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The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
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The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) Information Archive Page

ADL: Behind the Mask of Respectability (click on the individual number for MPGs)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 An 8-part video produced by the National Alliance detailing the less than savory facts and history surrounding the world's "foremost civil rights group," including: questionable ties to organized crime figures; criminal espionage operations; anti-patriotic brainwashing of law enforcement personnel; mass bribery of politicians; Soviet-style censorship initiatives; thought crime laws; and a host of other disreputable actions. The real truth about this group is enough to make your skin crawl.

Picture of Abe Foxman, director of ADL



Abe Foxman, left, meets with mass-murderer Ariel Sharon, right.

Abe Foxman A Disgrace to My Religion

A Closer Look at the Enemy

Abe Foxman's Anti-Semitic Pandemic

Abe Foxman's Genocide Denial Roadshow

ADL Accused of McCarthyite Tactics

ADL Adds Revisionist to Top Ten Extremists List

ADL: A History of Disinformation and Intimidation

ADL and Mossad

ADL Applauds President Clinton

ADL Award Now Under Review Recipient Discovered to be a Fraud

ADL Backs Ashcroft Bush Surveillance

ADL Blocking Software

ADL Campaign Against Tolerance

ADL Claims Court Ruling Victory in Spying Lawsuit

ADL Controls American Library Association

ADL Defends Pillsbury Doughboy

ADL Deplores Ontario Union's Vote to Boycott Israel

ADL Didn't Do Anything Wrong and Promises Never to Do It Again

ADL Fact Sheet

ADL helped cover for Nazi supporter Prescott Bush

ADL in 1933 and Berlusconi Now

ADL Infiltrates the FBI and Subverts its Agenda

ADL Info Helped HUAC in 1947 Witch Hunts

ADL Issues Hate Crimes Cards to Police

ADL Jews Withdraw Fearing Exposure

ADL National Director Abraham Foxman Pushed UC Santa Barbara to Investigate Professor

ADL Offers Damage Control for War Criminals

ADL Promotes Radical Homosexual Agenda

ADL Pushes Legislation That May Threaten Talk Show Hosts and Free Speech

ADL Releases Software to Block Internet Hate Web Sites

ADL Report Diminishes its Reputation

ADL's Foxman Was Present at Creation of Marc Rich Pardon Plot

ADL's Journalistic Status Reaffirmed by California

ADL Spy Probe

ADL Spy Scandal Case

ADL Suit Reinvigorated

ADL Targeted Black Congresswoman Critical of Israel

ADL Ties With Mossad

ADL Told to Open Files

ADL Turned Notion of Human Rights on Head

ADL Urges Bush to Blacklist Nation of Islam from Faith Plan

ADL Wants Senate to Censor Internet

ADL Will Continue to Fight $9.7 Million Jury Award

Adversaries Go Inside ADLs Spying Operation

A Heated Argument About Israel

AIPAC & ADL Refuse to Condemn Ethnic Cleansers

AIPAC and Iraq Playing Politics at Ground Zero

American Jews Support Direct Negotiations

A Mockery of Justice: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944

A New Outlet for American Dissident Voices

Anti-Defamation League and the FBI

Defamation League Case Upheld

Defamation League Suffers Major Legal Defeat

Anti-Defamation League's National Director is "Crazy Like a Foxman"

A Revisionist Response to the ADL

A Revisionist Response to the Defamation League

A Victory Against Hate

Behind the Mask of Respectability

B'nai B'rith ADL on the German-Jewish Tragedy

B'nai B'rith and ADL Hypocritical Say Critics

B'nai B'rith Moves to Suppress Jewish Communist Atrocities

B'nai B'rith Offers Brainwashing Program to Counter Flyer

Book-burners and Their Victims: First-Hand Accounts of Pro-Israel McCarthyism

California Appeals Court Decision on ADL

American Jews Support Direct Negotiations

Censoring the Internet on Behalf of Israel

Censoring Thought and the ADL Effort to Deny Tenure to Joseph Massad

Couple Tarred as Anti-Semites

Court Rules for Activists on ADL

David Duke Exploiting Anti-Semitism in Russia ADL

Days of Remembrance

Defamation League

Desperate Fanatics: The ADL Pounds the Table

Disgusting Jews Suppress Christmas Celebrations

FBI Calling the Kettle Black

Freedom Under Attack

Frist Accused of Exploiting Religion Issue

Gathering Wind - The Rise of Mental Flatulence in America

Hate Hurts Book Review by Louis Calabro

Hate Hurts But Bullets Kill

Helping Police Probe Hate Crimes

Hitler's Apologists Review of ADL Smear Pamphlet

Milton Viorst on 'The Israel Lobby'

Israel Now for Journalists of the Future

Israel's Bellin Rips U.S. Jews

Its Informant Sentenced But ADL Criminal Charges Dropped

Jewish Defamation League to Monitor Pro-Life Web Sites

Defamation League

Libel Award Against Anti-Defamation League Upheld

Local Chapter Breaks with ADL Position on Denial of Armenian Genocide

Nader: Criticizing Israel is Not Anti-Semitism

Nader vs. the ADL

Neighbors' Spat Leads to a Huge Award Against the Anti-Defamation League

New Film 'Defamation' is an Expose of Israel

Noam Chomsky Describes the ADL

Peninsula Professor Targeted by ADL for Criticism of Israel

Pentagon lambasted by ADL for doubting Jews' US loyalty

Police Get Help Putting Hate in its Place

Professors in Britain Vote to Boycott Two Israeli Schools

Propagandizing the Police

Protecting Privacy, Monitoring Hate

Rabbi Calls ADL Leader Jews Worst Enemy

Ralph Nader as David Duke

Rightist Rally Hears Speech From Giuliani

Safire: Abe Should Resign

Safire Calls for Resignation of Executive Director Foxman

Secrecy Defended by ADL

Spat Leads to Huge Award

Spy vs Spite

Spying Case Over Struggle Continues

Stopping Extremism Before the Crime

Tell the ADL: Stop Silencing Jewish Dissent

The ADL: America's Greatest Enemy

The ADL and Rich

The ADL and the Great Sedition Trial

The ADL and Tolerance

The ADL Changed My Job Description

The ADL: More About the Monitors

The ADL's 1995 Audit of Anti Semitic Incidents

The ADL Snoops Were the Spies Journalists

The ADL Spying Case Is Over But The Struggle Continues

The ADL Targets Shortwave Stations

The ADL The drive to outlaw free speech and thought

The Anti-Defamation League - Censors of the Universe

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

The Changing Role of the Defamation League

The Corruption of America's Children by the ADL

The Corruption of America's Police by the ADL

The Ugly Truth About the ADL       NEW - COMPLETE BOOK NOW HERE

They Dare To Speak Out - Chapter 6

Trapped in a Nazi Fantasyland

UC Santa Barbara Students Confront ADL's Genocide Denial

Uncomfortable Truths

Were the Spies Journalists? The ADL Snoops

Who's the Dog? Who's the Tail? And the ADL

Why I'm Leaving After 25 Years

Witch Hunt at Columbia


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