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26 Apr 2022:  Added announcement of the new JEWISH RITUAL MURDER: AN ANTHOLOGY, VOL. 2. Cannot yet be bought since arrangements with the new bookseller have not been finalized, so consider this a pre-announcement.

5 Feb 2022:  Added excerpts from Keim's Sheridan's Troopers on the Borders. If your concept of western "Indians" is Dances with Wolves, you might want to read this. No Hollywood fantasies, just cold, hard facts from the military men who were there.

8 Mar 2021:  Added files to Christopher Thorpe, correcting Romanian typography. See "Christopher Thorpe" in the WW II category below.

1 Jan 2021:  Added Liberty Bell Archive to the Misc. category. 19 years worth.

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26 Sep 2019:  Added a file showing new data on the Adolf Hitler Family Tree gleaned from the August Kubizek book. See this page, farther down, Misc. Category.

8 Jun 2019:  Added new PDF research aid — THE NEOPHYTE BOOK: A Testimony of Ritual Murder from a Converted Rabbi, Featuring the Text of V.A. Komarov. See the Ritual Murder Resources page for a description.

24 Jan 2019:  Added Improved version of A Real Case Against the Jews with a pic and short bio to the Jewish Problem section under Marcus Eli Ravage. Be sure to look at p. 40 with numerous links to a vast archive of White Nationalist and National Socialist books! 

21 Jan 2019:  Added pic of William of Norwich to top page. Added short article by Dionysos Andronis to entry for Did Six Million Really Die? on PDF Books Top List.

29 Dec 2018:  Announcement of the publication of The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich.

9 Dec 2017:  Announcement of the publication of a new edition of Hellmut Schramm's Jewish Ritual Murder A Historical Investigation.

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31 Jan 2014:  Added PDF of an extract of A Genealogy of the Quick Family to GENEALOGICAL NOTE ON QUINLAN’S TOM QUICK, THE INDIAN SLAYER, 1851.

21 Sep 2013:  Added Yushchinsky-Zamyslovsky 1917 book to the Jewish Ritual Murder (Leese) page.  This is The Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky, recorded by former Duma member and attorney, G. G. Zamyslovsky, prosecutor of the case, as commissioned by Czar Nicholas. This book is entirely in Russian, and is 520 pages in length.

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19 Jul 12:  Added F.A.E.M. mirror.  Robert Frenz deserves to be remembered and his words deserve to be better known.  A man of remarkable prescience and depth of understanding.  Thanks goes to The Heretical Press who originally established this mirror as a tribute.

15 Jul 12:  This site fully restored.  Update to C.W. Porter mirror done.

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7 Nov 11:  Added a fully restored text of Mark Twain's "The Noble Red Man".  The various sections have been restored from facsimiles of the original publication.  Both HTML and PDF are available at Comparison of Burton's "The Sioux or Dakotahs" with Twain's "The Noble Red Man", toward the bottom.

20 Jun 11:  Added my own Genealogical Note on Tom Quick, the Indian Slayer to the Indians page.  Yes, Tom was a real person and this file shows how we know that while correcting some errors in the original author's book.

27 Mar 11:  Added link to The Writings of Banjo_Billy to the Links Page.  Added new file to the Henry Ford/Protocols Page which argues that the original Protocols author was none other than Adolphe Cremieux.  Corrected minor typos in Ch. 70 of The International Jew.  Updated C.W. Porter mirror.

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30 Dec 10:  Continuing to add PDFs to the Leo Frank Page.

1 Nov 10:  Added more PDFs to the top PDF page.  See especially Wrongfully Accused -- Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight Days in America by Henrik Holappa (see  "This book is dedicated to all those individuals who have lost their freedom in America and for those who continue fighting for the civil rights of White European-Americans."

9 Oct 10:  At last, corrected broken links in the 2009-2 & 2009-3 PDF collections.

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16 May 10:  Added mirror of the Alexander McClelland site that was at, but is now apparently down. This was done at the request of a reader, who stated:  "I would like to inform you that Alexander McClelland, an Australian war veteran of North Africa and Greece has died of heart failure at age 89.  What is unusual is that he was an inmate of Theresienstadt.  In his autobiography he related how he was severely beaten not by German guards but by kapos who were Jews.  As a result of his own experiences and 30 years of research he was a holocaust revisionist...He told me that his relatives did not approve of him being a revisionist..." 

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3 Dec 07:  Started new page with links to a large number of PDF books.  See Misc section.

14 Nov 07:  Added partial English translation of the part of Johann Andreas Eisenmenger's great book Entdecktes Judenthum dealing with ritual murder, to the Leese page.  Includes the German original, transcribed into the more familiar Roman script. [17 Dec 07 finished English tran.]

4 Nov 07:  Added Cosmotheism page (see end of Misc category).  Presently has 26 MP3s.

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23 Sep 07:  Added a version of Blood Passover RTF without full line stops, allowing text to flow line-to-line.

14 Sep 07:  Replaced Blood Passover DOC with a new RTF version that has many corrections to the text.

13 Sep 07:  Replaced Blood Passover PDF with a new DOC version that has many corrections to the text.

31 Aug 07:  Added The Nameless War (Capt. Ramsay), Blood Passover (Ariel Toaff) and Pasque di Sangue (Italian version) to The Jewish Problem section.

14 Aug 07:  Added The Jews and Modern Capitalism by Werner Sombart to The Jewish Problem section.

12 Aug 07:  Added Advance to Barbarism by F.J.P. Veale to the WW II section.

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13 Aug 06:  Removed link (no longer works; cannot find substitute).

bullet    Church Bells Still Toll in Dresden

23 Jul 06:  Added full version of Leese's autobiographical book Out of Step to the Leese page.  Added all remaining files of the Hans Staden book to the Indians page.

23 Jun 06:  Added The Bunche Report to The Jewish Problem section.  "A Summary of Zionist Terrorism in the Near East 1944-1948", a UN report made for Dr. Ralph Bunche, who replaced Count Folke Bernadotte as UN mediator for Palestine when the latter was assassinated by Jewish terrorists 17 September 1948.  Also see Leese Pamphlets and Cartoon Book PDFs on the Leese page.

13 May 06:  Added The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew by Cecil Roth (1935) to the Leese page.

2 May 06:  Added Heinz Weichardt's "Under Two Flags" to top page and the Rauschning page.

19 Apr 06:  Added link to the German language version of Schramm's important book, Der Jüdische Ritualmord - Eine historische Untersuchung to the Leese page.

15 Apr 06:  Added PDFs:  Matzo of Zion (JGEI page), Dupes of Judah (this page), Legends of the Shawangunk (Indians page) and The Young Hitler I Knew (Rauschning page).

19 Mar 06:  Added Polen und die Fälschungen seiner Geschichte.  (Poland and the Falsification of its History).  [German only].

19 Feb 06:  Added more research files on the 1840 Damascus ritual murder case -- see The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam page, bottom.

8 Feb 06:  Added several pages of photos of Sen. Joseph McCarthy's trip to Fort Monmouth, NJ to investigate communist subversion.  The third page has related photos featuring a chaplain.

28 Jan 06:  Added Hermann Rauschning's The Voice of Destruction.  Another "lie, lie again and lie some more" classic from the men who brought you 20th-Century democracy.

16 Jan 06:  Added mirror.

15 Jan 06:  Added The Eternal Jew video and began general re-arrangement of Categories.

5 Jan 06:  Added The Neutrality of Belgium page.  More proof of lying and injustice re. WW I.

5 Dec 05:  Added the 1851 unabridged edition of Tom Quick to the Indians page.

15 Sep 05:  Added Right or Wrong, My Country! to the "English Perspectives" section near bottom.  [English transl. of Forward added 12/2/05]

21 Aug 05:  Added excerpts from books by Gibbs and Rothermere (see new category below, "English Perspectives" near bottom).  These are two "between-the-wars" opinions from English aristocrats very different from what you would think listening only to the establishment media.

1 Jul 05:  Added full Col. Sanctuary English version of Rev. Pranaitis' classic The Talmud Unmasked.  Has all footnotes and appendices and some facsimiles.  Added remaining chapters of Roth's Jews Must Live [8/6/05, added all illustrations].

8 Feb 05:  Full-up v1.0 of Waddell's Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots & Anglo-Saxons now posted.  A vast storehouse of knowledge!  Hopefully some time this year: The Makers of Civilization in Race & History.  12 Feb addendum: added index as PDF of images.

8 Jan 05:  Added Richard F. Burton's rarest book, A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise. [Better graphics added 6/5/05]

28 Dec 04:  Sontag notice above [death notice], also minor update to Walter Rockler at Polish Atrocities Against the German Minority.

14 Apr 04:  Added copy of Regmeister's Jewish Ritual-Murder:  A Historical Investigation by Hellmut Schramm, Ph.D., by permission of the translator.

[Removed from links page; no longer working]:


OurHero Library  -  "About the Author" section [whenever it is put up] has a great personal testimonial about Jewish influence in 20th Century political movements; also the role of blood-sucking salon-liberals, sipping cognac as they planned the death of nations.  Other sections on this site are equally informative.  [Portions of this site are down.  For now, I link to the top page].


Jeff's Archive - National Alliance - Massachusetts  -  Encyclopedic archive of texts centering around National Alliance material. 


8 Feb 04:  Posted "An Aid in the Study of United States History", a high school primer from 1910.  This could perhaps aid in home-schooling.  (2MB PDF of B&W facsimile scans).  Note that it prints out much better than it looks on screen.

Highlights from the above.  I was amazed that this document had many "revisionist" aspects, to wit:

P. 3:  "Mound builders were a different race than Indians."  Ah, so maybe the Indians weren't "here first" after all!  Note how early this was recognized.  We now know that the farther you go back, the more Caucasian the remains get.
P. 5:  "Leif Ericson -- Landed in Labrador, and explored New England coast, A. D. 1000," this statement made decades before the Ingstads' revelations at L'Anse-aux-Meadows.  I have several old books that site Ericson's American voyages as established fact, apparently on the strength of the sagas alone.
P. 11:  ". . . criminals from Europe and waifs from streets were brought to help cultivate [tobacco].  They were called 'indentured servants,' in reality were slaves, though set free after a certain time."  Mr. Hoffman's thesis expressed in 1910 (but, to be more accurate, the editors should have said "often set free . . .".

24 Jan 04:  Carleton Putnam's Race and Reality now posted.

18 Jan 04:  MLK (again, and again, and again...).  A bit more evidence (from Lady Queenborough) added to The International Jew.  Coming soon:  Putnam's Race and Reality.

25 Nov 03:  Added 5 short Leese articles.

22 Nov 03:  Updated Walsh.  It seems that "Isaac Abravanel's Response" was taken from a jewish historical novel, but it still accurately reflects jewish attitudes.

21 Sep 03:  Added HTML of complete Tom Quick book.  Save this one for the ages.

8 Aug 03:  Added v0.9 (test posting) of the (near-) complete Phoenician Origin of the Britons, Scots & Anglo-Saxons by L. A. Waddell.  In construction.

4 Jul 03:  Added PDF (facsimile images) from Marsden's book on the Protocols; see below under category "The International Jew..."

15 Jun 03:  Added some St. Simon pics (zipped) and two Civilta Cattolica articles to Leese.

19 Apr 03:  Added Gentile Folly: The Rothschilds to Leese.  You never heard this in your high school "social studies" (civics) class!

6 Apr 03:  Added more Leese pamphlets.

4 Nov 03:  Removed and replaced by (it doesn't seem that NATESU is coming back): 

Jared Taylor  -  What We Believe and Why We Fight  -  About 23 minutes in, he gives a historical review in keeping with the theme of this site.  Thanks to the ESU[I regret to say that this site has been hacked to connect to a porn site, the last I checked (6-22-03).  I still leave the URL here in hopes that this affront to freedom of speech will be rectified.  This could be a case of "porn-napping" -- a common form of cyber-squatting where pornographic Web site operators snatch lapsed domain names from other companies].

7 Mar 03:  HTML versions of The Jew and El Islam added to the JGEI Page.

9 Feb 03:  Added 2 anti-Freemasonic pamphlets to Leese and Cox; added the Thurlow Weed Document on the abduction of Capt. Wm. Morgan to Cox.

26 Jan 03:  Added more Leese pamphlets and HTML version of Jewish Ritual Murder on the Leese page.  Added some Thomsons (new category).

18 Jan 03:  Added more LeeseThe Jewish Method of Cattle-Slaughter, The Era of World Ruin!, Bolshevism is Jewish and Race and Politics; added performance spec for a "Heavier-than-Air Flying Machine" (a White technology classic; the Army has just implemented the "performance-based acquisitions" concept already being done in 1907); added a few "Humorous" items.

11 Jan 03:  Added Rex v. Leese, Chinese Communism? and Devilry in the Holy Land to Leese page.  Especially read that last one.  If nothing else, jump to the "A Broken Pledge" paragraph to see why the Arabs hate the West.  No, it isn't because "they hate our freedoms".  The Arabs don't give a damn about our freedoms -- it's for a more concrete reason.  Also added Freemasonry at a Glance to Cox and Leese.  More Leese to be added gradually over time.

22 Dec 02:  Added facsimiles of the two Ravage articles (see Marcus Eli Ravage under Categories below).

18 Aug 02:  Added on-site search engine.  (14 Aug, had replaced Hitometer with WEBcounter).

14 Jul 02:  Added a chapter from Burton's The Book of the Sword related to "barbarian" swords from the Germans and Kelts.  Learn about your heritage.

9 Jul 02:  Added new Stone Talk page.  Contains the entire rare work by Richard F. Burton.  An anti-Victorian era satire told in blank verse.

22 Jun 02:  Added a short chapter from Burton's rare Etruscan Bologna: A Study (1876) to the Burton page.  Altho' accenting on Italy, this file presents the subject of races in Europe as it was understood in the 19th-Century.  If this looks a little funny to you, consider that, since this was written, the facts haven't changed, just the constituency of academia, with the new ones seeing fit to write out things they don't like.  The Kelts and Aryans were there first; later Sarmatians (proto-Slavs) and Huns were Mongoloid invaders but which unfortunately make up the bulk of Eastern Europeans today.  A race war -- and the bad guys won.

8 Jun 02:  Added "Startled UK Marines Hassled by Gay Afghans" to Eastern Sexology page.

30 May 02:  Added German facsimile text of the Bull Beatus Andreas (1755) on the Leese page.  Related to a famous Jewish Ritual Murder case.

12 May 02:  Added a short but revealing file on that famous Jefferson quote on Negroes:  "...Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."  Includes facsimile images from the Library of Congress.  Now verify for yourself the FACT that the Jefferson Memorial bends the truth regarding this statement.  Thanks to "Maguire" and the F.A.E.M. for calling attention to this resource.

20 Apr 02:  Added Virginia, the story of Smith/Rolfe/Pocahontas (3 chapters), to Indians page.

1 Apr 02:  "Sodomy Returns to Afghanistan" added to Eastern Sexology page.

28 Feb 02:  Added African pics to top page.

25 Feb 02:  Added "Uniting Danzig With Germany" (speech by AH) to Germans: Abused Minority!  Added new Norma Cox conspiracy research page.  Hard-to-find info on Christianity, Islam, Mormonism and Freemasonry.

12 Feb 02:  Dresden Days!

8 Feb 02:  Added A Lesson in the Effects of Media and note to top page.

18 Jan 02:  Added 2 humorous items:  "Mr. Wonderful", that chubby-legged government guy waddling to work (so he shouldn't be late!) that we all know and love [this screed dates to around 1968]; "Map" of Canada and the US in 2092.  It's probably nowhere near radical enough for what's really coming.

17 Jan 02:  Added Ann Coulter blurb at top.  Added Isaac Abravanel's response to the Edict of Expulsion.  The classic jew whine-and-die routine.  What the jew doesn't mention is that all jews who feigned conversion were exempt from the edict!  The vast majority never had to leave Spain.

13 Jan 02:  Added Alhambra Decree page, linked to Walsh.  The banishment of the Jews from Spain was very fair and reasonable, and was only done after many attempts to solve the problem by other means.  Only after years of effort and much soul-searching was the decree issued.

11 Jan 02:  Shortened top page, placing old material on separate Top Page Archive.

15 Dec 01:  Added another chapter to Waddell page, this one re. those mysterious "Celts", with info on the races of Europe.  Also added Smith's intro to The International Jew.

9 Dec 01:  Added separate Waddell page with several chapters of his Phoenician Origin with graphics.  Detailed Aryan info.

30 Nov 01:  Added little "laureates" note to top of page.  Things not mentioned in school.

3 Nov 01:  Added another book, The Belgian People's War.  Poles and jews aren't the only world's professional victims.  The Belgians made a good stab at this theme during WW I, and got the ball rolling on the "Germans are evil and trying to take over the world" canard.  Take a look at the German perspective on these far-reaching events.

5 Oct 01:  Added prefaces to The International Jew.

29 Sep 01:  Added The International Jew -- The World's Foremost Problem.  Although relying a bit too much on the dubious "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", using it as a springboard for all the major topics, these articles, originally published in Ford's The Dearborn Independent, are classic studies into this consummate problem.  This material was re-published by Ford in book form in 4 volumes, 1920-22.  This is the full, unabridged 80-chapter version, about 1,023 pages in all.

12 Aug 01:  Added "The Founding of London" by L.A. Waddell.  This was Appendix V of his The Phoenician Origin of Britons...  It's short, but enlightening.  I suppose this could be repeated a thousand times over for many other cities in Britain and on the continent of Europe.

7 Aug 01:  Added The Green Mountain Boys.  More great background on America's colonial past.  Covers posse comitatus, committees of safety, flogging as common mode of punishment (Mike Hoffman is right), common use and ownership of fire arms (Mike Bellesiles is wrong), free Aryan yeoman telling the king's henchmen "where to go", Ethan Allen, etc.  Absolutely necessary for a young White person's education.

27 Jul 01:  Added J. M. Spaight's Bombing Vindicated.  Straight from the freemasonic, judaized heart of the Evil Empire.

20 Jul 01:  NEW ARTICLE:

We've all heard it: "Hitler turned the swastika backwards to make it a symbol of evil so he could perpetrate world conquest".  I've done a little research, and found that there is nothing to the claim -- in fact, the claim is diametrically opposed to the truth as experts (real ones) understood it prior to WW II.  The NAZI swastika is the SUN-WISE, LUCKY one!  Read up at "Which Way Am I Spinning?" -- Debunking the Nazi "Backwards Swastika" Myth.

Removed from Links page (inactive).

9 Jul 01:  More pics related to Dutch immigration and the Fantinekill Massacre HERE, linked to the Indians Page.

8 Jul 01:  Added pics and Appendix from Cécile Tormay's An Outlaw's Diary.  Hungarian communist info -- crisp photos.

Supplemental files on the Damascus Case now at the JGEI page.

See the JGEI page for some links re. the never-published MS. on "Ritual Murder among the Sephardine or Eastern Jews". A reconstructed T.O.C. of Ritual Murder manuscript derived from Christie's info is also available there.

1 July 01:  Supplemental files on the Damascus Case now at the JGEI page.


6 June 01:  See the JGEI page for some links re. the never-published MS. on "Ritual Murder among the Sephardine or Eastern Jews". [21 May 01] A reconstructed T.O.C. of Ritual Murder manuscript derived from Christie's info is also available there.

3 June 01:  For a good article re. the falsification of history (this time, in the service of liberal gun control to make the law-abiding helpless in the face of criminals), see

1 June 01:  A Dutch language tombstone pic now at Indians page, about half-way down -- in rural New York State!  So how did that get there?  Don't know about your Germanic ancestry?  Just like German tombstones in Poland, and Hungarian tombstones in Romania . . .

See bottom of this page for ADL censorship letter, 1933.

flummery = mummery = mumbo jumbo = gibberish = hypocritical or pretentious performance, etc. etc.

21 May 01:  Reconstructed T.O.C. of Ritual Murder manuscript now posted from Christie's info, at JGEI page.

20 May 01:  All of Samuel Roth's Now and Forever -- A Conversation with Israel Zangwill now posted.  Interesting read.  "By Jews, for Jews". 

15 May 01:  As a teaser, here's just one chapter of Samuel Roth's Now and Forever -- A Conversation with Israel Zangwill.  Zangwill coined the phrase "melting pot" and was a translator of Herzl's works.  It deals with how Jews see themselves -- and how they think others see them.  Another "by Jews, for Jews" special, from the Memory Hole:  Ch. 5 "Intellect".

15 Apr 01:  "Germans: Abused Minority!" page started.

13 May 01:  Added 4 more chapters to Tragedy of Hungary on Louis K. Birinyi page.  Much good historical Jew-wise material.  This stuff didn't start with Hitler or even with Germany -- it was part of the cultural milieu of Europe.  Practically everybody understood the Jew threat back then -- but they didn't have the economic money-power to stop them.

4 Apr 01:  All chapters of Trianon now on Louis K. Birinyi page.  Complete, with illustrations folio.

17 Mar 01:  Finished Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome.  All deleted parts from both volumes now restored.

7 Mar 01:  Added new page James K. Hosmer to main page and Kaiser portrait to Louis K. Birinyi.

27 Feb 01:  Added propaganda pics to The Godless.

23 Feb 01:  Added "Fascism and Jewry" and "England Under the Heel of the Jew" to Arnold S. Leese / James L. BattersbyAlso, early ZOG-buck at American Indian Studies.

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