ben-Dor claimed that, "Yad Vashem - Jerusalem Holocaust Memorial was created as a money making business." He said, 'We call the ones that killed us Nazis; we take money from the Germans' Holocaust Heroes. Martyrs Memorial Day is little more than a Reparations Celebration.' Germany, until 1997, has paid reparations to the Israeli Government and the Jewish people of over DM 100 billion, since the end of WWII in 1945.

The last volume of Winston Churchill's memoirs was published in 1954, nine years after the war, and after the last of the Nuremberg Trials were long over. What did he have to say about the six million? Nothing. There is plenty about the persecution of Jews in Hitler's Germany, but nothing about gas chambers. If it were true that tens of thousands of Jews a day were being gassed, as it is frequently claimed, could he have ignored it? Bear in mind, too, that London was cracking German codes, and that Churchill was loyal to the Zionist cause.

It is a fact too that the Polish Government-in-exile was in touch with events in Poland. It had spies in Auschwitz as early as 1940 and published a newspaper called the Fortnightly Review. But there was no mention in it, until May 1945, when the war was over of any mass extermination of the Jews. It should also be remembered that Churchill's special scientific advisor was Professor Lindeman, a Berlin Jew, who instigated the bombing of civilian targets in Germany. After the war he became Lord Cherwell, for 'services rendered' to the UK.

Israel's Prime Minister accuses the Palestinians for breaking agreements, which is a barrier to peace. He very conveniently forgets the 97 UN resolutions his country has broken by non-compliance. The late Chaim Bremant, Jewish Chronicle columnist, in reference to the attempt on the life of a Hamas official in Jordan, denounced it as an act of International Terrorism, which is what it was. Netanyahu emphasised he had acted to protect Israel's security. And if opinion polls are to be believed he has the majority of the population of Israel behind him. He is destroying the hopes of peace and has brought about short-term disasters with the prospect of long-term calamities. It is certain that Tony Blair, Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, has it right, and puts it bluntly but accurately: "Peace failure in the Middle East poses a Global Threat."

Can I add more?

Alexander C. McClelland, Secretary & Founder/Director of AIJF
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